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New Year, New Styles: The Fashion Trends of 2020

Beachwear, crop tops and chokers. Oh my!
November 18, 2019
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Fashion trends come and go. What is deemed acceptable to wear is constantly recycled, reinvented or dismissed. A fashion trend’s cycle varies in length, as some seem to possess an eternal staying power while others immediately die out. Now that 2019 is coming to an end, we can look forward to the introduction of new fashion as the new year rolls in. Here are predictions for fashion trends that will appear, remain or disappear in 2020.

’90s Everything, Chokers and Plaid

People really love this era of fashion, and the ’90s invasion will definitely remain throughout 2020; however, its reign over the culture might lessen in order to make room for fresher trends. Nevertheless, the durability of this trend should not be underestimated. In 2019, ’90s culture overtook almost every common clothing item.

Regrettably, choker necklaces are losing their momentum. From fine jewelry to the epitome of ’90s girl style — the black stretch tattoo choker — we are losing interest in this neck hugging piece.

People might not be forced to say goodbye to all of their ’90s accessories. The barrette and scrunchies are still having their moment, which could grow in popularity since the fashion scene is seeing an expansion of trendy hair accessories in general.

Relatedly, plaid is also slowing stepping down, although I anticipate that this design will endure on the fringes for years to come; it is one of those trends with staying power, which comes and goes at the whim of popular opinion.

Overalls, Coveralls, Rompers and Jumpsuits

For some reason, people are falling head-over-heels for any variation of overall, coverall or romper at the moment, and I anticipate that this adoration will not dwindle in 2020. There is far too much variety and versatility for this type of clothing to disappear anytime soon.

People transformed jumpsuits into an article of clothing that is appropriate for work, everyday wear and even the red carpet. As another creation birthed from the combined assault of the ’70s and ’90s resurgence, people will want to stay comfy in their clothes all throughout the new year.

Jeans, Jeans and More Jeans

Years ago, we left low-rise, bell bottom jeans to die in favor of the drastically different skinny jeans. Surprisingly, over the course of several years, our jean options have expanded. Boyfriend jeans, mom jeans and the boot cut have all infiltrated the cultural sphere. All jeans are welcome once again, whether they be loose, tight, high-waist or none of the above.

For most, the loved-then-despised bell bottom is returning. If the current market trends are to be trusted, we should not expect a clone in all its 2000s style glory, but still, expect to see a lighter, breezier and summery rendition of the classic jean style to spearhead the jean fashion trend for 2020. If bell bottoms exist beyond the horizon, they will likely channel a ’70s high-waisted style and shape.

Nonetheless, I foresee an open-door policy for jeans in 2020. In fact, a few years might need to pass in order for an innovative jean trend to appear due to the overwhelming variety of jean styles. The popularity of jeans could dwindle in the midst of the jumpsuit/romper takeover, and I would argue dresses, skirts and even leggings are all being worn more. But, let’s be honest: Jeans are a wardrobe staple. They are not going anywhere.

Crop Tops and Frontal Cut-Outs

Crop tops exploded in popularity as soon as they hit the scene a few years ago. People have begun to trade a looser style for a tight-fitting alternative, and while fashion fanatics are not as obsessed as they used to be, crop tops have been declared to be an essential piece for most closets. Furthermore, crop tops help keep high-waisted bottoms in business, and people are still celebrating a broader variety of waist heights and top lengths, which means that the crop top will survive the transition into the next decade.

Emerging trends are often seen as somewhat risky, and in its early stages we take them on with trepidation. When crop tops returned, they exemplified a countercultural mindset; they were not modest, difficult to pair with bottoms, semi-awkward, but still diverged from the majority of people’s wardrobe selection.

Consequently, frontal cut-outs will embody the crop top aesthetic. Frontal cut-outs are playful, eye-catching and people can find a way to pair it with anything. It took time for crop tops to evolve beyond casual wear, although I think the cut-out style will align itself to fit with an assortment of outfits.

Beachwear Meets the ’60s and ’70s

Expect to witness a continuation of crochet tops and kimono-like coverups that accompany a beachy feel to jewelry, purses and bags. Slinky, flowy and hippie-inspired dresses will remain popular in 2020, especially considering that the scene has already co-opted jumpsuits and high-waisted bottoms. If you’re not a proponent of the autumnal, ugly-couch-inspired prints and color schemes of the ’60s and ’70s, you probably will not be happy, because this fashion trend is not stopping anytime soon.

Likewise, high-waisted shorts have existed on the outskirts for years, and although the mom jean-esque shorts will stay trendy, tighter hot pant-like shorts will kick the competition to the curb. Trust me. People love the ’70s.

Business, Bright Colors and Cute Accessories  

I expect business casual to be reworked and reimagined with a streetwear touch in 2020. The menswear-inspired business jacket has lurked in the underground for a while, but will rise in popularity upon pairing with skirts and ’70s-style, flared work pants. Matching or not, business wear will cement suit-inspired fashion trends in the coming year.

Tiny sunglasses are another leftover from the ’90s craze. Cutely daring items such as these take longer to catch on with the general populace, outside of celebrities and models, because it takes time for a collective of people to normalize them. The trajectory of trendsetting is slower, which is why tiny sunglasses will likely not disappear in 2020, but I also do not anticipate that these glasses will increase in value or popularity either. Plus, people need come to their senses and completely reject them again — forever.

Speaking of outsider fashion trends, neon was everywhere on the runways for spring 2020 lineups. When discussing the average individual’s relationship with fashion, the runway and high-end brands should not be taken literally, considering that otherworldly clothing is typically watered down by the industry before these clothes are delivered to the average fashion enthusiast. Coinciding with this fact, I expect that clothes will incorporate hints of neon, but not adopt an overall school highlighter look.

Additional Mentions

Men’s fashion is in the midst of a revolution. The culture has accepted makeup and nail polish for men, and their clothes will continue to become more exciting, encompassing a wider range of fabrics and silhouettes thought to only belong in the world of women’s fashion. On the other hand, the last couple of years also saw beards continue to dominate, and with them, men’s grooming kits and beard care products.

On the less extreme side of the spectrum, men might accept adding more layers, jewelry and cross-body bags to their wardrobe choices next year. Additionally, although skinny jeans remain acceptable in menswear, do not be shocked if you see men rocking looser, tailored jeans in 2020.

Apart from actual trends, ethical fashion is in, championing locally sourced materials and labor, workers paid a living wage and clothing composed of 100% recycled material, a portion of which is donated to nonprofit organizations. In addition, the thrifting industry has experienced a resurgence. Consumers are starting to care.

Body celebration might be a mindset, but it is here to stay. The fashion industry is finally catching on, and inclusivity is finally being celebrated. The entire scope of people’s appearances and shapes are being normalized and encouraged while also shaping the idea that everyone’s body is the right for fashion. So let’s move past Victoria’s Secret and start seeing the rise of Savage X Fenty (thank you, Rihanna).

Are you ready to let go of the old and let in the new? Perhaps you already have. Either way, there is so much to look forward to in the fashion world for 2020, and I cannot wait to see the future of the industry.

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