“I actually think [Achieve M.O.O.R.E] have a really strong presence... There’s always room for improvement though. Things can always be bigger and better.” (Image via Jaylen Jones)

Morehouse College’s Jaylen Jones Is Helping the Community Achieve M.O.O.R.E.

Jaylen Jones, a Morehouse College sophomore, is giving back to his community with his ascension organization Achieve M.O.O.R.E.
April 1, 2018
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Meet Jaylen Jones, co-founder of the community ascension organization Achieve M.O.O.R.E.

A sophomore at Morehouse College, Jones is a driven individual who enjoys giving back to the community and helping those around him be the best version of themselves.

Taylor Miller: Finishing up at FHS, what were some factors influencing your college search?  Why did you choose to go to Morehouse?  

Jaylen Jones: I knew I wanted to go away to school. I wanted that college experience of being on my own and having to figure stuff out for myself. I had some schools in mind, but the HBCU (Historically Black Colleges and Universities) environment and the reputation of Morehouse just made the decision easy. That’s where I felt I would have the most personal growth.

TM: What is your major? What do you want to do with your degree when you graduate?

JJ: I am a business major, so I have a pretty broad field of options. But, I want to find a couple of different internships and stuff like that to build my resume while I’m still an undergrad.  Hopefully I will get a better idea of what I want to do by the time I graduate.

TM: Tell me a little about the organization you co-founded. What factors led you to take action?

JJ: Achieve M.O.O.R.E. is a community ascension organization, which basically means it strives to uplift. Our goal is to uplift all aspects of the community opposed to service, which is normally linked with a specific social problem.

The M.O.O.R.E. in Achieve M.O.O.R.E. is an acronym; it stands for being Modest, Open-Minded, Optimistic, Resilient and Exemplary. Our colors are black, which represents dominance, white, which represents inclusivity, and gold for prosperity. Our main goal is to better the community around us because we have too much black talent and black excellence not to give back and help out our surrounding community knowing the hardships they face.

TM: What are some of the main goals of Achieve M.O.O.R.E.?

JJ: Our main three focuses are altruism, philanthropy and camaraderie. The HBCU as a group and all of the individual campuses are like one big family, so camaraderie is the biggest one. We want people to feel like they’re a part of something bigger than them and that they are influential to our school, community and to themselves.

TM: How much time do you dedicate to Achieve M.O.O.R.E.?

JJ: Well, I am the Treasurer for the organization, so I am pretty involved and I have to devote a lot of time to it. Sometimes it conflicts with my class workload, but I enjoy doing it, so it’s not that bad.

TM: I’m sure you have a hefty course load. How do you balance academics along with being an active member of the organization?

JJ: I’m a sophomore now, so I’m starting to take more classes in my major and less general education classes. Things get a little hectic sometimes, but my schoolwork always comes first. I feel like you can do anything you want if you just manage your time correctly, and that’s what I’m figuring out how to do now.

TM: Where do you see this organization going by the time you graduate? What do you see happening to it when you are no longer a student at Morehouse?

JJ: Of course I see it getting bigger and bigger. But when my four years are up, I want to be sure I left my mark. I want this organization to be a household name in our community. I want people to hear about it and immediately think of the hardworking young men here at Morehouse.

TM: How is this organization received on campus? Do you feel you have a strong presence, or do you wish it could be a little different?

JJ: I actually think we have a really strong presence. We have a lot of members and supporters including some of the faculty. There’s always room for improvement though. Things can always be bigger and better.

TM: Aside from your organization, what other things are you involved in on/off campus?

JJ: I’m the Co-Director of Student Engagement for the Morehouse College Student Government Association and the Clark Atlanta University Liaison for the Morehouse Business Association. Also, I am in the beginning phases of trying to start a program at my high school that gets information to the current juniors and seniors about HBCU’s and all they have to offer.

TM: What are your plans after graduation? What are your future plans for your career and personal life?

JJ: I am only a sophomore, so I’m still trying to enjoy the last few years of college. But I think I want to start looking at grad schools sometime next year and see if that’s something I want to do. I plan on getting a job in the business field or possibly starting my own business. But I still have some time to figure it all out.

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