trans YouTubers
trans YouTubers

5 Influential Trans YouTubers You Should Be Watching

These YouTubers are making every day transgender day of visibility.

If you are trans, then you might have scoured the internet to find any and all of the information you could possibly find about being the T in LGBTQ+. Ranging from transformation videos, surgery videos and photos, voice updates, how-to-pass guides and so much more, you’ve probably seen it all, no matter which gender you identify as.

With a seemingly endless amount of people who have uploaded videos about their journey, how do you know where to start? You can definitely go ahead and begin your own searching journey, but it’s probably best to start from a list of the most popular and influential trans YouTubers.

Here are five trans YouTubers you should start watching and supporting.

1. Ty Turner — FTM

Having posted a coming-out video in 2013, Ty Turner began his transition not long after that. As someone who transitioned from female to male, starting to take testosterone shots was a huge deal for him, as it is for anyone who is medically transitioning.

With a more traditional YouTuber video style with vlogs and life updates, Turner likes to touch on more than just his personal life and being transgender, which is probably why after a few years he stopped posting “true” transformation update videos.

His earlier videos consisted of many topics about him being trans, such as his process, packers and his body, but there was a slow shift in the type of content he uploaded. Turner does a fantastic job of normalizing transgender individuals by posting general content that anyone can enjoy, while also still talking about his transition every now and then.

2. Riley J. Dennis — MTF

A single scroll on Riley J. Dennis’ channel will tell you much about how they politically identify, which isn’t a bad thing. Rather than focusing on being transgender, Dennis loves more than just how she identifies. She is keen on politically being in the know, and her channel does not shy away from that one bit.


Dennis is aware of and passionate about social issues on LGBTQ+ importance with the current office, women’s rights, voting rights, the Black Lives Matter movement, DACA, bathroom laws and so much more. Her channel is without a doubt highly educational for those who might not understand certain issues that minorities face.

Having transitioned from male to female, it was very important for Dennis to acknowledge the standing problems for women and minorities, and she does a great job at discussing these issues as a transgender female. Also, like Tuner, Dennis doesn’t always focus on topics about being trans, but she does have videos about her journey sprinkled throughout her channel.

3. Ryan Jacobs Flores — FTM

If standard vlogging channels are not your thing, don’t fret. Ryan Jacobs Flores’ channel is all about transitioning from female to male. Kicking off his channel with a coming out video in 2014, Jacobs has taken viewers on his transitioning journey through and through. His earlier content consisted of answering questions about passing, top and bottom surgeries, testosterone effects and the usual body and voice update.

One of his most popular videos, though, is his one-year comparison video. With over 3 million views, the heartwarmingly emotional video captures Jacobs’ early process into transitioning. While displaying a montage by monthly updates, Jacobs discusses the encounters and changes he has been going through. He also talks about how much of a bad place he was in before transitioning compared to his first year on testosterone. The beauty of it all is that you can clearly see a brighter, more confident soul as the video goes on.

Since that upload in 2016, Jacobs has slowly uploaded more videos to his channel and the growth is even more prominent as he has continued to be on hormones. His video content still primarily focuses on answering questions about transitioning as well as discussing his bodily changes over three years.

4. Caroland — MTF

Big on health, fitness, beauty and trans topics, Caroland, otherwise known as Carolina Gutierrez, started documenting her transition in 2014. As a male to female individual, like Dennis, Gutierrez is very big on discussing trans issues.

A bilingual channel for English and Spanish speakers alike, she has openly talked about transgender female statistics like the unjust violence that many trans women unfortunately face every day that often leads to suicide or death. She is a major advocate for a change of attitude toward trans women, and she has also discussed the personal struggles she has faced because of it, whether it be publically being outed, immediately being rejected by a man when she tells him she is transgender, being called “bro” or other masculine nicknames and other personal stories.

After starting to take estrogen and slowly starting to get more surgeries, like other trans YouTubers, Gutierrez has openly discussed her medical procedures, noting any implications, bodily changes and other updates.

5. Jammidodger — FTM

Jaime Raines, whose YouTube name is Jammidodger, began documenting the start of his journey in 2012 when he got his testosterone gel, which is another method of being on hormones. Since then, Raines has avidly uploaded to his channel, giving transformation updates regularly.

Like other trans YouTubers, his early videos were a lot of progress videos having to do with his testosterone, voice and bodily changes and not only top surgery but bottom surgery as well. As Raines progressed in his transition, he made more videos answering any questions about the process and also had Q&A sessions with his parents and girlfriend.

Sticking to posting about being trans, Raines’ channel content is practically one of the best and biggest FTM guides out there. Granted that not everybody’s transitional experience is the same, Raines has been in transition for quite sometime and knows many things about being a transgender male.

He is extremely open about the surgeries he has had, taking viewers along the ride as well so he can educate others about what the journey is like. He also tells many funny and awkward stories in a highly relatable way that leads to wholesome content, such as clothing tips and hacks for trans men, hair problems after being on testosterone, common trans misconceptions and other things. If you’ve got any questions about being a trans male, you will probably find the answers on Raines’ channel.

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