The job market could look a lot different. (Photo by Eduardo Alexandre on Unsplash)

4 Crucial Job Skills for the Post-Pandemic World

Have you ever wondered what the job market or workplace would be like in a post-COVID-19 world?

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The job market could look a lot different. (Photo by Eduardo Alexandre on Unsplash)

Have you ever wondered what the job market or workplace would be like in a post-COVID-19 world?

The pandemic has indeed tested our abilities to deal with change in every possible way. In less than a year, the world of work has transformed tremendously. Business processes went through a sea of changes, just like our everyday lives. The new reality, however, demands a change in skills, as well as mindsets. Soon, the COVID-19 era will be behind us, and recruiters, businesses and companies will start their search for qualified candidates to employ. This then means that certain job skills will be in demand. Here are 4 crucial job skills that will help you stand out and keep in demand.

Soft Skills

Businesses traditionally hire employees based on “hard” skills, which consist of expertise in a profession, trade or craft. The widely accepted evidence for having a hard skill is certification, like a university degree. Soft skills, on the other hand, pertain to social and interpersonal effectiveness. They are harder to prove but more applicable. Soft skills are how you work and relate with others — in other words, “people skills.” Since the crisis started, soft skills are looking to be the most attractive employee attribute. If you want to rise to the top in your field, you need the right skills for this new reality — whether you’re fresh out of school or already have a job. To present yourself as the best candidate for steady employment, creativity, critical thinking and communication are essential.

1. Adaptability

Welcome to a new era of cross-functionality. The post-pandemic economy requires that professionals be skilled in multiple areas. With a large part of the workforce working from home, companies no longer want super-specialized roles. Workers in support functions will need to be skilled in customer-facing roles, along with their regular roles. Professionals from a range of disciplines will have to gain the skills to enhance individuals and communities’ well-being. Adaptability can be learned, just like other soft skills.

2. Digital Marketing

With social distancing a thing now, having a digital presence quickly went from an option to being a necessity. Due to the pandemic, there are lots of new entrants in the digital space. The digital transformation of companies got a massive boost due to COVID-19; therefore, people with digital skills will become more important than at present. Professionals that can keep a digital business thriving during an economic downturn will be on a special must-hire list. Basically, most companies are digital-based, so there are countless opportunities to put digital skills to work.

3. Leadership

Another change in a world heavily augmented by technology and where working from home might continue for a while is that many people will need to be led and inspired. The gig economy will only grow post-pandemic, and people will work in fluent teams where someone will need to take the lead at different times. Professionals with strong leadership abilities and the skills to support and connect with people in unique and far-reaching ways will be in huge demand. You can obtain a masters level education in counselling to gain these skills entirely online.

4. Emotional Intelligence

Closely related to the leadership skill is another that’s even more crucial in challenging and uncertain times. The ability to express, control and be aware of our emotions and others’ emotions is what it’s all about. Individuals with high EQ that can connect with others on an emotional level, at moments when they feel uncertain about their jobs, will be coveted by different organizations in different industries.

Wrapping it up

Here are just 4 of the crucial job skills you need to make the post-COVID-19 era easy for your work life. The future of emerging jobs affects everyone, both those looking for jobs and those that have their jobs. However, getting these skills will skyrocket your chances, put you in the best position to leverage amazing work opportunities or even increase your income.

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