The new family superhero movie picks up right where it left off 14 years ago. (Image via CNN Money).
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The new family superhero movie picks up right where it left off 14 years ago. (Image via CNN Money).

Honey, where is my ticket to ‘Incredibles 2’?

Over the weekend, Disney and Pixar teamed up to break the box office records for best animated film opening of all time and for a PG-rated film with the new movie, “Incredibles 2.” It is estimated that the sequel, which premiered 14 years after the original “Incredibles,” made $180 million this weekend.

“Incredibles 2” beat the old record for biggest animated film opening by a whole $45 million. The old record holder, “Finding Dory,” claimed $135 million during its opening weekend. Along with being the biggest animated film opener, the highly anticipated family film was also the third largest opener of the year, close behind “Avengers: Infinity War,” which earned $257.7 million and “Black Panther,” with $202 million. 

Therefore, if you count the sequel “Deadpool 2,” which raked in $125.5 million, as fourth in box office sales, then the top four domestic debuts in 2018 have all involved superheroes.

The monetary success of “Incredibles 2” is even more impressive when accounting for the volume of children seeing the movie. Lower ticket prices for children can contribute to making it difficult for movies geared toward younger audiences to reach box office records. Disney has estimated that 26 percent of the audience members stepping out to see the new superhero movie were aged 11 years or younger.

Given the fact that it has been almost two decades since the original animated blockbuster debuted, “Incredibles 2” is not just another kid’s movie, but a movie that many fans of all ages have been waiting for.

Because of the unusually large time frame, the film’s creators have the unique opportunity to expand their reach across generations. Many millennials who grew up loving the “Incredibles” rushed to the theater to fulfill some nostalgia, alongside the younger generations who are simply excited for the latest superhero movie. 

Make no mistake, fans of “Incredibles 2” are going to great lengths to show their support. Twitter has been ablaze with tweets and discussions about the movie, with celebrities chiming in, and theater-goers are demonstrating enthusiasm by dressing up as Frozone and other characters. 

Of course, there have also been some Twitter disputes as to whom the movie is really for. Some older viewers have gotten caught up in reminiscence, arguing that the long-awaited sequel is for the millennials, while others argue that it is unfair to exclude the younger generation just because they weren’t alive when the original “Incredibles” premiered.

Nevertheless, the impressive new hit is for anyone who’d like to enjoy it. Reviews from critics and fans alike rave that it definitely lives up to the hype, and was maybe even more worth the wait because it starts right back up where the first movie stopped, giving it a quality of timelessness. 

In the current political and social climate, where the news is so often filled with tragedy and fear, a family-friendly distraction is always welcome. So, whether you are 90, 19 or 9, get your Frozone costume ready.

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