4 YouTube Series to Watch When You Have a Bad Day

These videos will make any frown turn upside down.
April 10, 2018
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College is a time to make fun memories without your parent’s supervision, however, it is also a time of stressing over classes, or even life itself. During those times that feel like the world is crumbling from all angles, you try everything to combat the stress: eating bad food, going out on the town or just crying into pillows.

However, there is nothing that can cure a bad day like a high-quality YouTube series.

“People Telling Their Crush They Like Them” – Mikey Murphy

Video concept: Mikey Murphy asks his fans to take a chance and reveal their feelings to their crush on camera. Murphy picks the videos he loves the most to react to. As the viewer watches these adorable confessions, the young filmmaker inserts witty comments that elevates the cute factor to solid 8.

What makes it so great: Everyone remembers their first real crush and how earth-shattering revealing that would be. The kids that are featured in this YouTube series take that admirable risk the rest of us avoid.

Most of the fans of Murphy’s channel are still in middle school, so as a college student watching these 13-year-old children confess their feelings almost becomes a way to reminisce about those awkward years and be grateful that those times are over. The stress of college is definitely better than the stress that comes from being a pre-teen.

Additionally, it reassures students that even though they might not look like their younger selves did, things really haven’t changed that much. A common theme in many of these short moving pictures is these pre-teens throwing flowers at their crush and walking away in a relationship like that’s an acceptable way to obtain a significant other.

Even though people would like to admit that is a new occurrence, they would only be lying to themselves. Regardless, it’s hard not to smile at the blossoming of young love.

“Secretly Sharing Both Sides of Their Love Story” – Jubliee

Video concept: The producers of this YouTube series ask questions about a couple’s love story, but while one is answering, the other one is wearing noise-canceling headphones. By doing this, it lets participants open up fully and allows the viewers truly have a look at their relationship.

What makes it so great: By hearing about how much someone can love another human being and how much work really goes into a great relationship, viewers are uplifted and inspired that one day they could be sitting in those chairs with their special someone.

On top of this, many couples often share things they normally wouldn’t due to the fact their significant other can’t hear them. It ranges from farting in bed while they were sleeping to almost not showing up on the second date.

No matter what they reveal, it puts a smile on everyone’s face and a beautiful confused participate wearing the noise-canceling headphones because they don’t know what was so funny. Another great thing about this YouTube series is how they make sure to represent many different couples.

Multiracial, same-sex, old, young, divorced, parents and even broken up couples make an appearance. Their representation shows that love comes in all shapes and sizes.

“Try to Watch This Without Laughing Challenge” – React: A Fine Brothers Channel

Video concept: The Fine Brothers request that their fans submit videos they believe are impossible to not laugh at. To prove if that idea is right, everyday people and YouTubers challenge themselves to keep their emotions in while they watch the hilarious video compilation.

What makes it so great: Even though the whole point of this YouTube series is to maintain a straight face, viewers have no choice but to burst out laughing. Sometimes the fans of this channel pick videos that are spot on and causes everyone watching to crack a smile.

To add to the humor in these videos, many times the people reacting produce one-liners that are almost more iconic than the video being shown, and sometimes the good stomach pain has nothing to do with the chosen video, but is simply a chain reaction, because nothing is as contagious as laughter.

No matter what produces it, The React channel provides a great way to get a dose of the best medicine in town.

“YouTube Couples React” – The Fine Brothers

Video concept: Similar to the previous Fine Brothers YouTube series, the channel invites popular couples that are on the video-sharing website to compete against each other in trending challenges. The games the couples play revolve around love and gives them a chance to give their opinion on the topic.

What makes it so great: For whatever reason, there is something so intriguing about seeing someone the majority of the world only views through a camera do something outside of how society normally sees them. Subconsciously, we all know they are just ordinary people, but watching them have a friendly competition with their significant others gives fans confirmation of this.

Getting a deeper preview of these YouTuber’s relationships is not only entertaining, but also exciting. Every couple seems to have a secret code and a good understanding of what makes them individually tick. They reveal these truths as they watch and compete in these challenges which can only cause a positive reaction from the viewers.

There are many more YouTube series that successfully turn any bad day into a good one, but the ones mentioned outdo all of them. At the end of every one of these videos, it’s very difficult to not to have a smile plastered on your face and your faith in the humanity restored, if even for a brief moment.

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