Illustration by Sonja Vasiljeva for an article on MMORPGIllustration by Lexey Gonzalez for an article on hate crimes against AsiansIllustration of the New York City skyline.An illustration of the church with the word EXIT behind it.An illustration of millennials looking disgusted at the idea of marriage.Introvert illustration.An illustration of famous K-pop group, BTSAn illustration of the Justice League for an article about the recently released Snyder Cut. (Illustration by Sonja Vasiljeva, San Jose State University)An illustration of minimum wage workers for an article about the debate around base pay raising to $15. (Illustration by Lexey Gonzalez, Wichita State University)Fists raised for "Moxie"An imaginative illustration of what mind wandering feels likeIllustration of the Hagia SophiaAn illustration of Corpse HusbandIllustration by Lucas DeJesus for an article on betta fishilustration of costumed characters in MiitopiaIllustration by Sonja Vasiljeva for an article on Raya and the Last DragonIllustration of Rosamund Pike in 'I Care a Lot'An stylized illustration of popstar, Zayn MalikAn illustration of the movie poster for Nomadland.An illustration of TV characters gossiping in an article comparing Bridgerton and Gossip Girl. (Illustration by Lucas DeJesus, Montserrat College of Art)An illustration of Godzilla and King KongIllustration by Sonja Vasiljeva for an article on Malcolm and MarieIllustration by Lexey Gonzalez for an article on Querenciafor an article about good vacation spots, an illustration of an open suitcase with part of the earth and palm trees coming out of it. a photo is taped to the insideAn illustration of the main characters of To All the Boys: Always and ForeverIn an article about The Real Housewives franchise, a person with a TV on their head featuring four members of the show's castIllustration by Alicia Paauwe for an article on PolaroidAn illustration of Amanda Gorman speaking at the presidential inauguration ceremony in an article about her accomplishments. (Illustration by Lucas DeJesus, Montserrat College of Art)An illustration for the novel Written in the Stars for an article about the book. (Illustration by Sonja Vasiljeva, San Jose State University)illustration of two animal crossing characters on a green background, with rainbow feathers in the corners for festivaleAn illustration about 'Next In Fashion'in an article about conlanging, an illustration of an open book with letters surrounding it on all sidesAn illustration of the Instagram app in an article discussing Gen Zers use of social media. (Illustration by Lucas DeJesus, Montserrat College of Art)An illustration of The Weeknd, with the Super Bowl stadium depicted on his foreheadAn illustration depicting a young woman who is in dire need of a tech detox.Black BookTubersillustration of a person listening to a playlistIllustration by Marlowe Pody for an article on mushroomsAn illustration of a dragon that could appear in Dragon Age illustration of three women singingfor an article on Don't Starve, an illustration of the main character of the video gameWandaVisionHufflepuffsPsychology course in college. (Illustration by Eri Iguchi, Minneapolis College of Art and Design)In an article about Lupin, an illustration of the main characterFluidumIllustration by Marcus Escobar for an article on Cobra KaiMarshall ProjectHoney Boy film and Shia LaBeouf allegations. (Illustration by Marlowe Pody, Rhode Island School of Design)attachment stylesIllustration of movie theater popcorn spelling out 2021 in an article about upcoming movies. (Illustration by Eri Iguchi, Minneapolis College of Art and Design)An illustration of Luke Skywalker for an article on Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes.YouTubeMagnus ArchivesAn illustration of a MAGA hat for an article on Parler.An illustration of two people playing chess for an article on "The Queen's Gambit."GoodreadsIllustration by Marcus Escobar for an article on EuphoriaIllustration by Emmalia Godshall for an article on police abolitionMy PrideNintendo Switch. (Illustration by Marlowe Pody, Rhode Island School of Design)An illustration of someone shaving a TikTok symbol in their hair for an article on Miley Cyrus on TikTok.Coursera. (Illustration by Eri Iguchi, Minneapolis College