Introvert illustration.
These hobbies are good for introverts or anyone who has a lot of time alone. (Illustration by Lucas DeJesus, Montserrat College of Art)

5 Rewarding Hobbies That Are Perfect for Introverts

If you’re looking for something to do while you’re alone or just a fun activity to pass the time, here are several hobbies for those who prefer to spend time with themselves.

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Introvert illustration.
These hobbies are good for introverts or anyone who has a lot of time alone. (Illustration by Lucas DeJesus, Montserrat College of Art)

If you’re looking for something to do while you’re alone or just a fun activity to pass the time, here are several hobbies for those who prefer to spend time with themselves.

Having a hobby to enjoy during your free time can help to improve your happiness, allowing your mind to take a break with something challenging yet fun. Many people of all ages try new hobbies to expand their social circle and find like-minded people. But for introverts, these aspects of exploring new hobbies may not be what they are looking for, especially for those who find gratification in time spent alone. Instead, many introverts might prefer to find a hobby that will help them focus on their personal ideas and creativity while they can recharge.

Hobbies can provide you with a bit of consistent entertainment, while also offering opportunities to grow a certain set of skills. During the pandemic, some people are spending more time alone than ever, whether they are introverted or not. If you’re looking for something creative to pass the time or ease your stress, here are a few hobbies to try for yourself.


If you are someone who loves being creative and making crafts with your hands, crochet might be a perfect hobby for you. It’s a great hobby for anyone of any artistic skill level, and it can even help to reduce your stress.

Like knitting, crochet is a yarn-based hobby, though the needles are hooked instead of pointed. To crochet, you’ll need some yarn of your choice, a needle and other tools such as a ruler or scissors. Crochet can be fairly easy to learn depending on how fast you catch on and your level of patience. Some people can start a large crochet project after their first try, while others might need to start a practice scarf in case they end up with a few too many holes. Either way, crochet is not extremely difficult, especially with the abundance of online tutorials and YouTube channels dedicated to helping you learn.

If any of this sounds intimidating, don’t worry. Some of the simplest items to crochet for beginners include a scarf, a simple blanket, a hat and cute little figurines called “amigurumi.”


There’s nothing quite like the satisfaction of making your own batch of cookies made from scratch. Whether you’re baking for yourself or someone else, you might find yourself enjoying the process nearly as much as the results.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many people have recently started to take up baking as a hobby. Bread-making was a popular baking hobby last year, especially among baking beginners. There are all sorts of bread-making videos online, including ones that call for minimal ingredients and experience in the kitchen.

Of course, there is much more to baking than bread. You can bake anything your heart desires, such as cookies, brownies or other pastries you have always wanted to attempt baking yourself. If you’ve ever been interested in baking something out of your comfort zone, you should attempt it at least once. With a little bit of patience, your baking abilities might surprise you.


Not all writing has to be as boring as your last school essay. Creative writing can be relaxing since it is often a good way to empty your mind and get all of your thoughts down in one place. Like many hobbies, there are various outlets for writing, such as novel writing, journaling, poetry writing, blogging or even writing a screenplay. Writing can be a great way for introverts and extroverts alike to express their ideas, while also having an opportunity to be imaginative.

People who write as a hobby can put themselves at a professional advantage over others by practicing their writing skills more often than those who only write when necessary. Someone who knows how to write well, especially in the area of creative writing, can set themselves ahead of other candidates by being more experienced in a variety of creative writing formats.

Additionally, writing for yourself as a hobby doesn’t have the added pressure associated with writing for others, such as what you might write for your English class or a group project. When writing creatively, you can be in control of your own deadlines, and focus more on saying whatever is in your heart. When writing on your own terms, the process can become much more enjoyable, and you might be surprised by the number of ideas you can come up with.

Listening to Podcasts or Audiobooks

Another great pastime for introverts is listening to podcasts, which can be fascinating, thought-provoking, educational or just plain fun. Over the past decade, podcasts have become increasingly popular, and there are so many to choose from. Anyone can find themselves immersed in a news, sports, inspirational or fiction podcast — there certainly is something for everyone. You can listen to most podcasts through Spotify, YouTube, the Apple Podcast app or any free podcast app for your smartphone. There are hundreds of thousands of podcasts on any topic you can possibly imagine, so be sure to browse through your app’s recommended section. You can also check out YouTube for free video podcasts.

Similarly, audiobooks can be a great way to pass the time or enjoy yourself while you’re multitasking. According to Time Magazine, reading a physical book and listening to the audiobook version will give you virtually the same experience, and audiobooks can add a fun element to reading since they are often narrated by skilled voice actors.

You can listen to an audiobook or podcast while you’re doing chores, taking a walk or even doing your homework. If you live in the United States, you can access audiobooks through apps such as Libby, Hoopla or OverDrive for free through your local library.

The World of Hobbies Is Yours

There are many excellent opportunities for introverts to engage in stimulating hobbies, and once you find a hobby that works well for you and your schedule, that hobby will likely become a part of your life and gratify you on a personal level, at least for a while. Finding something new that challenges or allows you to get creative is the best way to ensure that your new hobby will hold your interest for a long time.

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