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The 7 Best Mods To Spice Up Your Sims 4 Experience

Is your favorite real-life simulator feeling boring? The addition of some fan-made modifications will keep you on your toes and make your Sims’ lives a lot more interesting.
September 25, 2021
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The Sims franchise has given players the opportunity to build families, design their dream homes and live out realistic experiences for over 21 years. The game developers have been expanding on their latest and most popular game, The Sims 4, for seven years. As challenging as it is for amateurs to juggle the wants and desires of several Sims at the same time, Sims experts are losing interest in a fictional world they once spent hundreds of hours playing in. Fortunately, several mods can be downloaded that make a Sim’s life more dramatic and delivers an added challenge for veteran players.

Mods will surely spice up any game, but the new features they provide are not made by the game developers. Downloading mods runs the risk of damaging the game and the device you choose to play on. Generally, creators refrain from including malware and viruses in their downloads, but it is best to proceed with caution. To avoid these complications, modders offer careful and considerate instructions on how to install modded files into the game.

This list of well-known mods is guaranteed to enhance overall gameplay and make The Sims 4 a more entertaining and exciting experience once again. In no particular order, here is a list of seven mods that are the most coveted among players:

1. Slice of Life Mod

One of the best mod creators known to The Sims 4 is KawaiiStacie. She has brought a long list of amazing mods to the table, but the best of her creations is the Slice of Life mod. The mod provides the widest range of new features that make the game feel even more realistic. Sims will be moved to actual tears when sad, and their cheeks will flush with warmth when embarrassed.

One of the greatest features of Slice of Life is a built-in personality system that assigns Sims with one of 16 different personality types along the Myers-Briggs scale. For example, a Sim with the trait The Giver (ENFJ) will excel in skills such as writing and cooking and will likely find themselves pursuing careers in teaching or writing. There are also several other additions like the menstrual cycle, a handful of treatable illnesses and the ability for Sims to get drunk.

 2. Explore Mod

The Explore mod, also created by the beloved KawaiiStacie, allows Sims to leave their homes and explore new places while players control the rest of their household. Sims can begin exploring places such as the movie theater, a haunted house or the aquarium after obtaining a bus pass or a driver’s license. They can also attend classes and return with higher skills and mood buffs afterward. The Explore mod gives younger Sims the opportunity to go trick-or-treating on Halloween night and return with candy in their inventories.

In addition to the camping excursions and beach getaways that already exist in the game, KawaiiStacie has added new vacation hotspots like the Jurassic Plumbob Park and Disney World. Don’t have enough simoleons? Sims can work temporary side jobs like bartending at a local bar or becoming a “llama driver” (Uber driver). The good thing is that the Sims do not have to explore alone! Sims from other households can even invite other Sims out for shopping, dining or a movie night at their house.

3. Passionate Romance Mod

Are you tired of using the same old flirtatious interactions in The Sims 4? The Passionate Romance mod by Sacrificial may be right up your alley. This mod allows Sims to express their passions for their romantic partners in many new ways. Installing this mod provides players with a new menu of romantic interactions to choose from, including snuggle, make out and the Sims 2 classic, “goose.” Performing these interactions guarantees an increase in friendship and romantic affection and a new moodlet called “Feeling the Love.” Sims can save their romantic memories by taking romantic selfies with over 20 different poses. These photos can be placed on a wall or added to Simstagram.

4. Extreme Violence Mod

Many Sims players grow tired of creating picture-perfect families with joyful lives and instead take a more villainous route in their gameplay. There are several ways to kill Sims in the game with the most popular including locking sims in pools to drown and starving them to death in secret basements. The newest version of Sacrificial’s Extreme Violence mod allows Sims to kill in over 40 different ways.

Sims with a lust for blood can take their frustrations out on other Sims in an extremely graphic and brutal manner such as shooting, stabbing and clubbing; non-deadly interactions involve punching, slapping and snatching a Sim’s wig off. Murderous Sims can also get up to other villainous activities such as participating in gangs and illegal gambling. Performing any of these interactions in front of others will result in a dramatic decrease in a Sim’s reputation and the possibility of going to jail.

5. Life Tragedies Mod

In a similar vein to the Extreme Violence mod, the Life Tragedies mod brings drama into Sims’ lives by including a handful of tragic occurrences that they must deal with. One of the features of this mod is the threat of fatal illnesses. They can be cured if the Sim goes to the hospital and gets surgery, but there is only a 20% chance of success. Players with this mod should make a habit of locking their doors to deal with the threat of armed robbers and kidnappers. These Sims can be saved if their family pays a ransom fee and cooperates with the kidnappers. The speed at which the tragedies occur can be changed in the mod’s options, from a range of very slow to very fast. Tragedies will occur to both played Sims and NPCs.

6. Master Controller Command Center Mod (MCCC)

The Master Controller Command Center mod, created by Deaderpool, is labeled “the king of all Sims mods” by Resuli from The Gamer magazine. This mod makes it incredibly simple to modify settings in the game and gives players complete control over all of the Sims in their game. For those who don’t have the patience to wait for their Sims to get promoted, accessing the MC Command Center allows players to seamlessly move their Sims up the corporate ladder. There are several layers of modules that offer in-depth options to edit specifics such as time, weather, age, pregnancy and emotions. One of the most useful features is the ability to send home pesky visitors who can’t seem to take a hint.

7. UI Extensions Cheat Mod

Sometimes attending to the needs of Sims can be bothersome, especially when they are knee-deep in building a rocket or getting married. With the UI Extensions Cheats, created by the modder weerbesu, a Sim’s problems can be resolved with the click of a button. Is your Sim not hungry when the family is eating dinner? Increase their desire to eat by clicking on the hunger bar. Relationship levels, school grades and household funds can be adjusted with exceptional ease. Although this mod frequently requires updates, the possibilities it offers are endless!

The Sims 4 updates their game frequently, which complicates the files of several mods. To avoid mods breaking your game in the update process, modders suggest that players remove their mods folder and return it after the update is finished. Mod creators will typically notify their subscribers about mod updates and patch notes on their Patreon and Discord servers.

If any of these features sound interesting, stop by these wonderful creators’ pages and download their mods! Those who are beginning to lose interest in The Sims 4 can bring excitement into their gameplay once again thanks to mods that allow players to easily control their game and enable them to commit devious crimes as their Sims.

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