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10 Inspirational Books Every College Student Needs to Read

When dropping out and living in a tent downtown starts to look dangerously appealing, pull out one of these bad boys.
July 31, 2018
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College can be stressful, exhausting, terrifying and terrific all at the same time, and it can be nerve-wracking trying to balance everything while also focusing on the future after graduation.

Here are some books to add to your reading list when you need some comfort or motivation to keep moving forward to achieve your goals.

1. Year of Yes

This book was written by Shonda Rhimes, the creator of the hit shows “Grey’s Anatomy” and “Scandal, as well as the executive producer of “How to Get Away With Murder.”

Although her bold characters have changed the world of television, Rhimes is actually an introvert who avoided the media at all costs. The novel explores the change that occurred in Rhimes’ life after she decided that for one year, she would say “yes” to everything she feared the most.

2. Choose Wonder Over Worry: Move Beyond Fear and Doubt to Unlock Your Full Potential

Written by Amber Rae, this book aims to help readers shut out the negative in order to conquer their fears and achieve their dreams. Rae encourages you to accept emotions in order to help navigate through the fear and doubt that may try to take over your life.

3. Am I There Yet?: The Loop-de-Loop, Zigzagging Journey to Adulthood

The journey to adulthood can be complex and scary, but Mari Andrews helps to make the process a little more enjoyable by showcasing the good and the bad of the journey. Her illustrations will help readers find their path in life and realize that it’s okay to follow whatever path you want.

While there might not always be a GPS guiding your way through life sometimes it will take you to the roads you were destined to travel on. Be sure to check out her Instagram or buy essay on her work to get a feeling of what her book might be like.

4. You Do You

In this book, New York Times’ bestselling author Sarah Knight will help you discover and live out your true self in order to obtain happiness. She stresses the importance of not letting people get in the way of your happiness or control your life.

5. My Friend Fear: Finding Magic in the Unknown

Although the unknown can be a scary place, Meera Lee Patel will encourage you to use your fear to uncover your gifts and talents. This book will take readers on an illustrated journey filled with quotes, personal reflections from the author and questions for the reader to contemplate.

Patel is also known for her interactive journal that helps to guide people to discover their creative sides while getting in touch with their inner peace.

6. In Conclusion, Don’t Worry About it

This New York Times’ bestseller is written by Lauren Graham, who starred in “Gilmore Girls” and “Parenthood.” The book is based on a commencement speech Graham gave at a high school in her hometown and will inspire readers to be happy in whatever they choose to do, as well as live in the moment.

7. You Are a Badass: How to Stop Doubting Your Greatness and Start Living an Awesome Life

It can be easy to doubt your talent and feel as if you are not good enough to succeed. Author Jen Sincero will provide you with stories, inspirational advice and activities to halt negativity and other obstacles that may stop you from achieving your goals.

8. Whatever You Are, Be a Good One

When you need a little inspiration to help you get through the day, this book is the perfect tool. Written by Lisa Congdon, this compilation of quotes features insight from people such as Oscar Wilde, Marie Curie, Stephen King and Harriet Tubman.

9. Adulting: How to Become a Grown-up in 468 Easy(ish) Steps

Adulting is hard, but Kelly Williams Brown is here to save the day with her book about how to act like an adult, even if you don’t truly feel like one.

The book features different methods to conquer the world as well as tips about life, love and everything in between.

10. 52 Cups of Coffee: Inspiring and Insightful Stories for Navigating Life’s Uncertainties

Life is full of uncertainties, and after graduating in 2011, Megan Gebhart decided she did not want to fall into the traditional work life. She decided to take her learning experience to a new level.

For one year, she met with a different person every week to enjoy a cup of coffee and talk about life. This book will discuss her conversations and the lessons she learned that a job could not teach.

Be sure to head to your nearest bookstore to grab one of these books before the start of the fall semester.

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