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Billie Eilish Breaks the Wall Between Strange and Vulnerable in ‘Carpool Karaoke’

The young singer brought fans down a road toward the weird and wonderful world of the average teenage girl.
January 1, 2020
8 mins read

A few weeks ago, Billie Eilish appeared on the American web television series “Carpool Karaoke.” However, what started out as an innocent game held between the 18-year-old singer and James Corden turned into an unexpected and wild ride. After singing their hearts out to a few of her songs, the pair pulled up to the Los Angeles home belonging to Eilish. Getting a sneak peek into the notorious red room of the teenager and the space where Eilish and her brother, Finneas O’Connell, created her chart-topping music, fans were left with a better understanding of what exactly makes Eilish tick.

The Car Ride

Before arriving at the childhood home of Eilish, the pair shared an inspirational moment in the “Late Late Show” segment. Beginning like many other “Carpool Karaoke” segments, Eilish and Corden sang their hearts out to renditions of popular songs written by Eilish, including “Bad Guy” and “Ocean Eyes” as well as a verse from Justin Bieber’s “Baby.” Adopting a childlike attitude, the young singer recalls freaking out after seeing Bieber in the crowd at Ariana Grande’s Coachella performance earlier this year.

Clearly, despite her celebrity status, Eilish is still a child at heart and doesn’t seem afraid to show that side of herself. Getting more personal, Eilish appeared genuinely excited to sing her own music, even at times getting emotional while singing along to “Ocean Eyes,” a song that she first wrote and sang at the age of 13. “I haven’t listened to that song in so long,” Eilish stated. “That song is the reason that I have the life I have.” It was “Ocean Eyes,” according to the star, that fired up a passion between her and her brother evolving into a project taking place in their small home. A home that still holds importance in Eilish’s life.

Heading Inside

A first look into the childhood home of Eilish brings fans into the room where all of the magic happens: a small bedroom complete with a whiteboard that contains a list of songs on Eilish’s debut album. “We wrote every single title, we changed them around … we filled them all and checked them all off,” Eilish explained while showing Corden the whiteboard marked with each of the tracks from “When We All Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go?”

Surrounded by larger than life psychedelic flower pillows, Corden asked Eilish if living at home has grounded her in any way. “Probably more than I realized. Also, just being around my parents all the time, and even on tour, my parents are there,” said Eilish. “My entire family besides my dog and my cat and my spider. We’re all on tour together.” It seems that Eilish holds a special place in her heart for her family — a detail that factors into how the young celebrity carries herself.

Creepy or Cute?

Of course, Eilish had to mention her pet spider during this very special and revealing moment between her and Corden. It wouldn’t be in typical Eilish style if the singer didn’t ask her host if he would like to see it. “Are you bringing that spider here?” Corden nervously asked. “Because, can I be honest? I’m not good with spiders. Not at all. I don’t know how I feel about this, I don’t want to.”

Continuing to walk toward Corden with her pet tarantula in hand, Eilish attempted to place the creature in his hand before he nervously jumped up. Corden questioned the artist about her choice in pets, “Why would you do that? Why would you have such a thing?” “Because he’s cute!” Eilish said back in response.

Perhaps having a pet tarantula says more about Eilish than one is led on to believe. Spiders may be considered ugly or creepy, but it appears that the singer doesn’t allow outward appearances to sway her judgement.

Mystery Solved?

Eilish has always existed within the celebrity world as a mystery. Emerging as a young, new voice with a dark twist, the celebrity’s music has not been spared criticism. Wearing baggy clothes and appearing strange, not many have been able to dissect Eilish’s personality to uncover what truly makes her who she is. However, after her segment with Corden on “Carpool Karaoke,” it appears that some of the enigma behind the singer has been reduced.

Getting emotional and allowing viewers into her personal life, Eilish has presented a more vulnerable side to herself. Giving a tour of her childhood home and giving an in-depth tour of the room that started it all, Eilish appears almost childlike in front of the camera. Relaxing against an array of rainbow floral pillows decorated with smiling faces, there is a sense that her strangeness may all be an act. Pet spider or not, Eilish is an average teenage girl with larger than life dreams.


What’s Next?

Recently, the singer turned 18. As Eilish becomes an adult in the eyes of the country, many have wondered if there will be a change at all in her music or appearance. In fact, it has been rumored that the candid celebrity may finally be ditching the baggy clothes for a new and unexpected look. Musing to Elle Magazine, Eilish stated, “I’m gonna be a woman. I wanna show my body. What if I make a video where I look desirable?” For a young girl who is uniquely aware of the media’s constant sexualization of young women, it comes as shock to hear her possibly decide to change her attire to a more mature style.

Understanding that some fans may lose respect for her once she decides to bare a little skin, Eilish chalks this possibility up to a double standard held against women and their bodies. Despite rumors, it should be kept in mind that Eilish has just turned 18. All of this talk about changing appearance could be chalked up to excitement over her newfound freedom. Keeping in mind her vulnerable “Carpool Karaoke” segment, Eilish doesn’t seem one to lose her down-to-Earth personality. In fact, 2020 might be the year where the artist finally breaks down her walls.

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