On BookTube, book lovers can join a community of other bibliophiles to discuss their favorite thing: books! (Illustration by Jaila Desper, University of California, Berkeleya)
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On BookTube, book lovers can join a community of other bibliophiles to discuss their favorite thing: books! (Illustration by Jaila Desper, University of California, Berkeleya)

Yes, there are YouTube channels made specifically for book fiends.

If you’re just as enamored by reading as I am, then you’ve browsed the internet for book recommendations, discussions or just general book-related content. This would also mean that you’ve probably come across an incredible online community known as BookTube once or twice.

If you’re unfamiliar with the platform, it only takes a moment of searching on Google to see what the fuss is about. Book Riot, a popular website home to all-things book related, describes BookTube as “an incredibly vibrant community of people who vlog…about books on Youtube” whose audiences and content creators range widely in age, genre preference and material.

From videos regarding discussions and reviews to comical skits and challenges, the channel hosts of BookTube engage and excite readers about the endless possibilities that await them in the world of literature.

This led to BookTubers releasing their own novels, interviewing famed authors and participating in the annual Bookcon convention.

Much like any other Youtube-based community, BookTube also has influencers. Christine Riccio from polandbananasBOOKS, for one, is the most followed BookTuber to date, with over 400,000 subscribers. Sasha Alsberg, Jesse George and Kat O’Keeffee follow closely behind, their social media followings being just as impressive.

There are many voices, however, that go unheard due to the ever-growing community and the countless videos posted every day by popular and smaller channels.

If you’re seeking a refreshing take on BookTube videos, the four BookTubers below are ones to look out for!

1. BookCravings

Are you familiar with the feeling of picking up a book, cracking open the spine, leaning in and smelling the wonders of its pages? This is the same feeling you’ll have when watching Brazilian BookTuber Renata from BookCravings.

Although book enthusiasts pride themselves in having an extensive book collection in their bookshelf tour videos, there are a lamentable amount of channels dedicated to the art of collecting rare or special editions of beloved books. If this is kind of content you’re really craving, then this is the channel to subscribe to.

Not only is BookCravings unique to BookTube and an absolute dream for literary collections, but it’s clear that the host of the channel knows the materials she works with.  In her videos, BookCravings considers not only the beauty of an edition but also their durability, the material they are made out of, the design and even the acidity present in a book’s pages.

Her expertise is evident in videos such as “Classic Book Collections: A Guide to Buying Beautiful Classics,” where she inspects collections such as the Barnes and Noble Leatherbound Classics.

While she hasn’t posted in a few months, BookCravings is still an incredible channel and the knowledge in it should not go unnoticed.

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2. Littlewolfreads

Funny, charming and a pleasure to watch are just a few ways to describe Myonna from Littlewolfreads.  Although she has her share of book hauling videos and reviews, Myonna also gets candid about issues found within the BookTube community, such as the significance of cultural representation in literature, and feeling insecure about channel content.

Littlewolfreads also has a love for ASMR videos, and you can see this manifest in a reading of Anna Todd’s “After,” in which the characters are in intimate situations. Needless to say, the video results in giggles and eyebrow raises.

She’s fun, and her opinions on popular books are relatable to those who don’t always fall in love with what’s trending. Also, she has stunning Peter Pan collection!

peter pan book collection

3. ONYX Pages

Njeri from ONYX Pages is one of the most incredible, vibrant BookTubers you will ever come across. I say this with full certainty because even though BookTubers read a variety of genre, ONYX Pages focuses on one specific category: Afrofuturism.

Now, if you’re unfamiliar with this term and do a quick Google search, you’ll find that you’ve probably come across it once or twice without taking notice. Marvel’s “Black Panther,” for instance, is a great example of how Afrofuturism brings together “the African Diaspora with science, technology and philosophy” as a way to ask societal questions and introducing concepts about culture and different people. Authors in this field include Tomi Adeyemi, Nnedi Okorafor and N.K. Jemisin.

On the content of her channel, Njeri says, “First of all, I read only Afrofuturism. Now, that doesn’t mean I only read one kind of genre because Afrofuturism is really broad. So, I read science fiction, magical realism, speculative fiction, a little bit of horror…” and she informs the reader of how her channel will still contain the traditional BookTube videos such as tags, challenges and so on.

If that hasn’t already ensnared you, then consider this: When typing “Afrofuturism” into the Youtube search bard, ONYX Pages is the first channel to appear. There’s a large space to be filled when it comes to discussing literature that features not only Afrofuturism but also authors writing about people of color. This is a great place to start.

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4. Jordan Harvey

If you’re familiar with Ariel Bissett’s incredible analytical content, then Jordan Harvey is the next BookTuber for you to check out.

Something that you can always look for in Harvey’s videos is honesty. No matter how popular a book series is and no matter how swoon-worthy a love triangle may be deemed by the masses, Harvey’s channel is there to point out of the problems embedded in a large portion of Young Adult material and the films it inspires.

Writing videos are also a big part of Jordan Harvey’s channel. He welcomes discussions with videos such as “Race, Diversity, and Books,” “Tropes Talks” and “How To” videos, in which she assists aspiring writers in creating dynamic characters.

BookTube has content for one and all, and if you’ve never explored it, consider typing in the title of your favorite book or your most recent read. Whether you’re there for a serious discussion on whether or not a series is meant to be longer than three books or it’s just a silly sketch about characters you want, BookTube is always there to welcome you.

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