Chloe Ting: Abs in Two Weeks?

Who is Chloe Ting? In the fitness community, tensions have been on the rise, particularly in the aftermath of the emergence of Chloe Ting, a creator of at-home workout content.…
August 30, 2023
In an article about Youtube, a hand holds up a phone displaying the Youtube logo.

Is YouTube Dying?

What exactly can YouTube do to address the complaints lodged against it?…
December 26, 2022
In an article about 'Hazbin Hotel,' four demons grin against a red backkground

‘Hazbin Hotel’ Is Worth the Wait

Though 3 years have passed since the pilot episode dropped, fans continue to anticipate the release of the series — and for good reason.…
November 7, 2022
illustration of a deep dive YouTube video

Deep Dive Content Is Dominating YouTube

Starting off with short clips, the platform shifted toward lengthier videos — some multiple hours long — that aim to provide all the information on a topic.…
April 13, 2022
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