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‘BuzzFeed Unsolved’ Looks Like It Will End Its Seventh and Final Season With a Bang

As fans anticipate the bittersweet ending of the popular YouTube docuseries, loyal viewers are looking back on beloved aspects that defined the show.
October 24, 2021
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The spooktacular “BuzzFeed Unsolved” series is coming to a close this October with their seventh and final season. Earlier this month, BuzzFeed released the trailer for the final season of the supernatural web series, which premiered on October 15 with six episodes. This bittersweet ending leaves fans devastated to see the series come to a close, but excited for what is to come in the final season.

For those unfamiliar with the show, “BuzzFeed Unsolved” was created by BuzzFeed as one of their first series and has accumulated about 1.38 billion views from all over the globe. The series consists of two different categories, true crime and supernatural. The true crime series had its season finale this summer and now the supernatural one is wrapping up as well.

The true crime series discusses unsolved cases in the criminal world, giving viewers facts about the situation and then uncovering potential theories. The supernatural series has a similar premise but varies as they focus on a certain haunted place or item and how it became known. In addition to this, they visit said place or item in hopes of finding an answer to their biggest question: “Do ghosts actually exist?”

In today’s society, ghost hunting and criminal cases have become many people’s guilty pleasures. However, because this is such an up-and-coming trend for shows and podcasts, what makes this one stand out so much more than the rest? I, along with multiple others, would argue that the hosts are what really bring the audience in and leave them dying for more. “BuzzFeed Unsolved” is hosted by Ryan Bergara and Shane Madej.

As Ryan describes either a true crime case or a supernatural occurrence, Shane and the audience attentively listen. Then, Ryan and Shane provide their own perspectives and opinions on the event and the related theories. While Ryan is a big believer in ghosts, demons and everything else in the spirit world, Shane believes it’s all a hoax. The difference between the two makes for a chaotic, fun dynamic.

This contrasting yet complementary dynamic between Ryan and Shane is the main contributor to their success since the viewer is guaranteed to relate to one host while watching. Either you’re a believer like Ryan and every apparent coincidence freaks you out or you’re a skeptic like Shane and enjoy making stupid but silly jokes about the situation. Maybe though, you’re like me, and can see both hosts’ perspectives.

Right when I’m getting caught up in the spooky suspense of it, Shane throws in hilarious banter, which provides a moment for the audience to breathe — not to mention the way Shane attempts to scare Ryan when they visit one of these haunted locations, a dynamic that makes it feel like you’re just hanging out and messing around with good friends. There are so many YouTubers today that are problematic, but with Shane and Ryan, I know exactly what I’m getting: quality time with my friends. I know when I’m watching one of their videos that there will be lots of jump scares, but also lots of laughs. It’s been a comfort show for many around the world and that’s why it’s so heartbreaking to see it come to an end.

In the final season of “BuzzFeed Unsolved,” fans of the supernatural can expect the duo to visit haunted locations on fans’ wish lists. In the first episode of the seventh season, Shane and Ryan visit the Arnold Estate, more popularly known as “The Conjuring” house. “The Conjuring” is based on the haunted events that took place at the Arnold Estate and now the boys get to experience a spook-filled night in the iconic building. This episode consists of evil bees, a crooked neck lady, and the humor fans have come to know and love. In fact, many of the things that fans enjoy about the series will remain consistent in its final season; the only real difference seems to be it will feature even more exciting locations as the duo wants to send the series off with a bang.

With how successful “BuzzFeed Unsolved” has always been, viewers were surprised when both hosts decided to leave their jobs at BuzzFeed altogether. With their contracts coming to an end, many were curious about where their talents would lead them next. However, their reasoning behind leaving is actually quite an exciting one: They decided to launch their own entertainment network!

Fans are already speculating that they might make a similar series, one that will have much more creative freedom. They currently have their own supernatural series on their YouTube channel Watcher called “Too Many Spirits.” It’s not exactly like the “Unsolved” series, but it’s the one that viewers compare it to the most. Whether the “Unsolved” series creators continue with a similar creative endeavor or decide to create something new entirely, I’m sure their community of fans will continue to support them. 

While the new adventures of “BuzzFeed Unsolved” are coming to an end, this doesn’t mean you can’t reminisce about your favorite episodes as if it were your first time watching. It’s always sad seeing something so beautiful come to a close, but endings will always provide opportunities for new and exciting beginnings. This is something that seems to hold true for both Ryan and Shane as they continue growing their careers. As Shane and Ryan put it best, “We may not have solved a single case, but boy did we have some laughs. Cheers to the worst detective agency ever assembled.”

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