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Trill A.C., the host of the series, poses questions to other members, who give their opinions on a variety of relevant subjects. (Image via Instagram)
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Trill AC Krew Season

It’s biased, it’s unscripted and it’s incredibly funny.

Less than two years ago a small-time internet celebrity, who goes by the name Trill A.C., launched a YouTube series titled “Krew Season,” in which cast members take on several issues regarding relationships, family and money management.

Throughout the series, viewers are exposed to the different beliefs of the male and female cast in regard to the aforementioned universal topics. The differences between the two sexes often clash and spark an intriguing, but laughable debate among the cast and its thousands of viewers. The one-on-one debates provide insight into the mindsets of millennial men and women, while also providing comedic relief as the cast members express their personality and opinions.

Since Jan. 15, when A.C. uploaded a solo video addressing “some reasons behind men’s hesitancy to dive into relationships,” the young media personality has uploaded nearly 50 videos. Whether the channel features A.C. addressing topics by himself or with the cast, each video touches on topics that deal with today’s dating scene. Some topics even discuss marriage.

It will take forever to discuss each episode of “Krew Season” in its entirety, however, so here are three episodes worth watching that will leave you itching to argue your opinion in the comments section.

1. Reason Relationships Fail in 2018

Last year’s segment introduces the male cast of “Krew Season” in which cast members Trill A.C., Kenny, Dre and Andre give their reasons for why relationships failure in the modern era.

In the intro, A.C. says that the main reason relationships end is “complacency.” He elaborates, saying that when you first meet someone, you are not being introduced to their true personality until months after the initial encounter. During the beginning phases of a relationship, people are reluctant to expose their flaws and quirks.

A.C. then concludes that, unfortunately, when you meet someone you are attracted to, you are meeting the “representative” of how they want to be perceived, rather than who they actually are. Due to the fact that a person cannot hide their identity for long, it can come as a shock when the mask is stripped off. The dishonest situation can be so unsettling that it causes couples to break up.

Other cast members such as Dre, Kenny and Andre believe that modern relationship failures are the result of women being indecisive about their desires in a man. Other symptoms discussed were allowing public opinion to evaluate one’s relationship, as well as comparing real-life relationships to the ones portrayed on social media.

This episode may contain some bias, given that it lacks the viewpoint of a woman and factual evidence to support the claims proffered. However, the points made by the cast are still relatable and worth reviewing.

2. Who Gives Better Relationship Advice? Men or Women

If the title didn’t urge you to spit out an answer, the viewpoints of this “Krew Season” cast definitely will.

The video begins with cast member Andre claiming that men, by far, give better advice than women. In fact, A.C. goes on to say, blankly, that if a man is in a relationship with a woman who confides in her friends for relationship pointers, he should break up with her immediately.

Female cast member Nesia opposes his argument by saying that A.C.’s statement is false; she believes that women give better advice, because it’s generally based on their experience. A.C. claps back by saying that sharing advice based solely on one experience is a disservice, because all relationships are distinct and therefore impossible to compare. He also goes on to say that when a woman confides in her close friends, the story is often one-sided, while a man is willing to admit his wrongdoings and tell the entire truth about the problems in his relationship.

Additional cast members, such as Smuv, Kenny and Justin, support A.C.’s belief that a man’s unbiased insight into both sides of a relationship makes for good advice, while women allow emotions to overtake reason.

Personally, I would never consider gender as a determinant for good advice; however, the cast manages to make points based on their own experience to decide which gender gives the best guidance to their peers.

3. Does Income Matter When Dating?

In this episode of “Krew Season,” A.C. puts cast members in front of the camera to address the relevance of financial stability in a relationship. All eight cast members do not hesitate to give their thoughts on whether a person’s finances matter when being in a relationship.

In this nearly 40-minute episode, every female cast member is partnered with a male cast member, with the exception of A.C. and Smuv, to share their account on whether a person’s finances are essential to a relationship’s success.

Cast members, A.C., Smuv, Skyler, Kenny, Dre, Kelsy, Andre and Mesha bluntly express the correlation between income and relationships. The discussion between the cast grows heated when different opinions are stated.

In fact, female cast member Kelsy shows no humility when boldly stating that making more money than your partner is probable cause to “belittle” them, and that the head of the household is allowed to create a controlling “power dynamic.” Andre disagrees and argues that men do not look to control women but solely ask for “loyalty and love” from their partner.

The video also includes Mesha arguing that financial stability is a requirement for a relationship, a point she draws from a recent personal experience in which she supported a significant other. Dre rebuts her argument by agreeing that finances matter in a relationship, but a woman should also consider men with the ambition to become wealthy because they could achieve financial success in the future.

Overall, “Krew Season” has a few adjustments to make in regard to its lack objectivity and data-based opinions. However, strong evidence might not matter, given that the intention behind the channel’s creation is to simply spark a conversation amongst viewers.

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