5 Reasons Why the Spring Semester Is Definitely Worse Than Fall
5 Reasons Why the Spring Semester Is Definitely Worse Than Fall

5 Reasons Why the Spring Semester Is Definitely Worse Than Fall

Warning: You may not want to read this if you are currently in your spring semester.

The constant inhalation of pollen and the lack of breaks in the semester are clear indications that spring has arrived, and with it, your second semester of the year.

Some people hate it; others love it. Once you really begin to think about the sophomore semester though, you’ll understand why spring classes are far worse than autumnal counterpart.

Here are a few reasons why, no matter how amazing Spring Break is or how tantalizingly the promise of summer beckons, your spring semester will never amount to the beauty of its fall competition.

1. A Fresh Start

One of the most annoying things about the spring semester is that, just when your bed started to become your best friend over Christmas break, your second semester kicks off. And, consequently, the thought of new teachers, new classes and an entirely set of new textbooks puts you back in instant grind mode.

Going back to class on the first day is like signing your freedom away for the next four months; getting a schedule flowing again and restarting your momentum can be even harder.

Plus, spring semester is when your advisors challenge you to take more classes and better yourself. As a result, a lot of students put their nose to the grindstone to soldier through a heavier class load, and, before they know it, the semester has disappeared, and with it, their friends and opportunities to make those fleeting college memories. The semester may have just started, but be careful to not let it get away from you before you’re ready.

2. The Weather

During fall semester, you have the chance to enjoy the final days of summer (depending on your location), and the beautiful leaves change colors as the seasons begin to transition.

On the other hand, the weather is one of the worst parts about spring semester. You begin the year with a cold, drizzly climate, and then slowly transition to spring. Instead of experiencing the freedom of the season, out on the quad throwing Frisbees and grilling burgers, students are stuck inside completing projects and writing essays.

3. Not Enough “You” Time

Let’s not beat around the bush — spring semester has Spring Break and the fall really has nothing. Unfortunately, outside of a few days of sunburnt shoulders and irresponsibly financial decisions, the rest of the semester has nothing — not one other good break for 15 weeks.

Yes, every student can agree that having a week with no school is beautiful, but five days of solid “me” time do less in the aggregate than then the well-placed, easy-does-it pace of the fall semester.

And, on the few weekends during the spring semester that you’re able to sideline your work and scrounge together some plans, chances are it rains or freezes.

4. The Anticipation Will Kill You

The only really good thing about the spring semester is that it’s practically summer, which says nothing about the semester itself. In fact, all it really does is make the entire period one giant tease. You begin the whole thing looking forward to its end.

Plus, with summer comes summer jobs, which means that the latter half of your new year will be spent worrying about landings positions or securing internships.

With fall semester, yeah maybe you pick up a part-time gig or mow some lawns, but the workload is never serious. In fact, the more you think about it, spring semester is just one extended period of anxious waiting.

5. Goodbyes Suck

With spring semester comes graduation, which means some of the people you adore are leaving you. If you’re anything like me, saying goodbye is hard, especially to those seniors that you’ve gotten especially close to. Knowing that this is the end of their college journey can be a hard pill to swallow.

Even though you know they are continuing to greater things, seeing them go can be hard, as they’ve been a part of your life for years, and knowing that they won’t be there to confide in, go out with or take advice from will require some adjustments. Indeed, saying goodbye to some of the best people you’ve met in college might just be the worst part of the semester.

In the end though, spring semester is a time to re-evaluate where you are; you can reflect on what worked last semester and what didn’t. But, even after this semester ends and summer begins, you’ll be reminded that everything is going to start over again in a few months. So, at the beginning of your next semester, just remember to embrace the cycle, work hard and try to have a little fun.

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