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Smaller YouTube Channels To Watch in 2023

The social media platform now has over 51 million users; here are some creators worth watching!
February 21, 2023
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Over the years, YouTube has become a great outlet for both creators and viewers who want to find a community, learn something new or just have a good laugh. While large YouTubers make great content, there are many smaller creators who deserve just as much recognition on the platform as their well-known counterparts.

1.Steph Bohrer

Though she only started her YouTube channel back in 2020, Steph Bohrer has gained nearly 600,000 subscribers. Bohrer first gained traction when she began posting book recommendation videos. While she maintains her book niche, she has since branched out into filming makeup routines, Q&As, shopping hauls and playlist recommendations. Bohrer is also great at talking about relevant topics. For example, she is a fan of Harry Styles and Taylor Swift and has made a few videos on both artists’ recently released music to keep her content current. Bohrer is the definition of a comfort person, as she is one of the rare YouTubers who makes her viewers feel like they’re friends because of how relatable and chill she is.

2.Kendall Rae

Since she started her YouTube channel a decade ago, Kendall Rae has garnered 3 million subscribers. She produces true crime content, as well as a podcast she co-hosts with her husband called “Mile Higher.” Rae’s channel is all about raising awareness of cold cases and bringing attention to recent cases that could use help being solved. Rae is also devoted to making sure that women and children who are victims of human trafficking get the help and funding that they need. She does this by selling limited edition collections of her merch to raise money for Thorn, an organization dedicated to defending children from sexual abuse. While most of her content is true-crime oriented, she offers plenty of light-hearted videos such as “The Crimes of Beverly Hills Lawyer Tom Girardi,” — the ex-husband of “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills ” star Erika Jayne — along with videos about the McDonald’s hot coffee lawsuit and the Wendy’s chili finger case. Rae puts a lot of time and research into her videos, all the while maintaining her podcast and raising a family.

3.Michelle Platti

Like Kendall Rae, Michelle Platti is a YouTuber who makes similar content. Her videos cover conspiracy theories and Mandela effects as well as true crime cases. Though she’s been on YouTube for a few years, she only has 300,000 subscribers, which might seem surprising for people who watch her channel regularly. Since Platti is in her early twenties, she’s very relatable, and the hard work and dedication she puts into her videos really shows. As easygoing as her content may seem, a lot of research goes into making sure she has the facts to back up her work.

4. Dylan Is In Trouble

Known for his original 2016 YouTube channel “Dylan Will Not Participate,” which has since been deleted, Dylan gained popularity for his movie and TV show commentaries. Though his original channel no longer exists, he now has his “Dylan Is In Trouble” channel, which has 1.56 million subscribers. Dylan could be considered a comedian; he’s funny without even trying. He has made commentaries on some of the most popular movie series, such as “The Twilight Saga,” “Harry Potter” and “Lord of the Rings,” all of which are over an hour long. He also makes shorter, but still funny, commentary videos on Netflix and Disney films. Though 1.56 million subscribers may seem like a lot, it’s not nearly enough given the time, money and energy he puts into not only watching, but editing, those videos to be about 30 to 40 minutes long — all while still adhering to YouTube’s strict copyright guidelines.

5. Lucas

Lucas, also known as the character “FRED,” is one of the few original YouTubers who continues to make content. Though Lucas stopped making FRED videos long ago, he still makes personal content on his self-titled YouTube channel. Lucas has amassed 3.32 million subscribers by posting a lot of hilariously random content that either focuses on the early 2000s or the present day. Though he only posts once a week (or less), his channel is worth watching for both childhood nostalgia and a good laugh.

While all these YouTubers post different content, they all have one very important thing in common: they all care deeply about their viewers and their channels. Even if they only post sporadically, they post nothing but their best content. In fact, it could even be argued that these small YouTubers deserve more recognition than some of the bigger ones. Either way, YouTube would not be the same without these creators and their small fandoms.

These are some wonderful smaller channels to watch, but there are even smaller accounts on the platform that also deserve viewership. So make sure to go out and look for YouTubers that may suit your interests, no matter how big or small.


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