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Spring break is known for parties and booze, but when drinking isn’t an option, this easy recipe for virgin margaritas may be just what you need.

Sun’s out, buns out, folks, and with two months of the semester out of the way, it’s time for arguably the most anticipated break of the semester: spring break. Everything for spring break is set in motion the moment January hits, and while some assume New Year’s resolutions exist because people want to get in shape, everyone knows the real reason people start working out is to achieve the ideal beach body.

The truth is, if you don’t spend spring break walking around feeling like a certified boss, then the past two months of suffering were pointless. It’s all about the bod, babe, and being able to show it off is one key component of spring break.

But of course, I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention the parties, another very important aspect of spring break, and probably the only one that matters. After serving two months of a nearly five-month long sentence, you and your friends plan out and put into action the perfect spring break vacation with partying in mind.

Tickets have been purchased, rooms have been booked, and you know, without a doubt, the best party spots around town. Even freshmen college students are getting in on the party scene with their newfound, 18-year-old freedom.

However, there is still so much to consider before you can let your freak flag fly on the sunny beaches of Panama City or walk around the house sans clothing in the name of freedom. It all comes down to three different obstacles: family, age and stamina — each of which is described in the following scenarios.

Scenario One: Yes, it’s spring break, but you couldn’t afford an extravagant vacation for the week, so you’re stuck at home, meaning you’ll be spending a hefty amount of time with the fam. As you know, spending time with the family also means spending time with the more conservative side of the family tree, so enjoying a drink or two in the spring heat is out of the question.

Scenario Two: You and your friends are headed to the most popular spring break vacation spot because you know everyone who is anyone will be there for the duration of the week. It’s almost the end of your first year of college, and you’re ready to get a taste of what a real college vacation is like. However, you’re underage, and using your fake ID is not an option inside the bars with very strict drinking rules.

Scenario Three: Spring break is your time to let loose and let the good times roll, and you’ve already made plans to remember as little of this vacation as possible. So, you spend the first couple of days in an all out drunken stupor, not caring that you can’t tell the difference from one day and the next because you’re just having a grand ol’ time. However, you’ve spent every day of this break with a horrendous hangover, and friends tell you events from previous nights that leave you embarrassed and borderline ashamed. To make matters worse, you’re exhausted from the wild nights, and you’re pretty sure your phone and wallet are both MIA.

Whether you relate to scenario one, two or three, there are, as you can see, things that can virtually destroy spring break. So, how do you overcome the obstacles of family, age and stamina? You go virgin, as in virgin margarita, a six-ingredient drink that says, “I may not be old enough to drink, but I sure am old enough to par-tay.”

For those needing stamina, the virgin way is the way of the wise, and while your friends spend every morning hacking out their guts over the toilet, you’re relaxing with a five-star breakfast and the energy of a 2-year-old. Last but not least, those of you caught trying to please the family conservatives, you at least get the feeling of enjoying an alcoholic beverage even if alcohol isn’t involved. Plus, a virgin margarita is a better way to beat the heat than the flat Coke sitting on your patio table.

When it comes to having virgin margaritas during spring break, the connection is clear: spring break is fun and exciting; people generally say “oh my God” when they are excited; God is the father of Jesus; Jesus is the son of Mary; Mary was a virgin; virgin margaritas are the best way to have fun over spring break. It’s simple.


1 can of thawed frozen lemonade

1/3 cup of fresh orange juice

1 lemon (juiced)

1 lime (juiced)

2 tablespoons of refined sugar (or more if you want to go crazy)


1.     Combine thawed frozen lemonade, orange juice, lemon juice, lime juice and refined sugar in a large pitcher

2.     Mix ingredients well

3.     Add ice to the pitcher to make the drink nice and cool

4.     Pour into glasses and enjoy

5.     (Optional) If you want to get fancy, coat the glass rim with refined sugar and add a slice of lemon/lime on the side.

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