Jaclyn Hill rose to YouTube fame quickly, and her beauty videos are loved by many (Illustration by Kira Widjaja, Rhode Island School of Design)
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Jaclyn Hill rose to YouTube fame quickly, and her beauty videos are loved by many (Illustration by Kira Widjaja, Rhode Island School of Design)

There’s more to Hill than first meets the smoky eye.

If you are an avid YouTube fan, especially of the makeup variety, then you’ve probably heard of Jaclyn Hill. With over 5 million subscribers, the beauty guru has climbed her way up the social ladder since her channel’s debut in 2011.

As with every YouTuber, the 27-year-old makeup artist has experienced many changes since the first time she sat down in front of a cheap camera and decided to film a video that millions of people would end up watching. Despite the fame and success, Hill isn’t a money-hungry starlet who focusing only on the number of views her content receives, as many of the talentless faces that appear on YouTube every other day.

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The Illinois native instead focuses on delivering quality subject matter each time she uploads and since establishing her channel has collaborated with multiple makeup brands to expand her platform.

Here are five reasons why Hill stands for more than what meets the smoky eye, even if you’re not a fan of a glowing highlight and beat face.

1. Her constant gratitude towards family, friends and fans.

After watching Hill’s videos for over a year and following her on multiple social media platforms, I feel like I know her family — her nieces, brother, sister and dogs — on a personal level. Never forgetting her roots, she is constantly acknowledging those who have supported her from the beginning. Often, YouTubers disregard the fact that without their support system and subscribers, they would have never been given the opportunities granted to them. Hill gives equal weight to both, as can be seen in her videos.

You can’t help but smile at the heartwarming videos of Hill showing off her adorable nieces and the time she cherishes with each one. I’m sure if she had all the time in the world, she would thank each and every one of her subscribers personally for their overwhelming encouragement throughout her journey both on YouTube and in the makeup industry.

In 2016, Hill released her first ever collaboration with “Becca Cosmetics.” “Champagne Pop,” the highlighter that really kicked off the 27-year-old’s career, was a huge success thanks to her millions of fans.

One of the most heartfelt videos uploaded to her channel is the meet and greet she had in New York City at the release of the product. You can’t deny the authenticity of Hill’s happiness as she hugs, dances and comforts those extra emotional fans as one-by-one they take a picture and talk with the star of the show.

Even as a viewer, I felt like it was the happiest day of my life from the genuine smiles and attitudes everyone was putting off that day. Hill never fails to express her gratitude to her fans and make them feel like part of her family.


2. She doesn’t succumb to the haters.

Let’s face it, there are always going to be those trolls who want nothing more than to break down a human being through a computer screen. As long as there are videos on the internet, there will be a thousand people who have something negative to say about the content.

If you’re a long-time viewer of Hill, you will know that she makes it an objective to use the hate thrown her way not only as motivation, but as a reminder that for every hater, there are ten people who think she kicks ass. An all-time favorite Hill-fights-the-haters moment is this gem from Twitter when asked about her botox, which is an aspect of her life people have latched onto and can’t seem to let go:

Yaaaas honey. Way to own those lip injections.

3. She proves that hard work pays off.

Like everyone in their 20s, the Morphe-affiliate worked odd jobs just to make ends meet. She has openly talked about her financial struggles and how she relied heavily on food stamps and money from her parents in order to survive. When she made her very first YouTube video, she was in a very dark place and needed an outlet.

Like many young women, Hill had high hopes for herself and her future and didn’t stop working until she owned a Chanel handbag in every color. Over the years, the makeup artist has released her own eyeshadow palette with Morphe, bought her dream car and impacted millions of lives with her quirky personality and positivity.

She has said time and again that no matter where you are in life, things can always get better. Even while struggling with severe anxiety and depression, Hill does not let her mental illnesses dictate her happiness.

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The quality of her videos also demonstrate how tediously she works to please her viewers. Whether the video is a glam tutorial, product review or life update, Hill never fails to deliver beautiful videography with original content. She is not afraid to let her weirdness shine through and that’s why her viewers continue to love and support her.

4. She doesn’t half-ass her products.

Many makeup artists just see dollar signs when they pair with a prestigious makeup company to release a product. In Hill’s case, she sees the potential to create something amazing with the promise that it will be the absolute best thing she can give to makeup lovers everywhere.

Behind the release of her eyeshadow palette with Morphe was two years of formulating, testing, swatching and re-formulating every single eyeshadow until the end result was nothing short of perfect. Hill has stood up to her fans’ expectations and will continue to do so with the release of her next fabulous makeup product.


5. She just keeps swimming.         

Just like Dory, Hill doesn’t let anything get her down. Despite constant negative speculation on social media, struggles with mental illness and a recent divorce, this fashionista will keep kicking ass as long as she lives.

She encourages all women to never let any trial determine your worth as a person. She uses her YouTube channel not only to share her passion for makeup but also to encourage people everywhere to always follow their dreams, no matter how big or small. Jaclyn Hill is a name that women will remember for being fierce, kind and most of all, true to herself.

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