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What trends will define 2021?

What Fashion, Music, Technology and Lifestyle Trends Will 2021 Bring?

With 2020 behind us, what music, fashion, lifestyle, and technology trends and fads can we can look forward to in 2021?
January 20, 2021
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Every year, experts in different fields make guesses on what the hottest trends will be for the new year. In 2016, dance moves like the Dab and the Whip became very popular for young people. The year 2017 gave us the addicting fidget-spinners, while 2018 gave us a reimagined version of the ‘90s. 2019 will always have a warm place in our hearts because it was the last time many attended a large public gathering without the fear of contracting a deadly virus. With the horrors of 2020 behind us, what trends and fads can we can look forward to in 2021?

2021 Fashion Predictions — the return of the 2000s and lots of pastels and sweatshirts

As school and work shifted home, the need to look presentable disappeared. For much of 2020, many people traded dress pants for sweatpants and button-down shirts for sweatshirts. Experts predict that the comfy clothes worn by many of us during 2020 may very well influence designer brands to explore loungewear and focus on coming up with comfortable designs. Some stores have gotten a head start on this trend and now sell matching crewnecks and joggers, often known as loungewear sets.

In 2018, popular styles from the ‘90s made a comeback, and trend watchers are expecting the same thing to happen with the 2000s. The era was dominated by low-waist jeans and cropped shirts. Some of the fashion industry’s biggest names like Kendal Jenner have already ushered in the comeback of the 2000s by pairing their outfits with tiny black sunglasses and cute shoulder handbags. Juicy Couture’s popular velour tracksuits are predicted to become trendy once again. The tracksuits became popular in the 2000s because they were worn by pop culture icons like Paris Hilton and Britney Spears.

Pastels are expected to play a major role in the fashion industry’s color scheme for most of 2021. Light hues like lavender and baby pink have already hit the market in 2020 and will most likely continue to do the same this year. Pastels became fashionable because these colors can complement every skin tone. Pastel-heavy clothing lines would be suitable for a wide variety of people and lead to higher profits.

2021 technology will be a mix of old and new: self-driving cars and flip-phones

The 2000s are not just influencing fashion but have also managed to maintain its grip on the cellphone industry. That’s right, you guessed it: Flip-phones are expected to hit the cellphone market once again but with a smartphone twist. Samsung is planning to release the Galaxy Z Flip 3. The foldable phone is completely touchscreen, unlike the ones from the 2000s, and features a touchscreen on the front cover. The phone has three cameras and is priced at around $1,300. Another company that is also selling smart flip-phones is Motorola with its new 5G compatible Razr. The phone is similar to the Galaxy Z Flip with two touch screens; however, it is slightly cheaper at $1,199. Apple is also rumored to release a “flip iPhone” for the next generation in this series, but nothing has been confirmed.

Another huge trend that could become very popular in 2021 is self-driving cars. Tesla has already developed technology for all their models to have autopilot mode, and other companies are following in their footsteps. Apple is planning to partner up with Hyundai and enter the automobile industry this year, and a self-driving prototype might be available by 2022.

Digitally connected record players, ’80s tunes and virtual concerts — 2021 Music

The 2000s aren’t the only years that have the potential to make a comeback in 2021. Music in 2021 will most likely draw influences from the 1980s and the artists associated with the decade. Techno beats and electric guitars will dominate many pop songs on the radio and the charts. The Weeknd and Dua Lipa have both released albums and singles in 2020 with strong ‘80s influences, and their success will most likely encourage other artists to follow the same path.

Record players are also becoming popular among young people. One particular brand of record players that has become popular is the Victrola Vintage 3-Speed Bluetooth Turntable. This particular record player is a cheaper alternative for people who have just started collecting records. They provide adequate sound quality, and newer collectors can easily play vinyl from their favorite modern artists. The Bluetooth turntable also allows you to connect your phone to it and play music through its speakers. Although record players are very easy to collect, they are quite hard to maintain and clean.

Virtual music experiences are transforming the concert industry during this era of social distancing. Any artist that planned to host a tour for 2020 or 2021 has already canceled or postponed their concerts for the foreseeable future. With disappointed fans across the world, many artists have decided to host virtual concert events. Former One Direction member Liam Payne hosted virtual concerts, known as the “LP Show,” over the past six months. His virtual experiences have been so successful that he has done it four different times. Such experiences allow artists to connect with their fans in a safe and hygienic way. There is no doubt that such events will be frequent in 2021 with other singers hosting similar concerts.           

Plant-based diets for a more livable future, multifunctional furniture for a more convenient today

2021 is sure to bring many changes to the lifestyles of millions of Americans. One trend that has become increasingly popular is multifunctional furniture, which is furniture that serves more than one purpose. Some people have beds that easily convert into a desk or a sofa with lots of storage underneath. Such furniture is widely used by people renting tiny apartments in big cities who literally need to make use of every square inch. Not only is it practical, but it can easily fit into one’s aesthetic and serve as feature pieces in a room.

Plant-based foods are expected to continue to rise in popularity. In 2020, more people switched to vegan or vegetarian diets to improve health and overall fitness, a trend that will likely continue. In addition to health benefits, plant-based foods are also the last resort to save the environment. Cattle grazing is a major contributor to global warming due to the amount of methane produced by the animals. It is also more efficient to eat plants and insects because they have more energy than red meat. Transitioning to this diet may be difficult. Experts recommend cutting down meat consumption to just a few days in the beginning and substituting beans for meat. If a significant portion of the population adopts a complete or even partial plant-based diet, it will reduce the effects of global warming, helping to create a livable future for years to come after 2021.

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