A few tools used in crafting
Crafting is all about thinking outside of the box. (Image via Pixabay)

7 Out-of-the-Ordinary Tools To Spice Up Your Crafting

Here’s how to use everyday items to fulfill your creative impulses — because even the most mundane household objects can be used to create something extraordinary.

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A few tools used in crafting
Crafting is all about thinking outside of the box. (Image via Pixabay)

Here’s how to use everyday items to fulfill your creative impulses — because even the most mundane household objects can be used to create something extraordinary.

Crafting is a popular and simple hobby. The range of activities that fall under the singular word is vast. Crafting can be done by those who know nothing about the depth of subjects it can cover and still be enjoyed to its fullest. It can also be carried beyond simple hobby activities to create beautiful pieces of art.

However, as one delves further into the world of crafting, one is met with a wide variety of tools, such as, intricate block prints made of wood or plastic, or machines that cut paper way more neatly than anyone’s steady hands could. At first, it may seem a little overwhelming. But there are many alternatives that one can find in their everyday lives that can replace these complicated tools and perhaps make crafting even more fun. And so, here is a list of 7 tools that will inspire your creative crafting to go to new levels.

1. Rolling Pins

When one says rolling pins, the first thought that comes to mind is the kitchen. Images of the cylindrical utensil flattening dough run through the brain. What those new to the world of crafting don’t know is that rolling pins can be repurposed to help make all sorts of crafting wonders.

One of the more beautiful transformations rolling pins make is becoming cylindrical embossers. Embossing in the world of crafting means to create raised or carved designs on any surface, like carvings in wood or imprinted designs on cookies. There are many ways to emboss — using heat, machines, blocks — and many more mediums to emboss on. One can emboss on paper, wood, fabric, baked goods and even on fondant.

Embossing rolling pins have pre-designed images and patterns made on it. You can find silicon or plastic embossing pins on amazon.com or custom wood embossing pins of greater variety on the great crafting website etsy.com.

A regular rolling pin can also be used with an embossing folder, which usually uses a machine to imprint designs onto paper.

2. Cookie Cutters

Cookie cutters are most known for cutting through soft cookie dough. Their wide range of fun shapes gives the phrase “playing with food” a more positive connotation. But that is not all cookie cutters are good at.

Because there are so many cookie cutter designs to choose from, they can be used as molds in other forms of crafting. One can make gingerbread shaped candles or pour a liquid medium into it, which will later harden to form a stamp. Using cookie cutters as molds to create other art tools is an interesting way to expand one’s baking interests, isn’t it?

3. Cloth Iron

Heat needed for some crafting activities can come from simple household items like an iron. When used on the lowest setting it can be held over a piece of knitted cloth to slowly flatten it out, like in this video here.

Irons can also be used to flatten out surfaces in paper crafts and other crafts that involve fabrics. The crafting world has also created a mini craft iron with heat settings low enough for these activities.

Check This Out! Mini Craft Iron

4. Food Coloring

It is probably no surprise that food coloring is on this list. It is an excellent item to bring color to your crafting, especially when working with an all-time favorite material: dry pasta.

Food coloring can also be used as an alternative dye to dye fabric or to paint glass and make different patterns on a frosted mason jar.

5. Nail Polish

Like food coloring, nail polish is a unique way to bring color to your crafting. Nail polish has a wide range of colors and textures that give a glow up to any surface they touch. Nail polish used in nail art is just another type of crafting if you think about it. But this nail art doesn’t have to be limited to the tips of our fingers. The fun glittery colors of nail polish can paint across small surfaces to make DIY necklaces and earrings with unique colors and designs.

Clear nail polish also provides a protective layer in a different sense than on one’s painted nails. It can be applied to the end of a thread of make sure it doesn’t fray and loosen up a DIY bracelet or necklace. It can also be applied over dried acrylic paint to give parts of the painting a glossy look. So next time you can’t get your hands on some paint, just reach for a bottle of nail polish.

6. Dried Fruit Peels

Next time you eat an orange or lime, remember to save the peels for a crafting adventure. When the peels dry up, they can create unique prints that will make pretty designs when stamped on paper.

Just remember to have some ink nearby. Or maybe some food coloring. But you don’t have to wait till they are dry. Fresh orange slices (with the peel intact) can also be a cool stamp to use. Why buy stamps from the store when you can make one at home?

7. Dental floss

Dental floss is certainly a versatile item. The thin, strong string is a gift from above in the world of crafting. It can be used to make jewelry, garlands and the like. The string is also capable of cutting through soft solids, so maybe use it to shape your next DIY candle.

Dental floss can also be used to spice up a painting as well. You can find ways to paint with dental floss here.

Whether you are looking for a creative way to relieve boredom or just want to boost your crafting game, this list is a great place to start your journey. Most of these items can be found after a quick stop to different parts of your home, be it the kitchen or bathroom. Crafting is never far away when you get creative enough to find it.

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