Refinery 29
Refinery 29, featuring creators like Lucie Fink, offers a boat load of useful and aesthetic content around the world, from beauty and health to home shopping and teaching self-love. (Image via Instagram)
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Refinery 29
Refinery 29, featuring creators like Lucie Fink, offers a boat load of useful and aesthetic content around the world, from beauty and health to home shopping and teaching self-love. (Image via Instagram)

They’ve got content and series aplenty…

If you’re like the average screen-obsessed millennial, chances are you have encountered some sort of content from Refinery 29. Maybe it was while perusing Pinterest, looking through the discover page on Instagram or Snapchat or perhaps it was during your latest trip down the rabbit hole that is YouTube.

Refinery 29 is a media and entertainment company that has been around since 2005 and was originally based in New York City but now has offices across the pond in the United Kingdom, Germany and France. The company focuses on a variety of interests, ranging from fashion and skincare to personal finance and politics.

The company created its YouTube channel in 2007 and has been creating and releasing content on the platform for 12 years. It made its debut on the site with a series called “The Countdown.” The series explores the behind-the-scenes of various fashion designers and brands, like Rag and Bone and Karen Walker.

The brand also had a handful of other regular series during 2014-2015 (aka the peak of the DIY movement), such as “Beauty Prep School,” where viewers learned skills like finessing a ponytail and covering up everyone’s dreaded blemish — under eye bags. “Micro Makeover,” a series created around the same time as “Beauty Prep School,” explored how women can ramp up their beauty routines in simple ways, like rocking a bold and empowering cat eye, or creating a transitional eye look that will take you from the office to a night out in no time.

How To Get Day-To-Night Dramatic Eyes | Macro Makeover | Refinery29

In 2015, Refinery 29 began to break away from its heavy fashion and beauty focus and created a series to discuss more meaningful and harder-hitting subjects. “Get Real” covers everything from scoliosis and finding strength in scars as well as discussing difficult topics, like insecurities, to informing others about the life of individuals with various disabilities, like dwarfism and quadriplegia.

However, it was the beginning of 2016 that was arguably the biggest year for the company’s YouTube channel, as the world (or the world of YouTube at least) was slowly introduced to the vibrant and vivacious Refinery 29 video producer, Lucie Fink, through her lifestyle series, “Try Living With Lucie.”

From giving a raw and realistic look at five days of a new practice or challenge, such as waking up early and living on a budget of $50 during the week, viewers can learn about new topics and methods that can be quite beneficial to implement into daily life in short, sweet and visually-appealing videos.

5 Days Of Living On A $50 Budget | Try Living with Lucie | Refinery29

Fink’s series is great because she covers a multitude of topics and interests, like beauty-themed videos of her trying out the latest beauty trends and wearing DIY makeup, and more self-care-centered videos, such as testing out several different types of massage and different ways to go about self-care. She also covers more “Adulty,” if you will, type of topics. From meal prep and how to be more organized and productive to how to save money, and everything in between, Lucie has you covered.

If you are left wanting more content from Fink after you have binged all her “Try Living With Lucie” videos, no worries, Fink has another fabulous series on the Refinery 29 YouTube Channel called “Lucie for Hire.” In this series, Fink tries out an abundance of jobs and puts the saying “jack of all trades, master of none” to the test.

Fink tries food and beverage jobs, like becoming a wedding cake decorator and barista in Costa Rica, as well as learning the tricks of the trade from some fan-favorite brands, like Ben and Jerry’s and Lindt Chocolate.

I Learned How To Be A Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream Maker | Lucie For Hire | Refinery29


The ambitious and adventurous video producer has also tested out some more unconventional and coveted careers, like joining the tall and poised Radio City Rockettes in a production of their Christmas Spectacular. In the same realm of physically demanding jobs, Fink has also tried her hand at being an ice princess and an Olympic-level gymnast. Viewers of the series will enjoy the information provided about various career paths and seeing exactly what goes into a variety of jobs.

For those who are goo goo for all things beauty, Refinery 29 beauty editor Mi-Anne Chan has just the fix you need through her series, “Beauty With Mi.” Chan has tried a handful of different types of facials, like the infamous “Bird Poop Facial” and an acupuncture facial using traditional techniques from China.

If you ever wonder if there’s a dupe for that product which you love dearly but despise its steep price tag, you’ll definitely enjoy the several videos Chan has made comparing high-end cult favorites to lesser known unsung heroes of the drugstores. The R29 beauty editor has covered holographic highlighter, cruelty free makeup, vegan cosmetics, Tom Ford lipsticks and many other products and looks.

Chan has been fortunate enough to collaborate with different celebrities and has even learned the elaborate travel routine of former Victoria’s Secret model Lindsay Ellingson, received a custom-designed makeup routine from YouTuber Jackie Aina and  shared beauty secrets with Jessica Alba.

Jessica Alba Shares Her Beauty Routine Secrets | Beauty With Mi | Refinery29

Refinery 29 also has some more niche content that is more outside of the box. One of those series is “Sweet Digs.” The series is like if HGTV and MTV Cribs had a millennial love child; it explores what kind of place you can live on a certain budget in a specific city. The series has every kind of living situation from Brooklyn duplexes, to Dallas studios and two floor apartments in London.

“Sweet Digs” is quite enjoyable and informative, making it perfect for the interior design junkie, or the potential new homeowner or apartment renter.

Were you ever the kid that always wanted to know what was in “grownups’” purses? Just me? Well if you were, “Spill It” is the perfect series for you. “Spill It” mixes celebrities with handbags, resulting in a revealing, fun and easy-to-watch series. Celebrities that have been featured on “Spill It” include Shay Mitchell,  Racheal Platten and Liza Koshy, among many other celebs and internet personalities.

What's In Liza Koshy's Bag | Spill It | Refinery29

Whether you are a fan of beauty and lifestyle videos, or more distinct types of content, you are sure to find a series on Refinery29 to sit back, relax and enjoy.


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