of Art and Design)Cinderella Is Dead. (Illustration by Marcus Escobar, Minneapolis College of Art and Design)Fiction TropesIllustration by Marlowe Pody for an article on DreidelslimeIllustration by Melchisedech Quagrainie for an article about reading poetry during a pandemic LordeFrank OceanHallmark. (Illustration by Eri Iguchi, Minneapolis College of Art and Design)Illustration of Grammys by Emmalia GodshallIllustration by Adam Lee of toxic friendshipIllustration of Miley Cyrus and Dua Lipa by Marlowe Pody for an article on PrisonerHis Dark MaterialsSohla El-WayllyA Snowman Sings Along To Christmas MusicAn illustration of the virtual band GorillazIllustration by Marcus Escobar for an article on Kinsale HuestonDay by Day podcastBon AppetitIllustration by Xingzhou Cheng for an article on celebrities and politicsPositionsIllustration by Marlowe Pody for an article on Go AheadSpider-ManThe WeekndSmule. (Illustration by Eri Iguchi, Minneapolis College of Art and Design)Your NameLee Su-hyunIllustration by Xingzhou Cheng of Uncle Sam on a clockAn illustration of Omar Apollo for an article on his album ApolonioVan Life illustrationAn illustration of the Pixar lamp and ball for an article about "Toy Story"An illustration of a girl among the stars for an article on "The Invisible Life of Addie LaRue"Bee Movie. (Illustration by Marcus Escobar, Minneapolis College of Art and Design)Online courses. (Illustration by Eri Iguchi, Minneapolis College of Art and Design)Illustration by Emmalia Godshall for an article on Alexa DemiePhasmophobiaIllustration of Joji by Melchisedech QuagrainieAn illustration of a girl in a witch hat with a black cat watching movies. For an article about witchy movies.Illustration by Marlowe Pody for an article on Banned Books WeekImprov (Illustration by John Sammis, Columbia College Chicago)Illustration by Marcus Escobar for an article on Enola HolmesCalifornia WildfiresIllustration by Emmalia Godshall for an article on Ruth Bader Ginsburg"Wordslut" and language. (Illustration by Mel Quagrainie, Columbia College Chicago)Illustration by Eri Iguchi of a person working at their deskIllustration by Adam Lee of fingers pointing at person with a box of chocolatesIllustration by Marlowe Pody for an article on Midnight SunactorsIllustration by Ash Ramirez of a computer screen with a lot of ads on itIllustration of a person in a room by Malini BasuIllustration by Shelly Freund of two people kissing through masksIllustration by Veronica Chen of SillyBandzIllustration by Sydney SabbotaAn illustration of Lin-Manuel Miranda by Daisy Daniel'sA woman holding a bouquet of dried flowers to herself.Illustration by Baz Pugmire of Sufjan Stevensillustration by Ash Ramirez of a thin blue line flag muting the mouth of a Black personIllustration of Chadwick Bosemanwill-they-won't-they tropeIllustration of diverse children's toysFall Guys avatars stumble over each other as they're controlled by an Xbox controller.Artistic colorful depiction of popular '90s hip hop fashion.An illustration by Baz Pugmire of a Black person holding a sign reading Black Trans Lives MatterPlatonic relationships, illustrated by Veronica ChenIllustration by Ellen Budell of Raven, the star of That's So RavenIllustration of the use of black-owned makeup brands.In an article about Haruki Murakami, an artistic depiction of main character from the film, 'Burning'Portrait of Billie Eilish by Diana EganThe shattered symbols of Captain America, Iron Man and Black Widow, who have left the MCU.Actual Play Podcasts depicted with drawing of people around a game boardA multicolored fractured illustration of a woman representing ADHD symptoms.folkloreIllustration by Sezi Kaya in article about Tiny Desk ConcertsIllustration by Sid Estelle of Hugh Laurie's character in Avenue 5Illustration by Daisy Daniel's of rapper Tobi LouIllustration by Baz Pugmire of the main character from the show The PoliticianIllustration by Amy Young of an Earth with band-aids on itIllustration by Veronica Chen of three young adults looking at their phonesIllustration by Malini BasuIllustration by Sezi Kaya of LauvIllustration by Diana Egan of a scene from the Netflix series DarkIllustration by Ash Ramirez of two roller-skates suspended in the skyIllustration by Sydney Sabbota of hands in the