YouTuber Mixed Media Girl in an article about crafts videos
YouTubers like Mixed Media Girl create instructional videos to help their audience express themselves through art. (Image via Instagram)
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YouTuber Mixed Media Girl in an article about crafts videos

These creators will guide you through everything from junk journaling to the art of the 3D pen.

Anyone with basic knowledge of YouTube will be able to find crafts videos in under a minute. DIY hacks and so-called “easy” crafts videos are all over the place. Their videos guide you through their creative journey in different ways — through time-lapse, before and after videos or even by detailing their artistic experiments.

There are challenge videos and how-to videos for anything you could think to make, and all of that is amazing in itself. But sometimes, you just want to watch such videos to see some beautiful art in the making. However, there are some arts and crafts channels out there whose crafts videos are fun to watch because they add something special into their work. And so, here is a list of some of these artists whom you definitely will want to check out.

1. Paper Outpost

This YouTube creator takes junk journaling to whole new levels. For those who don’t know what a junk journal is, it’s a kind of crafting notebook where you can stick odds and ends made of paper. These bits and pieces can be photos, random drawings from your childhood, candy wrappers, lace and so much more — really, anything that is thin enough to fit between the spaces of the book pages.

And this channel is full of junk journal creativity. From teaching how to make your own junk journal to inspiring different paper crafts, the videos show how each creative masterpiece is created. Pam — the lovely person behind the videos — does a lot of crafting that those new to the craft world may not fully understand how to do. But that makes watching the videos all the more fun. Pam is friendly and slowly demonstrates how she creates her junk journals. She shows how to repurpose old books to make artistic wonders and makes pretty journals from scratch. Even if you are there just to see how it’s made, you can certainly pick up some crafting ideas to try out when you are bored.

Check out the Paper Outpost and the world of junk journaling here.


The 3D pen is an art tool that can literally allow you to draw in air. It’s a new form of art that connects to your senses in a whole new way. Playing around with a 3D pen seems really fun, and Sanago, the man behind this channel, shows his viewers just how much of a pro he is at this entertaining art form. In each video, he makes something out of his 3D pen, showcasing his expertise by teaching his viewers how to make each piece. It feels like he is teaching something as simple as drawing a circle on paper, but it is far from that. The funny statements he throws in while he narrates each step is made even more amusing by his dull tone of voice. Sometimes, the humor is elevated by the presence of his cat, Nago, who tries to get in his way as much as possible.

The pieces he makes are even more interesting. Drawing inspiration from pop culture and movies, he makes swords from video games and dolls of various fictional characters. Since he is Korean, he also makes art pieces showcasing his country’s culture — such as his replica of the Korean Declaration of Independence. His videos are in Korean, but he provides captions in English for his foreign viewers. He is also considerate enough to explain what he is making to his foreign viewers, especially if it is something from Korean culture that they may be unfamiliar with.

To check out 3D Sanago, follow this link here.

3. Mixed Media Girl

Looking at fluid art videos can be quite mesmerizing, especially the way the paint is delicately poured over the canvas and moved around to create designs you would never imagine at the beginning of the video. Mixed Media Girl is a channel that dabbles in acrylic pouring — a type of fluid art and resin painting, a glossier version of acrylic pouring. Unlike many other fluid art channels, she experiments a lot. She tries out different types of acrylic pour techniques, from more widespread ones like pulling chains or plain pouring and spinning to using Slinkys and devices she creates herself using finished toilet paper rolls with wooden skewers stuck through the thin cardboard.

You can also watch her paint vases and tumblers using beautiful resin painting techniques. Check out Mixed Media Girl’s channel here.

4. Peter Draws

The first thing that comes to mind when you mention Peter Draws’ channel is his soothing voice. When you watch some of his older videos, he simply draws with a voice-over of what he is thinking about, giving tips on drawing or real-life advice — kind of like a modern Bob Ross. He has expanded his crafts videos over the years to include experimenting with different art mediums, like wood burning or tattoo art. But it is still soothing to just sit down and listen to him talk about art. If you ever need to sit back and relax, maybe put on one of his videos to get into that relaxing space, or go look at some of his drawing videos if you have run out of Bob Ross videos to watch.

You can find Peter’s channel here.

5. Watercolor by Shibasaki

Watercolor by Shibasaki is a painting channel that focuses on watercolor paints. It is run by a sweet old Japanese man who teaches his viewers how to paint using watercolors in a way he hopes is easy. His videos’ voice-overs are in Japanese, but he provides instructions on changing the closed caption settings below his videos. Most of his thumbnails feature him smiling while holding the finished art he made in that video. And like Peter Draws, his voice is very calm and relaxing. He has even expanded his channel to include some cute videos titled “Grandpa’s Cooking,” some of them featuring his grandkids. It’s an overall very wholesome channel with videos you can watch just to relax or to learn how to paint. Or you could delve into the world of Japanese food with his cooking videos.

Check out Shibasaki and his wonderful world of watercolors here.

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