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9 Charity Apps That Could Help Save the World

Giving back can take place right from your phone.

With today’s current technological climate, people are almost guaranteed to find an app that can satisfy their own specific and selfish needs. What people might be surprised to find is that there is an abundance of charity apps that can be used to help other people all around the world.

The charity apps listed below offer a means to donate or supply a service for those in need.

1. Freerice

This app is a personal favorite of mine. I am definitely biased in proclaiming it as the most fun, probably because I’ve been enjoying Freerice since I was in middle school.

The website has now been formatted as an app that is compatible with all smartphones. The function is the same as the desktop site, even if the setup is a bit different. The app centers around learning common subjects like language, science, math, geography, humanities and even recent COVID-19 information.

As questions about these subjects are answered correctly, advertisements appear on screen, and the World Food Programme (WFP) purchases 10 grains of rice for each answer. WFP provides not only rice to struggling parts of the world, but also food baskets for communities in need. The charity app doesn’t require any money to provide these services. All that needs to be done is to learn core curriculum and to make sure no AdBlocker is installed.

2. ShareTheMeal

This charity app is also run by WFP, but this one requires a monetary donation. However, it only asks for 80 cents at a time to feed an impoverished child for a day. The app is meant to encourage individuals to donate small amounts regularly. In a scenario where someone was to sit down for a meal, hopefully the app would prompt them to share one with a child in need.

The app also supplies information on specific families that can be aided through The Table, a monthly giving community set up to share more meals. ShareTheMeal might not be as fun as solving math problems, but it is still a good app for a good cause.

3. Charity Miles

This app not only has the benefit of helping people in need, but it also helps anyone who downloads it to reach their fitness goals. The app allows people to raise money toward any charity of choice simply by walking, running or biking.

The app tracks these efforts and donates according to how many miles users achieve. Bikers earn 10 cents per mile while walkers and runners earn 25 cents. This app offers users a chance to give back without having to open their wallets.

4. WoofTrax — Walk for a Dog

This charity app is similar to the previous one, except it is exclusively targeted toward helping animal organizations. The aim is for pet owners to give to charity while walking their pets — an everyday task that many people do anyway. Users choose a charity for which to walk, and WoofTrax’s donation depends on how many users are walking for a given charity.

The app allows for a profile for any dog walked using the service. It also encourages individuals to spend more time with their pups or any animal they decide to walk.

5. Donate a Photo

This app accomplishes big tasks with small acts. Taking photos and putting them on the internet is so ingrained in our society that this donation could hardly be considered an extra burden. This charity app is sponsored by Johnson & Johnson, and the company donates $1 for every photo uploaded to the site. A curated list of charities that Johnson & Johnson supports can be found on their website.

The fact that Johnson & Johnson uses this generation’s tendency to overshare moments online to help charities makes all those selfies worth it.

6. Kindly

This app is a bit different from the charity apps listed previously. Kindly works as a system for human connection with the aim of bringing compassionate people together for support. Whether someone is looking for a person to listen to their problems or would like to help someone else, this app is the perfect fit. It’s like Tinder, but without the dating and the cringey flirting.

However, users should note that Kindly is not a substitute for professional counseling. Anyone who participates on this app should be aware that any dangerous activity cannot be expected to be safely received through this network, as the people helping on the app are not licensed professionals. If someone were to have any suicidal or harmful thoughts, they should seek help through psychologists or call or text the following numbers:

Suicide Prevention Lifeline: 1-800-273-8255

Self-Harm Crisis Text-Line: Text HOME to 741741

7. Papa

This generous app makes it possible for people to connect with elderly citizens. The charity app was designed to give young people an opportunity to act as surrogate grandchildren to senior citizens in need.

Papa gives out tasks, including driving, setting up technology or just being a companion for a member of the elderly community. Although users can receive monetary compensation, it is not much when considering the amount of work some of the tasks require. The work is much closer to volunteering than a paying job. With COVID-19 ravaging the world and isolating senior citizens more than ever, some might want to consider downloading Papa for their older relatives.

8. Be My Eyes

This app is simple, but helpful. Through Be My Eyes,  blind people are able to connect with others who can help with everyday tasks. This service can be infinitely useful for responsibilities as mundane as reading expiration dates, helping with dinner or even offering an opinion on an outfit.

The app notifies the volunteers whenever a visually impaired person requires assistance. It might also help sighted people gain more appreciation for their seeing abilities that they may have previously taken for granted.

9. Refuge Restrooms

This app curates a list of gender neutral bathrooms for nonbinary or transgender people looking for a safe restroom nearby. Users can add to the list by posting new locations, pictures, directions and reviews.

For example, a rest stop nearby might have a family bathroom next to their men’s and women’s restrooms. If a user discovers this location, they can list it in the app, or, after it is listed, other users can document their experiences at the establishment. This app acts as both a support network and a catalogue for those seeking safe bathrooms.

In conclusion

These charity apps provide a unique and rewarding experience to those who want to add a little more kindness and compassion into the world; I hope that anyone reading this article will take the time to consider downloading one of these charity apps.

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