Hallmark. (Illustration by Eri Iguchi, Minneapolis College of Art and Design)
Watching cliche Hallmark movies is the perfect way to enjoy the holiday season. (Illustration by Eri Iguchi, Minneapolis College of Art and Design)

8 Festive Hallmark Films To Watch This Holiday Season

Don’t stress about missing the best Christmas movies airing this winter. This list will help you find the perfect holiday love story.

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Hallmark. (Illustration by Eri Iguchi, Minneapolis College of Art and Design)

Don’t stress about missing the best Christmas movies airing this winter. This list will help you find the perfect holiday love story.

There’s something about a cliche love story and a happy ending that’s absolutely irresistible. Sprinkle in a couple of snowflakes and a few sweater-wearing characters and you’ve got yourself the perfect holiday film. Whether you love to love them or love to hate them, the holidays inspire everyone to flip to the Hallmark channel. Maybe it’s the confidence of knowing the main character is definitely going to fall for that small-town boy, or the thrill of watching as she leaves for the guy she really shouldn’t be with, before getting back together with her true love. Whatever it is, Hallmark films are far too enticing to pass up during the holiday season.

Each year it seems as if Hallmark releases 10 new versions of the same old film. With so many cheesy plotlines to pick from, it can be difficult to sort through them and find the perfect wintery love story to indulge in.

Grab a mug of hot cocoa and some tissues; here are eight of the best holiday movies airing on the Hallmark channel that you can enjoy with friends and family.

1. “The Angel Tree”

Starring Jill Wagner and Lucas Bryant, “The Angel Tree” is a mystery film and holiday movie all wrapped up in one cheesy Hallmark special. The movie revolves around a writer trying to find out the identity of an individual who grants children’s holiday wishes, which are placed on an angel Christmas tree.

“The Angel Tree” is a feel-good film about rekindling old friendships. Be sure to record this one, as it’s a holiday movie you won’t want to miss.

2. “Let it Snow”

This 2013 film was directed by Harvey Frost, and it stars Jesse Hutch and Candance Cameron Bure. As the main character, Stephanie, battles company drama at her workplace, she is also bogged down by Christmas time cliches. An unexpected love interest — but of course expected by viewers — enters her life and melts away her holiday blues.

“Let it Snow” is about as Hallmark-y as a Hallmark film can get. Full of love, drama and yes, snow, the movie is a must-watch this holiday season.

3. “A Christmas Detour”

Make it a Candace Cameron Bure double feature by adding “A Christmas Detour” to your holiday films list. This time the actress stars as Paige, a frustrated traveler trying to find her way to New York City for the holidays. Along her journey, Paige meets fellow traveler Dylan, played by actor Paul Greene, and I’m sure you can figure out what happens from there.

This film is so festive and popular that Hallmark is airing it twice. Catch “A Christmas Detour” on the Hallmark channel on both Dec. 10 and Dec. 15.

4. “Crown for Christmas”

This movie adds a glamorous and royal twist to the beloved Hallmark holiday plotline. A series of unfortunate events leads character Allie, played by Danica McKellar, to a job as a governess for a little girl that is a member of European royalty.

“Crown for Christmas” is family-friendly, heartwarming and the perfect film to watch in your twinkling Christmas light-lit home.

5. “Family for Christmas”

This romantic comedy stars Lacey Chabert as Hannah Dunbar. Hannah finds that after making a silly holiday wish to Santa Claus, her life has been completely altered as she wakes up married to a former boyfriend. As the title suggests, Hannah must learn to live with her new and unexpected family.

“Family for Christmas” is quick-witted, laughable and just as cheesy as it sounds.

6. “The Christmas Card”

“The Christmas Card” is a bit of an older Hallmark film, but it’s a classic. The movie premiered in 2006 and stars John Newton and Alice Evans.

Newton plays an American soldier named Cody; he receives an anonymous Christmas card while stationed in Afghanistan. Upon returning back to the states, Cody sets out to find the card’s author. Bet you couldn’t believe it — the card was written by none other than a beautiful woman named Faith.

Romantic and patriotic, “The Christmas Card” is Hallmark movie gold.

7. “On the 12th Date of Christmas”

This Hallmark film premiered for the first time this November. “On the 12th Date of Christmas” follows stars Tyler Hynes and Mallory Jansen as they play two seemingly opposite coworkers forced to work on a project together. Without giving away any spoilers, use your best guess to figure out how this holiday movie ends.

The film is extremely modern and an easy new favorite to add to your top Hallmark movie list.

8. “Time for You to Come Home for Christmas”

For any country music lovers, this film is actually based on a 2012 Blake Shelton song titled, “Time for Me to Come Home.”

The movie follows a recently widowed woman named Katherine as she returns home to mourn and spend the holidays with family. On the trip, Katherine meets a veteran and finds that his companionship is just what her healing soul needs.

“Time for You to Come Home for Christmas” is not for the faint of heart. Be sure to grab your tissues for this one; it’s a real tearjerker.

The most wonderful time of the year would certainly not be complete without the Hallmark channel. These cliche classics are an absolute holiday staple. As you catch yourself scrolling near the Hallmark channel this winter season, be sure to be on the lookout for some of these festive titles.

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