Your November Horoscope

November is a time of transition: into fall, into daylight savings, into the holiday season. Be ready.
November 8, 2018
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November is a time of change, as the seasons change, the days grow darker and moods grow more sullen. But that transition can also be the perfect time to evaluate your life and recent choices, and use that information to make positive adjustments in your life.

Focus on this month as a time to reflect on the promises you made to yourself at the beginning of the year and how well you’ve stuck to them. There’s still time left in the year to improve yourself in the ways you’ve known you need to.


Group work and partnerships will be highlighted this month, so it’s important to let your ego fall to the side as you focus on harmony in your life and the bigger picture.


Take this time to strategize professionally, as this sector of your chart will be emphasized through transits this month. Your social life may be intertwined with work.


With the full moon in Gemini on the 23rd, you’ll want to watch your mouth. Instead of saying everything you think of, take this time to reflect in silence.


It is important to seek out what you truly want and need during this time, but do so while keeping those closest to you in mind. With Venus in your fourth house, home life is of elevated importance this month.


With Mercury in your seventh house, you will be able to weigh pros and cons well during this time, so be sure to think about others as well as yourself and channel this energy to be a good mediator.


Combat indulgence by taking care of your health during this time, as your concentration will be heightened and you may feel restless. Combat such uneasiness by channeling it psychically or intellectually during this time.


Let your communication skills shine this month, Libra, but watch your self-discipline, because it could feel impossible to deny yourself anything this month.


Take charge of the private sector of your life this month by taking care of your home, focusing on private affairs and remembering to stay practical. You will feel the need to be secretive, but make sure you are doing that for the right reasons.


Take time to center yourself and focus on your intellect, goals and ideas this month. It is important to also stay calm, as your heightened sense of power could lead to arguments.


Your social ambition this month can lead to a lack of focus; however, it is a great time to center in on research and intellect because that will prove to be most rewarding.


Use your heightened intuition this month to focus on long-term goals, but also be sure to channel your creative energy or else you may feel unsatisfied.


Although you may feel aggressive or combative this month, be sure to hold yourself accountable for your actions.

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