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Safiya Nygaard Gets Married, Leaves Fans With Hope That True Love Does Exist

After a year of leaving fans with anticipation, the YouTuber and her boyfriend, Tyler Williams, finally got married on a starry, starry night.
January 13, 2020
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Just a little over a year ago, YouTube personality Safiya Nygaard said yes after her longtime boyfriend, Tyler Williams, popped the question. Since then, fans have followed Nygaard through her wedding planning journey. The influencer has made something of a vlogging series out of the entire experience; now, blogging or vlogging isn’t quite an uncommon activity for excited brides-to-be today. However, what makes Nygaard’s so much more enticing to viewers?

Saying Yes!

On Dec. 14, 2018, a video was uploaded to the quirky vlogger’s channel, but it wasn’t any ordinary video of hers. Fans of the YouTuber were greeted by Williams saying Nygaard’s iconic introduction phrase: “Hello friends and welcome to another video.” However, fans were not prepared for the video that they were about to watch. Williams had a special surprise in store for the YouTuber. He was going to propose.

The video was filmed in secret while Nygaard wasn’t anywhere in sight. Of course, Williams didn’t want to ruin the most romantic surprise of her life. In order to remain under the radar, Williams had to jump through some hoops. “And because we’re always together it’s going to be like really hard to surprise her, so I’m going to have to film this video in chunks. Probably while she’s at yoga,” stated an excited and nervous Williams.

After passing off the package containing the engagement ring in a box from Urban Outfitters, it was time for Williams to get to work. As the pair are known to visit Disneyland quite often, he thought that this would be the perfect place to finally pop the question. And what better place than the Snow White wishing well?

While distracting Nygaard with the wishing well and telling her to close her eyes while making a wish, Williams got down on one knee making all of her wildest dreams come true. As expected, the influencer broke down into tears. Luckily, but not surprisingly, she said yes. I’m sure I wasn’t the only fan crying along with the YouTube celebrity.

Did someone say wedding planning?

Shortly following the release of the proposal video, Nygaard began a series that followed her through the tedious wedding planning journey. Many of her videos focused around risking it all and testing out wedding dresses from sites such as Wish.com. While the vlogging began as nothing more than a game, things began to become serious.

There are two videos that come to mind; “Choosing my Wedding Dress” and “I Got a Custom Black Wedding Dress” serve as the highlight of the wedding series that Nygaard has attached to her YouTube channel. In each of the two videos, viewers follow the influencer as she begins to try on various wedding dresses at a brick and mortar store. For her ceremony dress, a long, flowing white dress with a renaissance vibe. And for her reception, a custom black floor length giving off the perfect vampire bat vibes.

The two dresses together perfectly complement Nygaard’s personality. And the vlog series? A perfect accessory to go along with the quirky, yet down-to-earth personalities of the two lovebirds.

Here Comes the Bride

On Jan. 5, Nygaard and Williams left viewers floored. The pair released a vlog compiled of footage from their wedding. With no “Save the Date” given to fans, the wedding became an exciting mystery on Nygaard’s YouTube channel, leaving many craving more content. Announcing the release of the video with a photo posted to the official Instagram of the vlogger, fans were greeted with a photo of the pair, without their faces, holding hands in a white wedding dress and suit.

The video itself begins with Safiya Nygaard saying, “That’s right, we are no longer engaged, betrothed or affianced!” From here, the vlog takes viewers on a 30-minute adventure highlighting and breaking down the entire final product known as the Nygaard-Williams wedding. Clearly, the event of the year.


From beautiful rustic scenery to a dark black reception dress, Nygaard hits all of the right moments in her vlog, leaving fans speechless. The wedding itself took place in a cozy room decked to the nines in a starry night theme. With light-up stars and fairy lights hanging from the ceiling above, the dark and stylish YouTuber traded her dark, bat-winged dress for a more airy, white gown. Paired with an emotional and acoustic melody, Nygaard is filmed walking down the aisle holding back tears. This is probably the most emotional moment in the video. Between tears and gut-wrenching laughs, it is clear there is true love between the couple.

The reception took a different turn as Nygaard turned into a dark Cinderella with her custom made dress and more party appropriate hairstyle. Of course, Nygaard and Williams had their first dance to a re-creation of the tango scene from “The Adams Family Values” movie. Overall, it seems like the wedding was a real smash and a moment for fans of the influencer to never forget. With a pair like Nygaard and Williams, they bring hope to their audience that true love may really exist.

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