If You’re Into Food ASMR, These Are the 7 Best Channels

You might call these videos a 'recipe' for relaxation.
April 27, 2019
6 mins read

Recently, autonomous sensory meridian response, otherwise known as ASMR, and its unique relaxation techniques have taken YouTube by storm. ASMR is a technique used by YouTubers to calm viewers with noises of soft speaking, slow tapping or brushing/stroking movements on objects such as books, mugs and tablets.

With various possibilities for video concepts and role-play situations, some channels have meshed the trend with one of society’s favorite things, food. Food ASMR channels showcase diverse cuisines as YouTubers eat food in ASMR fashion, which means soothing the viewer with only chewing sounds. No talking allowed.

Food ASMR is my favorite version of the technique, as it includes many delicious foods and the absence of talking, which allows my mind to be cleared of every sound except the chewing or crunching of food. As mouthwatering as the food might look, don’t forget that the video is meant to relax you, not make you drool. With that being said, I would not suggest watching these videos on an empty stomach.

Watching food ASMR videos can be extremely effective when doing schoolwork, as your mind will be cleared of unnecessary thoughts and you can focus all of your energy on assignments. Here are some dedicated, exclusive Food ASMR channels to check out:

1. FoodieLicious ASMR

FoodieLicious has eaten a wide variety of foods on her channel, which contains 207 food ASMR videos. With 370K subscribers, FoodieLicious has never revealed her face in any of her videos, and has spoken in only a handful of them. Though her identity remains a mystery, her viewers can always count on the relaxation with her food ASMR channel.

The anonymous YouTuber has eaten meals of all types, such as seafood, fast food and homemade food — all of which are quite visually appealing. Some examples include homemade mozzarella sticks, a seafood boil, toasted marshmallows, Burger King, noodles, Indian food and much more.

In some videos, FoodieLilcious even includes a tutorial on how to make the dish. Even though you will get hungry watching her videos, perhaps the crunchy and soft chewing sounds will soothe your mind too.

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2. ASMR Phan

Like FoodieLicious, ASMR Phan uses a similar technique in her food videos to help viewers reach an optimum level of internal peace. Phan’s videos involve her eating on a flat surface with no talking and no face reveal.

The YouTuber has 314 videos, a bit more than FoodieLicious, and over 655K subscribers. Popular videos on the YouTuber’s channel include a pepper platter, McDonalds, candy bars, a seafood platter, ribs and more.

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With a staggering 6 million subscribers and 619 videos, SAS-ASMR is one of the most popular food ASMR accounts. SAS uses techniques similar to the previous channels, like eating on a flat surface while engaging in minimal dialogue.

What sets SAS apart from competing ASMR accounts is that the user has revealed her face in a special video dedicated to reaching five million subscribers. It seems as though most food ASMRtists are very shy, so it’s a special treat when, after your curiosity is built up, a user reveals their true identity. In another video, the well-known YouTuber’s husband makes a guest appearance for his very own food ASMR video.

Like other channels, SAS eats a variety of food, with popular videos including chocolate fondue (face reveal), honeycomb, lobster, octopus and a sushi platter.

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4. Hungry Cakes

As if you’re not already hungry enough from all the mentioned food items, Hungry Cakes has even more food to bring to the table. Hungry Cakes uses a similar technique to the previous channels, which I won’t describe again, as you probably have the spiel engrained in your head by now.

With 217 videos and 626,000 subscribers, the ASMRist provides no shortage of food ASMR videos for ultimate relaxation. The most-viewed videos on the channel include fast food such as McDonalds and Burger King, corn dogs, noodles and spaghetti.

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5. N.E Let’s Eat

It seems that food options are endless for ASMR videos, and N.E Let’s Eat is no exception when it comes to showing diverse grub. With 3 million subscribers and 496 videos, N.E Let’s Eat is a family friendly channel, in the sense that the individuals eating are a mother and her two children. While some videos feature the whole family, others just feature one kid or only the mother.

Unlike the majority of food ASMR videos, N.E Let’s Eat reveals its participants’ faces, and features them speaking during the videos. The YouTube channel has featured food such as sushi, noodles, candy and fruit in its most viewed videos.

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6. Morpheus ASMR

Morpheus is an older gentleman enjoying life, and he happens to be new to the food ASMR community. Unlike previous channels, Morpheus positions his face in plain sight for all his videos (finally) and engages with his audience by incorporating soft-spoken ASMR techniques when eating his food. With close to 550,000 subscribers and 214 videos, the up-and-coming YouTuber has included a wide array of cuisine on his channel to keep viewers wanting more.

The new YouTuber’s most popular video, which has over 5 million views, features him eating mochi ice cream, something I had never heard of before watching his video. Other popular uploads include raw oysters, ramen noodles, pizza and cake.

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7. Zach Choi ASMR

With over a million subscribers and 223 videos, Zach Choi’s channel fits the bill for ideal food ASMR videos. During his videos, Choi’s face is always shown, he does minimal talking and and includes sounds of tapping bags and boxes.

With the perfect recipe for food ASMR recognition and popularity, it’s no surprise Choi has a highly viewed channel. The YouTuber’s video lineup includes a crunchy food special, Popeye’s, shrimp cocktail, KFC and more.

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