Forget four-star restaurants and chicken a l'orange: Reviewbrah uses his proletarian taste to elevate common cuisine. (Image via WGNO)
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Forget four-star restaurants and chicken a l'orange: Reviewbrah uses his proletarian taste to elevate common cuisine. (Image via WGNO)

The eccentric YouTuber focuses his gastronomic attention on fast food.

To an outsider, Reviewbrah just a young guy sporting classic suits, slicked-back hair, long fingernails and posts long, unedited videos about fast food.

But to fans, the food reviewer, who maintains the YouTube channel “The Report of the Week,” is one of the best in the trade. Lovingly nicknamed “Reviewbrah” by fans, the cuisine critic doesn’t just offer a cross section of a Whopper, but insight into accepting your individuality and not caring what other people think.

Not convinced? Here’s what makes Reviewbrah the best, most thorough and most enjoyable food reviewer on YouTube.

A Reviewer Who Puts Fans First

Reviewbrah isn’t interested in telling you about showy food that you’ll rarely ever eat.

Instead, he’s set on bringing everyday needs to the forefront of his videos. The grassroots gourmand understands that people lead busy lives and those busy lives necessitate eating quickly, on the road and in the middle of activities. There are decidedly more viewers who will pick up a sandwich at Wendy’s or McDonald’s than eat a steak dinner, and Reviewbrah feels that he is filling a gap where a voice is needed.

Not only does he try out new foods to help audiences with their decisions, but he discusses the economics of the meals, including how much food you get for your money and how practical it is to obtain and eat. It’s almost the opposite of a food critic’s role, because for once the criticism moves past opinion and toward true consideration for the needs of the audience. This element makes “The Report of the Week” refreshing and keeps audiences excited about upcoming food to be reviewed that they are likely already curious about from seeing advertisements.

Reviewbrah shows viewers the real and undeniable truth about non-expensive foods. (Image via Youtube)

He’s Got Zero Attitude

When you hear “food reviewer,” you might picture some pretentious snob sitting at a dining room table, poking their fork delicately into a dish with a frown on their face before they write down some notes on a paper pad. Maybe you even picture the food critic from Pixar’s “Ratatouille.” I know I do.

However, as soon as you click on an episode of “The Report of the Week” you’ll see there’s no snobby attitude here. While the aesthetic of the show appears to imitate a traditional review’s ostentatiousness — Reviewbrah does wear quite the sharp suit — the truth is that he’s a joyful, passionate individual intent on sharing his love of food with the world.

The haute host always starts his show with his classic, peppy introduction, “Hello everyone, this is Running On Empty … food review!” And most times, he conducts his reviews either in his car immediately upon purchasing the highlighted meal, or from the comfort of his own dining room, surrounded by nostalgic knickknacks like cuckoo clocks, whose chime Reviewbrah notes in several episodes.

What’s more, the tone of John’s videos falls somewhere between authenticity and mockery, which is part of what makes them so entertaining. In some videos, John will take on ridiculous review concepts, like comparing the taste of Great Value’s Purified Water to the Great Value Spring Water. For example, in one scene, Reviewbrah loses character for just a moment; however, it’s moments like these that remind audiences that he’s having fun with his reviews whether they are intended to make you weigh your food choices or simply make you laugh.

He’s not out to impress you, he just wants to share about food with you, which is why audiences can’t get enough.

He Sports a Dedication to Self-Confidence

Recently, Reviewbrah has expanded the content of his videos into more personal realms.

Some of the videos are comedic, but most are simply informational videos meant to settle fan’s burning questions like, “How does he achieve that hair style?” and “Why only 1940’s suits?”

There are endless questions and even more answers, given in detail by the Report of the Week himself, but some videos have an extra message that Reviewbrah is eager to share.

In one video, John talks about why he keeps his fingernails so long. It’s true that they are noticeably longer than most men might have; however, after a look at how his fingernails are cleaned and well-maintained, he concludes with the explanation, “The truth is, I keep my nails this way…because I like it.” What seems like a ridiculous video is actually a moving explanation about how preferring a certain innocent style that doesn’t harm anyone should be enough of a reason for an individual to choose it.

Reviewbrah shows the positive aspects of fast food chains.
(Image via The Hale Telescope)

Reviewbrah is not your average individual, and he’s well-aware of it. Even so, he doesn’t let his particularities get in the way of his confidence or his passions, and always uses his true thoughts about the public’s criticism as a way to help others be more confident.

Considering the context of his medium, this feat is impressive. While other social media sharks center their whole lives on the public’s opinion of them, John does exactly what he enjoys and has gained a following through his dedication to good content and his disregard for how others feel about it.

Whether you’re a foodie or not, Reviewbrah is sure to add some positivity and perspective to your life. Stop “running on empty” and get to “The Report of the Week” fast!

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