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‘Hazbin Hotel’ Is Worth the Wait

Though 3 years have passed since the pilot episode dropped, fans continue to anticipate the release of the series — and for good reason.
November 7, 2022
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An upcoming animated show that takes place in hell … need I say more? “Hazbin Hotel,” created by Vivziepop, aired its pilot episode in 2019. Its popularity was alarming, surprising its creator as well as the entertainment company responsible for its production: A24. To ensure that her adult show received proper TLC, Vivziepop decided to collaborate with the film and TV giant. But with Vivziepop and A24’s recent silence, many fans have been left to wonder when the next episode will be released. Thanks to its crude humor and upbeat songs, the show will certainly make an impression for people who want something different, and it could very well be worth the long wait.

What’s the Show About?

“Hazbin Hotel” follows Lucifer’s daughter, Charlie Magne, as she works to solve the overpopulation issue in hell. Since it is always overflowing with people, angels from heaven come down to do an annual cleanse, which involves killing. Charlie decides that there must be a better way to control the population rise; this is where the hotel comes in. The hotel’s main purpose is to bring in occupants of hell and give them a shot at redemption. However, very few people believe that the method will work, and Charlie becomes the laughingstock of hell, as no one has ever heard of a soul being saved and sent to heaven.

The Main Characters

Charlie is the daughter of Lucifer and Lilith, the rulers of the seven rings of hell, making her the princess of the underworld and one of the few people born there. She runs the hotel and firmly believes that the creatures of hell can be redeemed. Because her father is the ruler of hell, Charlie has pyrokinesis and demonic magic. Though it’s unclear whether she will use her abilities in “Hazbin Hotel,” fans anticipate an exciting demonstration of her powers in the future.

Vagatha, or Vaggie, is Charlie’s girlfriend and the manager of the hotel. While she believes in her girlfriend, she wonders if demons can truly be redeemed. However, regardless of her personal feelings on the matter, Vaggie defends Charlie while other demons question and mock the idea. Many fans speculate that Vaggie died in 2014 and was abused by a man, explaining her distaste for the male characters of the show. As these rumors have not been confirmed, fans continue to wonder what her origin story may be.

Anthony, better known by his stage name: Angel Dust, is currently the only occupant of Hazbin Hotel. His nickname comes from the drug PCP — he died from an overdose in 1947. It’s obvious he is using both Charlie and Vaggie for a free room in the hotel, as he succumbs to his drug habits immediately and continues to work as a porn star. He also has a rather dark and abusive relationship his dealer, Valentino, a demon pimp who uses Angel Dust for profit and refuses to let him go. Angel Dust’s only hope for redemption is to stop abusing drugs and using his body as an object for quick cash. Following the release of his song that details his struggles, fans cannot help but feel sorry for the character.

Alastor, also known as the Radio Demon, decides to join Charlie as well, but for all the wrong reasons. He admits outright that redemption is a ridiculous thought and cannot be achieved. The only reasons Alastor wishes to linger in the hotel are for his own enjoyment and to watch those around him suffer. As for his background and the origins of his nickname, Alastor was a radio host and serial killer who was shot and killed by a hunter in 1933 while burying one of his victims. For currently unknown reasons, Alastor is one of the more powerful demons in hell, but his bubbly personality and killer instincts make him a fan favorite.

Where “Hazbin Hotel” Takes Place

While it’s clear that the show takes place entirely in hell, the setting is divided into seven rings, each one stands for one of the seven deadly sins: pride, wrath, lust, envy, sloth, greed and gluttony. Every ring has a leader who answers to Lucifer. The “Happy Hotel,” as Charlie calls it, is located in the Pride Ring, specifically Pentagram City. Alastor renames the hotel at the end of the episode to “Hazbin.” Before he joined the group, the hotel itself was run down and lacked any signs of life, but he uses his demonic magic to bring life, cleanliness and staff to the hotel.

Fans have been left to speculate when A24 will release the show, and many have decided on a possible release date of December 2022 or early 2023. Despite the very first episode only being 30 minutes long, it has over 40 million views and exceptional ratings. If people still wonder if this is the show for them, why not check out the pilot episode and the other shows the creator has produced? But be warned — this show is not for the faint of heart. So go check out “Hazbin Hotel” on YouTube, where its high-quality animation and voice acting are free to watch at any given time.

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