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The actress, singer and vlogger will make you laugh, cry and sing along.

Gabbie Hanna, an American internet personality, is flooding computers and smart televisions worldwide with her sensational YouTube videos. Hanna is best-known for her YouTube challenges, lifestyle videos and original music.

Born and raised in Pennsylvania, Hanna is a graduate of the University of Pittsburgh, where she received degrees in psychology and in communications. The internet personality has expressed her love for her home-state in videos like “I Worked My First Job For A Day,” in which she describes her experience working as a cashier at Pizza Joe’s, a local pizza shop in New Castle, Pennsylvania.

After college, however, Hanna moved to California to focus on her role as a social media and YouTube influencer and to pursue an acting career. In just a few years, she is doing just fine, with over 6.5 million subscribers on YouTube alone. But that doesn’t mean she doesn’t have room for more YouTube subscribers or Twitter followers.

Most millennials and students who spend ridiculous amounts of time engrossed on the Web will venture to YouTube to watch videos of their favorite artists. But then, they stumble across recommended videos that lead them into a whirlwind of YouTube challenges, lifestyle videos and funny vlogs. Well, Hanna offers both. She couples her talent of producing unique music for new and old fans with her ability to express her genuine self and brighten up viewers’ days.

After viewers discover her light-hearted spirit and endearing personality, the hope is that they will feel a connection, relate to her humor or enjoy her music so much so that they return back to her channel for more!

In the description section of her channel, Hanna says that she is “just a girl doing her best and making a fool of herself while she’s at it,” which is part of why she’s become so popular. Her subscribers and fans can relate to the YouTube star, who is known for expressing her raw emotions on camera. In doing so, Hanna proves that she’s just like everybody else: a flawed human, striving to do her best.

Even more so, the female vlogger relates to her subscribers by discussing everyday topics that viewers might care about, such as organizing their closet, clothes, shoes and other items. Hanna recently did a closet haul, entitled “Cleaning Out My Closet For The First Time In 10 Years *shocking*,” during which she found items she didn’t even know she had — some even had tags on them. Now, you might be thinking that the idea of watching someone sift through piles of clothing is odd. Maybe, but this YouTube star’s goofy antics and commentary makes anything interesting!

While most of Hanna’s videos are humorous, others have an emotional backstory. For example, Hanna shared a very personal part of her life with millions of people in her video series on fitness and healthy eating. Although her most poignant video, “My Full Body Transformation! *emotional*,” was shared almost a year ago, it still seems to be a prominent part of Hanna’s life. The video shows her personal trainer helping her get acquainted with ways to improve her lifestyle through cardio and strength training. In the vlog, she also discusses the relapses she has had with her weight.

Despite most media having a negative influence on society’s perception of body image, Hanna fearlessly uses her platform to encourage both men and women to practice body positivity. Although she encourages a healthy lifestyle, the media influencer recognizes that everyone has setbacks and cravings. For example, in her video titled “Getting Every Birthday Freebie Possible,” Hanna eats donuts on her birthday, encouraging subscribers to indulge every once in a while. One slice of cake won’t ruin a week’s worth of hardwork.

Gabbie Hanna is a triple threat — internet personality, singer and don’t forget, actress. In 2016, Hanna made appearances in “Janoskians: Untold and Untrue” and “Laid in America.” In addition, she has produced several songs, including “Honestly,” “Monster” and, more recently, “Medicate.” Not surprisingly, these songs are accompanied by music videos on one of Hanna’s favorite online homes — YouTube. These songs and their passionate music videos have created quite the buzz in the past few years.

To say the least, Hanna is the epitome of the kind of person who everyone wants as a friend. She knows when to crack a joke and when to step back, listen and reflect. She responds in a way that demonstrates she’s engaged, even with her touch of humor. The avenues she has paved for herself can only evolve further.

If you happen to watch one of her videos, keep watching. If you happen to listen to one of her songs, keep listening. Chances are, you or someone you may know is waiting to be inspired by the life story of Gabbie Hanna.


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