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10 Amazing and Successful Female YouTubers

If you need a break from all the YouTube drama, check out these incredible channels.
July 3, 2019
9 mins read

YouTube is a unique place that offers a space for people to create a career out of making videos and entertaining their audience. Since its debut in 2007, YouTube has grown to become one of the biggest companies in the world with millions of creators earning a living through the platform. But with so many different personalities, there is bound to be drama, which often gives YouTubers, particularly female YouTubers, a bad name.

Just this year, two major female beauty influencers, Tati and Jacklyn Hill, came under fire by the YouTube influencer community. But just because there is some drama within the community, there are still plenty of female YouTubers that make absolutely great content and are extremely successful, all while remaining drama-free.

1. Thataylaa

One makeup influencer that isn’t afraid to give honest reviews and steers clear of the drama is Thataylaa, who has amassed a following of over 700,000 viewers on her channel.

While her videos feel very relaxed and casual, almost like a one-on-one conversation, the best thing about her channel is how open she is about her struggle with acne.

She isn’t afraid to let her audience see her barefaced and is out there to help others find solutions that work. She uses her platform to be an inspiration to many young men and women who struggle with their own self-confidence because of their acne.

2. HeyParis

HeyParis might not be as big as some of the others on this list, but she’s still made quite a name for herself. Between story times, beauty videos, reviews and even vlogs, she has some content for everyone. Not to mention, her bright and sassy personality helps keep every video feeling fresh and entertaining.

With over 600,000 subscribers, she’s been slowly growing her audience over the past few years. Now, while she’s preparing to marry her fiancé, Cameron, her popularity is reaching beyond just the YouTube community with her recent appearance on “Say Yes to the Dress.”

3. Safiya Nygaard

A long way from her early days at Buzzfeed, Safiya Nygaard has launched her own path and become a very successful YouTube personality. After leaving to focus on her own channel with her now-fiancé, Tyler, she’s gained over 8 million subscribers.

All of her videos are really unique, with a lot of time and effort put into each one. It’s clear she really takes the time to put out the best content she possibly can, even if that means slightly slower uploads.

 4. Simplynailogical

Simplynailogical began her YouTuber career by posting silent nail art videos but has blossomed into one of the loudest and most unique personalities on the platform. Her videos are always new and creative — not to mention filled with laughs.

But just because she makes humorous content doesn’t mean she can’t set a good example. She and her boyfriend, Ben, often take time to talk about important issues on the platform and try to be good role models for their young and impressionable audience.

In fact, for two years in a row, Cristine has made videos trying bad school hacks and using the money to help fund a student’s college. It’s no surprise she’s gained over 7 million subscribers.

5. Threadbanger

While they might be a duo, that doesn’t mean that Corine — one half of Threadbanger — hasn’t made a name for herself. Her personal channel has over 1 million subscribers on its own.

Known for her humorous style of DIY and cooking videos, she always manages to find something interesting to show her fans. Not to mention, she has taken the opportunity to speak out about her own mental health issues to help inspire her viewers.

6. Amandarachlee

Bullet journaling content has definitely grown in popularity on YouTube recently, and Amandarachlee runs one of its most prominent channels.

Making videos for her almost 1.5 million subscribers, she shares her creativity with the world, talking about her bullet journal and art along with ways to be more productive in everyday life. Her videos are all extremely relaxing, thanks in part to her calm and mellow personality, often coming across less like a YouTuber and more like a friend sharing her thoughts.

7. Rosanna Pansino

Rosanna definitely is a YouTuber with a lot of personality and spunk, not to mention plenty of creativity, which has gained her over 11 million subscribers.

Her series “Nerdy Nummies” is one the most popular baking series on the site, gaining hundreds of thousands of views. Her popularity has helped her start her own line of bakeware and write her own cookbook. She’s also appeared as a character on the YouTube Red show “Escape the Night.” 

8. iHasCupquake 

Breaking the mold and becoming one of the biggest female gamers has given iHasCupquake a lot of success. Her gaming channel has over 6 million subscribers and her personal channel has a little over 1 million. From her bright and bubbly personality to her youthful and fun content, she has managed to carve out a place for herself in a male-dominated genre.

9. Mia Maples

Mia Maples might be one of the youngest female YouTubers on this list but that hasn’t stopped her rise to success. Her charm has won over not just her audience but other influencers — and she’s barely in her twenties.

Maples has even been featured on Tati’s channel, helping to boost her audience. Her content is always fun with videos trying online brands, makeup and clothes. Her down to earth persona has helped her gain over 2 million subscribers.

10. JennaMarbles

It would be difficult to talk about successful female YouTubers without talking about JennaMarbles. Not only is she the longest running female channel, she’s also one of the most subscribed female Youtubers with over 19 million subscribers.

Her videos have changed over the years, but all in all they have remained true to her desire to have a good time with her adorable dogs and her boyfriend, Julien.

She’s so drama-free that she made a whole apology video because she felt like she didn’t take proper care of her fish. Overall, her videos are a fun ride that is guaranteed to bring laughs.

The great thing about YouTube is how it allows its creators to really carve out their own career path. There’s so much creativity and unique content out there, and these female YouTubers are leading the charge. Even though there’s seemingly always some kind of drama, there’s still a lot of women out there dedicated to making something great, and it’s people like them that deserve all the support possible.

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