5 Things Every College Student Looks Forward to During Fall Semester

You’ll 'fall' in love with these all over again.
September 12, 2018
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Every college student knows that the fall semester can make or break how the rest of the school year is going to play out. With classes back in session comes the too-familiar feeling of deadlines that come too soon and memorable nights that turn into mornings.

No matter where you decided to attend university, here are five things every college student shares excitement for when the fall semester hits — and no, I promise pumpkin spice lattes aren’t on this list.

1. Tailgating

Cool weather, good friends and school spirit are all you need to enjoy this fall favorite. Not everyone shares the same love for football, but you can’t argue that gathering in the parking lot before a game to tailgate and socialize is a feeling unlike any other.

The weather is most likely a little crisp, perfect for your new pair of jeans and a school affiliated long-sleeved shirt or sweatshirt. Tailgates are a great opportunity to catch up with friends you haven’t seen all summer and show your support for the university’s sporting events.

No matter what amount of homework is looming on your desk back at home, you’ll forget about it for a little while as the joy of tailgate season goes into effect.

2. Getting Back into a Schedule

Although some students dread the end of the summer months, the satisfaction of having a set schedule during the week makes school worthwhile. Personally, I take great care in picking a planner for the school year that will fit all my organizational needs, with color-coordinated pens to match.

The open schedule of summer can be stressful when there’s no order in place. By setting up classes and work availability to accommodate, students can pinpoint exact times for homework, socializing, and of course, nap time. The fall semester also helps college-goers implement a proper sleep schedule back into their daily routine (well, most college-goers). 

Moreover, the fall is a time that often demands students read as much as they can because of their classes. The season brings about a lot of paperwork, such as essays, term papers — you name it. As a result, more and more students are beginning to prefer using different essay vaults where they can pitch ideas for their works. Students and college graduates can find more than 100 essays on literature, which can help them write better essays and exam papers and get the highest scores.

3. Oktoberfest

This one may not apply to every university, but the German-based festivity is one that can be celebrated by many. Let’s just address the fact that Oktoberfest is an extra reason to get drunk all weekend and eat delicious food, but the origin of the event is actually pretty interesting.

In 1810, Crown Prince Ludwig of Bavaria married Princess Therese von Sachsen-Hildburghausen. The marriage was celebrated for 16 days with horse races, parades and above all, beer. Although Oktoberfest is now extremely commercialized and many people may not know its origins, it’s still a reason to appreciate Volga German heritage.


I always look forward to the hearty green bean dumpling soup during Oktoberfest in particular among all of the delicious German delicacies. Whether the celebration lasts a weekend or a month, Oktoberfest is an occasion all college students wait for during the fall semester.

4. Visiting Home

Don’t get me wrong, campus events always promise a great time, but there’s no feeling quite like visiting home that first weekend during the semester. Your parents’ house is all decorated for Autumn and the cozy factor is at an all time high. Your mom is baking like crazy, prepping for the upcoming holidays. You hear the “Goosebumps” opening theme playing in the background while you pull those delicious Pillsbury cookies from the oven (you know, the ones with the cute pictures on them).

As your time in college goes on, you learn to cherish your visits home more and more each time. You can forget the hustle and bustle of campus for a bit and relax in your dad’s designated recliner.

5. Sweater Weather

If there’s one event every student can fan-girl over, it’s pulling those beloved sweaters out of the back of the closet. Whether they’re an old piece from your local thrift store or a business-professional cardigan, the sentiment is equal.

Sweaters are one of the only universal articles of clothing that everyone can agree on. Running late for class and need a quick outfit? Sweater. You know the morning is going to be chilly but it’ll get hotter throughout the day? Throw a sweater on.


Sweater weather is the ultimate apex of all fall weather and ties in any outfit perfectly. Whether it is going out with a bunch of friends on Friday night or tailgating at the home football game, one thing is evident — sweaters are a must-have fall necessity.

Honorable Mention: Bath and Body Works Fall-Scented Candles

The smells associated with fall are truly the reason for the season. When Bath and Body Works releases their fall candle line, you know the time has arrived. From food-based smells like pumpkin pie and vanilla bean to fresh aromas like “leaves” and “sweater weather,” B&BW never disappoints.


The perfect time to stock up on all your favorite fall candles is during the $12.95 promotion, making the store almost impossible to resist. Your humble abode is sure to deliver fall vibes when you’re burning a delicious seasonal scent.

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