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‘And Just Like That…’  It’s Like Aidan Never Left

Big or Aidan? Season 2 of the Sex and the City reboot reintroduces an old flame.

Contains Spoilers

Fans of “And Just Like That…” might be tuning in to the second season of the “Sex and the City” reboot. With great expectations in store for each of the characters, a specific storyline has lingered in the minds of many: the end of the relationship between main character Carrie Bradshaw and love interest Aidan Shaw did not sit right with most. The series of obstacles in their relationship and Carrie’s commitment issues are just a couple of factors that eventually led her right back to John Big, though ‘Team Aidan’ fans have always had him at the forefront of their mind.

Aidan was first introduced in the third season of the original “Sex And The City” series. His charm, smile and unique knack for furniture is what first captured the attention of viewers. As his storyline progressed with Carrie, their budding romance bloomed on-screen. Prior to Aidan’s introduction, the back-and-forth between Carrie and Big is her most impactful relationship. But if the back-and-forth is any indication for the reason many prefer Aidan as Carrie’s love interest, Big’s emotionally confusing relationship was strongly disliked by fans.

What really set Aidan apart from Big and Carrie’s other romantic relationships was his apparent love for her. In their relationship, there was never any confusion over whether he wanted her. The dependability of his character was likable, from his dreamy gestures of building a piece of furniture for her to officially buying out her apartment for her, continually proving his adoration for her. This is also seen through his attempt to rid Carrie of her smoking habit; since this seemed to be more of a habit of hers when she was in a relationship with Big.

To viewers’ dismay and cringe, Carrie cheats on Aidan with Big. Though Big is married at the time, this puts a damper on their relationship. In another series of events including a breakup and a makeup, Aidan and Carrie get engaged. However, the two do not end up getting married, and Carrie officially moves on from him. Other instances that cross the two character’s paths are demonstrated throughout the continuation of the show. Their lasting affection for one another even carries on to the show’s film adaptation “Sex and The City 2.” Carrie and Aidan’s reunion shows them greeting each other with a spontaneous run-in followed by a kiss. Though at that point, Carrie is finally married to Big. That kiss resembles the final time they will see one another; or at least that is what “Sex And The City” fans believed at the time.

The discourse between Team Big and Team Aidan is unique to each of the audience’s perspectives. Team Big have been rooting for him because he is Carrie’s first relationship. From the start of the very first “Sex And The City ” episode, Big’s appearance was made to be memorable. Initially, one  might love Big for Carrie and hope they end up together. But throughout the series their relationship plays out frustratingly, as Big is emotionally unavailable. Many prefer Aidan especially to the fact that he makes himself 100% available to Carrie. From the start of their relationship, he constantly finds ways to show his love to Carrie thus growing their bond more and more. Many argue that neither one of the men were worthy and are both toxic at one point or another.  

Twenty-five years later, “And Just Like That…” delivers an alternative ending for many Aidan stans. Whether fans are team Big or team Aidan, the storyline seems to play out in favor of the latter. In what feels like a sigh of relief for fans, Aidan has made his official comeback in “And Just Like That…” appeasing the fans once and for all. 

The seventh episode of the second season builds up the pair’s reunion the entire time. For over thirty minutes, Aidan’s return is teased before his anticipatory reveal. In a scene where it initially seems that Carrie is being stood up, the two are confused about their whereabouts. 

And just like that, the pair find themselves in the midst of 66 West 55th Street staring at one another. Immediately, the two share a hug that feels absolutely palpable to anyone who is even remotely familiar with the show. The episode ends on a powerfully passionate note as Carrie and Aidan share their first kiss after being apart for so long.

What really kicks off this reignited romance is the episode that follows suit. The eighth episode opens on an intimate note between the two – seen lying in bed together already. Even after so long, the chemistry seems to have picked up right where they left it. Almost as if their relationship never ended, the pair interact so easily making viewers giddy with excitement. Talks of the future are already taking place between the two. Carrie even reintroduces Aidan to her friends Miranda, Charlotte and new friend, Seema Patel – reestablishing the seriousness of their new-old relationship.   

Though Aidan fans are pleased to see him return to the rebooted series, there are lingering issues that have transferred from their former – for starters, Aidan’s refusal to reenter Carrie’s apartment since he associates it with bad memories from their rocky past. Instead, their trysts take place in a hotel and later a B&B. Even with the happiness of their reconnection and their domestic bliss, the feeling that an issue needs to be addressed is apparent. Really these present issues have some fans believing that the reunion has been too rushed for only two episodes so far. Between meeting up, spending several nights with one another and recommitting to one another so quickly – the relationship for some feels like it is moving too fast.

Fans also wonder whether Carrie choosing Big in the end was a mistake all along. For those who have kept up this far, “And Just Like That” kicks off with Big’s untimely death. From there on, the reboot focuses on Carrie navigating the city of New York as a single woman in her 50s. Surrounded by her closest friends and new people in her life Carrie is forced to restart another phase of her life. With Aidan’s reintroduction, her love life is being officially restored which begs the question (that even Carrie poses) – “Was Big a big mistake?” It’s a difficult question to fathom and really, one for viewers to decide and discover for themselves. Especially because there is discourse on Aidan’s return all together – like how it doesn’t make sense for the series or the way emailing him is very un-Carrie -like for many viewers. 

Aidan fans are rejoicing in his official return to this beloved cast and storyline. His charm is just as alive as it was twenty five years ago. “And Just Like That…” gives fans the satisfaction of Carrie living out her life with one of her soulmates.

And just like that – whether you love it or hate it – Aidan Shaw is back!

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