3 Hilariously Creative Gaming YouTube Channels

Gaming is more fun when there's a joke or two involved.
August 18, 2018
7 mins read

Watching top-tier gamers like Ninja and Shroud in their element is undeniably entertaining. Their unrivaled gaming skills are awesome, and after watching one of their streams or videos, you will certainly be left in jaw-dropping amazement, wondering how any human being can possibly be this good at video games.

But let’s be honest, even watching these god-like gamers destroy the competition can get a little old after a while. I mean, you kind of know what’s going to happen before you start watching. Ninja and his wacky blue hair will be in the corner of the screen while his avatar prances around in Fortnite, showing no mercy as he eliminates about a quarter of them from each game. Shroud will do much of the same, except instead of obnoxious gloating and raging, he will simply shut up and show you his talent save a few minutes of monotone commentary or communication with his teammates in PUBG.

Don’t get me wrong, these guys are damn good at the games they play and deserve every bit of attention they get. However, they play mostly the same thing over and over again and provide viewers with basically the same, albeit impressive, gameplay every time.

Variety is the spice of life, as they say, and if you’re into watching the top gamers do their thing on Twitch or YouTube, I recommend mixing in a dash of these comedy gaming channels into your queue as well because sometimes you just need to laugh a little.

1. VanossGaming

If you like screwing around with your friends in free roaming games, then you will love watching the Vanoss crew because that’s exactly what they do. VanossGaming consists of a few obnoxious whack-jobs that record themselves playing a variety of different games including “GTA Online” and “Skate 3,” but they’re probably mostly known for their crazy antics in “Gary’s Mod,” a sandbox style game that revolves around world building and downloadable mods.

The Vanoss crew takes advantage of this virtual world where there are no rules and subsequently no limits to the possibilities of gameplay. The result is child-like hilarity.

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They’ve posted several compilation videos of their funniest moments, which I recommend since it increases the randomness of what’s going on, making for an even funnier experience. These guys will start a game of “Gmod” playing as characters like Buzz Lightyear, Kermit the Frog and even a giant bag of Doritos as they explore the limitless comedy of the game, ranging from dodgeball matches to randomly exploding each other into smithereens. Sometimes they get bored of all that and just imitate movie characters in their own strange productions in which they beat the crap out of each other.

Regardless, these guys are pretty funny, and their videos are a great way to waste time when you’re procratinating.

2. VideoGameDunkey

Dunkey is one of the most brilliantly funny gamers out there. He’s a bit opposite from the Vanoss crew in that his videos don’t just follow the comedic chaos of his gameplay, but rather they’re planned out and possibly even scripted at some points. This is a refreshing method of video production in the gaming industry because Dunkey begins recording his videos with an objective in mind, unlike most gamers, who record hours of footage and compile the best parts into a smaller video.

VideoGameDunkey plays a wide array of games that range all the way from “Skyrim” to “Super Mario Odyssey,” so you know that you’re going to get something a little different from each of his videos. He might name his video something like “Mario Odyssey Tips and Tricks,” but the actual footage of the gameplay consists of Dunkey parodying both himself and the game by being so bad that it’s almost objective.

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Not only is Dunkey hilarious, he’s also a great writer. His video game review videos, self-titled as “dunkviews” are extraordinarily in-depth and engaging. While recording some gameplay footage, Dunkey provides a thorough review of new games as they’re released, such as “God of War,” “Metroid: Samus Returns” and “Super Mario Odyssey.”

If you’re worried about these reviews being too serious, don’t worry, they’re still filled with a perfect balance of humor within his analysis of the game. That’s the genius of Videogamedunky; he knows what he’s talking about when it comes to breaking down core gameplay, and he makes it funny as hell.

3. Cr1tikal

Of course, this list wouldn’t be complete without including the number one funniest gamer according to The Top Tens. Although his YouTube channel is officially titled “penguinz0,” he goes by the name of Cr1tikal in his videos (I know it’s a bit confusing, sorry).

Cr1tikal is especially different from the other two in this list in that he has a much calmer attitude. Vanoss and Dunkey will often break out in contagious laughter or become enraged at the game, but Cr1tikal hardly raises his voice over a soft monotone. Though his personality seems plain, he uses it to his advantage, giving off a sort of sarcastic, sad sack vibe resulting in a dry humor that drastically differs from other comedy gamers.

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One aspect of Cr1tikal’s gaming that I find entertaining is that he plays games that not many other gaming YouTubers record, such as “Hello Neighbor” and even “The Oregon Trail,” so you’ll get a nice variety. He also creates his own movie reviews titled “The Moist Meter,” which shows you the kind of humor you’ll get yourself into if you decide to visit his channel.

His dry character contrasts with the randomly rude stuff he says while running through the games he plays. He often loves using the word “nipple” in place of pretty much any noun you can think of, so be prepared for that 12-year-old boy humor I just warned you about. It’s true that Cr1tikal says a lot of questionable, childish stuff like this in his videos, but something about that combined with his otherwise colorless personality makes you wonder whether or not it’s satirical, which is probably why he’s considered one of the funniest gamers on YouTube.

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