Your October Horoscope

It might be spooky szn, but your life doesn't have to be scary this month.
October 4, 2018
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October can be a month of transition, both in the astrological world and the academic world, so try to embrace the shifting and step into new opportunities.

As what’s familiar to you finds itself changing, keep an open mind, lean on those around you and try to use the next few weeks for growth.


Expect light to be shed on your finances and personal life by the end of this month. With the full moon in Taurus on the 24th, you should spend the month preparing for transformation.


With Mercury in your sixth house this month, you will be inclined to organized every aspect of your life — from your partnerships to your career and accomplishments, you will be able to zero-in on sorting out details.


With Venus transiting in Virgo, you may find love and work getting mixed up, so keep a long fuse and remember to stay rational. You will feel more intuitive during this time.


Although you will feel levelheaded during this time, Cancer, be aware of emotional drama and remember to get the support you need from family and friends.


Although the beginning of this month will feel nostalgic and family-oriented, the full moon on the 24th will push you into the spotlight so use the sentimental energy from earlier in the month to interact with others with grace and compassion.


Use the creative energy presented to you at this time to be productive in new ways. The full moon will push for balance and force greater awareness on how you learn.


The beginning of the month will present you with stress and strain that will encourage change and self-adjustment; however, look forward to all that changing by the end of the month. You will find greater ease in your material life through release.


Although your appearance may cloud your thoughts during this time, you will have a heightened sense for what you want in life so take the autonomy while keeping others in mind too.


The full moon will bring a need for action in your life; however, use the quiet, private energy you harness this month in order to make the best decisions possible.


Prepare to feel the urge to change your look this month, Capricorn, your identity will be especially important to you this month.


You will be inclined to focus on work this month, Aquarius, but it’s important to also find balance with your personal life or else the full moon will show where you went wrong.


Although you may feel restless this month, it will serve you well to channel that energy productively by establishing new goals and being intuitive.

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