In an article about literary podcasts, an illustration by Lucas DeJesus of a child wearing headphones connected to multiple books
Love to read and write? Then maybe you will enjoy hearing about it as well. (Illustration by Lucas DeJesus, Montserrat College of Art)

Literary Podcasts That Will Inspire Your Inner Author

Perfect for any lover of the written word, these shows will give you some insights into the writing, reading and publishing that goes on in the literary world.

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In an article about literary podcasts, an illustration by Lucas DeJesus of a child wearing headphones connected to multiple books
Perfect for any lover of the written word, these shows will give you some insights into the writing, reading and publishing that goes on in the literary world.

There are podcasts for just about any topic you can imagine, and it can be easy to feel lost in all of the listening options. Whether you’re a reader, writer or someone in search of a new way to discover literary topics, here are some great recommendations for any lover of words.

Writers and Authors

For anyone interested in the publishing world, literary podcasts about and for writers can be an incredible source of information and inspiration. Many literary podcasts feature bestselling authors, highlighting their accomplishments and even bringing them onto the podcast for an interview with the hosts.

In their podcast “Deadline City,” bestselling authors Zoraida Córdova and Dhonielle Clayton talk about their shared office space and constantly growing series of deadlines. The podcast is wonderfully casual and insightful, told in a way that makes its audience feel included in the writing process. Every week, Córdova and Clayton tackle relevant topics in the publishing industry, such as changing genres as an agented author and writing #ownvoices books. The hosts are skilled at breaking down the most fear-inducing parts of writing a novel, helping their audience understand that writing a book doesn’t have to be a difficult task. The pair will occasionally invite other young adult writers on for entertaining discussions, and the podcast is highly recommended for anyone interested in the world of modern writers.

Created and hosted by publishing professional Jennifer Baker, “Minorites in Publishing” is an interview-based podcast. Baker is known as a champion for diversity, and her work has been featured in a variety of media, ranging from Publishers Weekly to the 2017 NYSCA/NYFA Artist Fellowship. In monthly episodes, she discusses the lack of diversity in the book publishing industry with other publishing professionals. Occasionally, Baker talks with authors and other professionals in the literary scene as well, making for a greatly diverse cast of guests. Baker also encourages her audience to consider the impact of everything they actively read and write, in addition to what they don’t.

Between the Covers” is a literary podcast and radio show hosted by writer David Naimon, most notably featuring in-depth conversations with writers from various backgrounds and genres. The podcast episodes typically run for an hour or more, giving Naimon plenty of time to dive into the stories behind writers’ creative processes and their journey toward creating impactful books. Naimon strives to provide listeners with advice and inspiration, and the podcast is well worth the listen for writers in need of motivation.

Young Adult and Young Readers

Literary podcasts focusing on books for younger readers, such as young adult novels or middle-grade series, can be interesting for readers of all ages.

In the podcast “Kidlit These Days,” librarian and kidlit connoisseur Matthew Winner discusses all of the latest releases in children’s literature, while also talking about unresolved issues and gaps in the children’s book industry. Overall, the podcast strives to explore worldly topics from the perspective of books for young people. Some episodes include insightful author interviews, while others bring in guest hosts to cover relevant and important topics in children’s literature. Winner’s other podcast, “The Children’s Book Podcast,” unpacks similar topics while also bringing attention to the business of children’s illustrators.

From fantastic new releases to classic favorites, “Hey YA” covers it all. The team of hosts from Book Riot will bring you all the news you need to know about the young adult literary world. From the latest insights on book-to-screen adaptations to topics about timeless favorite characters, “Hey YA” will tell you everything you need to know when it comes to the young adult category.

In her podcast “Literaticast,” literary agent Jennifer Laughran chats with other publishing professionals about writing and publishing books for children and young adults. Laughran’s monthly episodes are often bright and heartwarming discussions about what it means to be a champion for children’s books. Laughran also enjoys promoting diverse authors and illustrators in the publishing business, and her episodes are both insightful and lighthearted.


If you tend to read books from a particular genre, such as fantasy or thriller, you might find some genre-specific literary podcasts to quench your thirst for more.

Read or Dead” is a great podcast for readers of mystery and thriller novels. Katie and Rincey, the hosts of this bi-weekly podcast, talk about all things mystery/thriller, and will delve into topics such as the latest news in the mystery/thriller book world or novels that push the boundaries of the genre. Additionally, the hosts also like to unpack topics related to some underappreciated sections of the mystery/thriller book world, offering a great variety in the podcast’s content.

With a focus on fantasy and science fiction, “SFF Yeah!” is a bi-weekly podcast from Book Riot. Hosted by Sharifeh and Jenn, the podcast is dedicated to giving its audience the latest news and awesome recommendations from the book worlds of science fiction and fantasy. The hosts cover fun topics of a wide variety, including space ships, dragons and robots. The podcast also has information on the latest SFF releases and is known for starting conversations about adaptations, diversity and relevant trends within the genres.

Smart Podcast, Trashy Books” is a weekly podcast with a witty twist. Host Sarah Wendell focuses on topics in the romance genre and often interviews a mixture of online contributors in the romance scene, such as bloggers and editors who share her love for love-filled stories of all kinds. Wendell’s podcast is a delight for any romance fan and is just as fun as the name suggests. The podcast also includes book reviews, author appearances and topic-relevant recommendations.

By day, Brad and Lisa are your average married couple. By night, they team up to discuss their favorite topics, marriage and comic books, in their clever and often heartfelt podcast. In weekly episodes of “Comic Book Couples Counseling,” the couple chats with each other about different comic book couples and analyzes their relationships. The hosts also like to talk about general pop culture surrounding the comic book scene, and will even discuss the publishing history of their most beloved comics. If you’re a comic book fan, or you’re married to one, this podcast may be the one for you.

Other Interesting Themes

Some concepts are less common than others, and the following literary podcasts are great if you’re looking for something a little less genre- or age-specific.

The “Reading Women” podcast gives a new meaning to the phrase “women’s literature.” Hosted by Kendra Winchester and Autumn Privett, the podcast’s goal is to highlight books by or about women from a variety of backgrounds. Every month, the hosts pick a new theme and discuss several books related to the theme in the episode. Great for anyone wanting to discover fantastic female authors from underrepresented backgrounds, this podcast often feels much like a book club anyone would want to join.

Black Chick Lit” is both a joy to listen to and an informative place to get recommendations. The podcast hosts, Danielle and Mollie, are fun and deeply passionate about books by women of color. Every other week, the hosts will dive into an analysis of a particular book, usually covering novels in the young adult and adult categories. If you want to feel like you’re having a great time discussing books with friends, this podcast is worth the try.

Created for readers of young adult and adult fiction, “Fictional Hangover” is a podcast about bringing new books, series, authors and voice actors into the spotlight. In each two-hour episode, hosts Amanda and Claire share their in-depth opinions on popular novels, and will often discuss their favorite and least favorite scenes or characters. During most episodes, they also play a game of Would You Rather based on a book featured in the episode, inevitably leading to a fun time. While entertaining, this literary podcast is also a great way to relax while hearing causal banter about your favorite books.

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