sky against a sky with psychedelic skyIllustration by Elizabeth Wong of hands chained by the Olympics logoIllustration by June Le of finger foods in browser windowsIn an article about political language and the confusion it can cause, an illustration by Sid Estelle of a student looking confused at a history textbook as Joe Biden and Donald Trump debate behind themIllustration by Shelly Freund of three students with large COVID-19 viruses floating around the areaIllustration of bell hooks by Ellen BudellIllustration by Daisy Daniel's of 2000s aestheticsIllustration by Amy Young of a person with a large stack of booksIn an article about WWOOF, an illustration of two people tending to a field of crops with chickensIllustration by Baz Pugmire of iconic characters from films that center Black peopleIllustration by Veronica Chen of a vegan wizard at HogwartsIllustration by Diana Egan on the Veronica Roth book Chosen OnesIllustration by Yao Jian of a Zoom tutoring sessionIllustration by Ash Ramirez of a person with a shaved headIllustration by Sydney Sabotta of Star Wars charactersIllustration by June Le of a person looking at a background of squiggly linesIllustration by Daisy Daniel'sIllustration by Sid EstelleIllustration by Ellen Budell of four people wearing face masksIllustration by Amy Young of a crowd of people, a few with pencilsIllustration by Veronica Chen of someone in front of TikTok screensIllustration of 100 Gecs by Shelly FreundIllustration by Baz Pugmire of the major figures behind StonewallIllustration by Malini Basu of people on phones, posting on social mediaIllustration by Elizabeth Wong of a pencil drawing an eyeIllustration by Drew Parrott of Aang from Avatar: The Last AirbenderIllustration by Francesca Mahaney of a man lifting weightsIllustration by Elizabeth Wong of a person peeking through a windowIllustration by Drew Parrott of Lil Dicky / Dave BurdIllustration by Sarah Yu of a cakeIllustration by Francesca Mahaney of a cottage behind a brown picket fenceIllustration of Maya Vargas of a person beekeepingIllustration by Drew Parrott of a character from My Hero One's JourneyInspirationIllustration by Francesca Mahaney of busts of famous poets Maya Angelou, Emily Dickinson and Edgar Allan Poe Illustration by Sarah Yu of a character from Never Have I EverIn an article about The New York Times Learning Network, a woman reading the New York Times.Illustration by Drew Parrott of the Duolingo owl cryingsocial mediaA guitar with a pencil on itIllustration by Maya Vargas of Dua LipaIllustration by Drew Parrott of a character from webtoon LookismIllustration by Francesca Mahaney of a the Mima from Perfect BlueIllustration by Maya Vargas of Selena against a red backgroundIllustration by Enacio Refugio of two people doing the flip challengeIllustration by Sarah Yu of a woman on her bed with a laptopIllustration by Francesca Mahaney of an adult reading a Harry Potter book next to a sleeping childDrawing of Yaeji holding a record in a review of WHAT WE DREW.An illustration by Francesca Mahaney of a laptop screen filled with apps in an article about online examsIllustration by Sarah Yu of two faces in sunglasses in an article about living with your best friendIllustration by Drew Parrott of Harry PotterIllustration by Francesca Mahaney of domed buildings in ItalyIllustration by Drew Parrott of a rockstar with a protective mask onIllustration by Elizabeth Wong of Mira from Mira, Royal DetectiveIllustration by Maya Vargas of the Tumblr logo, with a hand above and two hands below, all against a rainbow backgroundIllustration by Francesca Mahaney of human figures contorted into a houseIllustration by Maya Vargas of Jake PaulIllustration by Sarah Yu of woman in front of abstract symbols connoting peaceIllustration by Drew Parrott of thee anime charactersIllustration by Francesca Mahaney of six gymnasts Illustration by Yao Jian of people playing computer gamesIllustration by Sarah Yu of a woman with a multicolored wigIllustration by Maya Vargas of a woman in a wheelchairIllustration by Drew Parrott of a dollar sign written in sauce on an an avocado and egg toastIllustration by Francesca Mahaney of Sailor MoonIllustration by Elizabeth Wong of someone in front of bookshelves in a university libraryIllustration by Sarah Yu of Rebecca BlackIllustration by Drew Parrot of assorted pills spilling out of a clear prescription bottleIllustration by Maya Vargas of Lilly SinghIllustration by Yao Jian of a person playing a keyboard in front of a computer with a tutorial onIllustration by Francesca Mahaney of an older woman on a couch watching videos on an iPad, snuggled next to two dogsIllustration by Yao Jian of student surrounded by clothesIllustration by Sarah Yu of the Sanrio characters Hello Kitty, Keropi and Badtz-MaruIllustration by Francesca Mahaney of a man wearing a laurel wreath, a tunic with a skull in the backgroundIllustration by Drew Parrot of raised fists from animated sitcom The BoondocksIllustration by Yao Jian on three blue creatures reading on a laptop and a long scrollIllustration by Francesca Mahaney of different figures from K-dramas and K-popIllustration by Yao Jian a woman in pigtails with a boom boxAncient Greek-style illustration of Roman god Mercury holding up the planet MercuryIllustration by Drew Parrot of Instagram cookiesIllustration by Maya Vargas of Marsha P. JohnsonIllustration by Francesca Mahaney about dying social media platformsIllustration by Alice Yuan of film stripIllustration by Natasha McDonald of Joe Goldberg from the Lifetime/Netflix series YouIllustration by Enacio Diaz of someone wearing a graduation cap and gown flying awayAn illustration by Andrew Moghab of the alien logo from RedditIllustration by Ashawna Linyard of a defunct amusement parkIllustration by Natasha McDonald of HalseyAn illustration by Andrew Moghab of Leonardo DiCaprio from the film 'Once Upon a Time... in Hollywood'Illustration by Anastasia Willard of Chen from EXOIllustration by Ashawna Linyard of a photo ripped in half, with the Queen of England on one side, and Prince Harry and Meghan Markle on the other.Illustration by Natasha McDonald of two VSCO girlsIllustration by Andrew Moghab of a cartoon continent of South Africa with headphones onIllustration by Anastasia Willard of a Cosmic Crisp applesIllustration by Simon Wang of a ferris wheel at CoachellaIllustration by Alice Hana of a scene from SyFy's "The Magician"An illustration by Andrew Moghab of Kylo Ren and Rey from Star Wars having a lightsaber duelIllustration of Ariana Grande by Natasha McDonaldAn illustration by Ashawna Linyard of a beret-clad poetAn illustration of Billie Eilish by Alice Xinhe Yuanillustration by Amanda Morgan of someone drinking out of a cup with a straw An illustration of beauty YouTuber Violette_fr by Natasha McDonaldAn illustration by Andrew Moghab of YouTuber markiplierIllustration of Xbox and PS5Illustration by Anastasia Willard of Jesse Pinkman from 'Breaking Bad'An illustration by Natasha McDonald of an abstracted Michael Scott of 'The Office' by a Christmas tree.An illustration by Andrew Moghab of the United States with pins placed in various locations indicating an occupation or field of workIllustration by Alice Yuan of Anna Kendrick's character Noelle in the film "Noelle"Illustration of Tiffany Ferguson by Ashawna LinyardIllustration of someone depressed on a bus, with heavy use of blue, by Amanda MorganAn illustration of New York City at sunset, by Natasha McDonaldAn illustration of different Starbucks drinks by Alice YuanIllustration of Kanye West by Anastasia WillardIllustration of immigration rights advocate holding up a sign of the continental United States colored in with the American flag, by Andrew MoghabIllustration of a Christmas tree by Ashawna LinyardIllustration by Amanda Morgan for article on fashionIllustration by Natasha McDonald of woman meditating surrounded by planetsIllustration of Shane DawsonScorpio Season by Anastasia WillardTarot Illustration by Amanda MorganIllustration of woman wearing a white supreme hoodie.The Highwomen, illustration by Andrew MoghabclairoJokeronline thriftingTarot CardsHalloweenScooby-DooSupernaturalStudio GhibliStarbucks nameCBD oilSpider-Manpersonality testsJournalingadding meaningcommutingfemale friendshipsethical coffeeArea 51Rocko's Modern LifeelectronicBacheloretteeuphoriabeach podcastssims 4The Good Placequeer contemporary literature2019 Horrorintrovert study abroadisolated summer townHulu's Shrillgraduation cap decoratingLizzo

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