From their influence on pop culture to the way they pushed the film industry forward, these five movies are the definition of all-time greats (Pop Sugar)

The 5 Most Influential Movies of All Time, Ranked by Reach

You can’t fully understand the world of cinema until you’ve seen each of these iconic classics.

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You can’t fully understand the world of cinema until you’ve seen each of these iconic classics.

Many of us find ourselves influenced by TV shows or movies we have seen and can associate with.

Over the years, we have all enjoyed hundreds of movies, some more than others. However, for everyone, there are a handful of films that you can watch again and again with all the emotions of seeing it for the first time.

With that being said, here is a short list of movies that, as many will agree, have made a lasting mark on our lives.

1. Titanic

James Cameron’s “Titanic” was an enormous success and won 11 Oscars, a testament to just how successful and highly regarded it was.

The film tells the tragic tale of the ill-fated H.M.S. Titanic ship that set sail in 1912 and devastatingly hit an iceberg and sank, with many on board perishing. The film tells the heartbreaking true story but also follows the fictional story of Jack and Kate, who, despite coming from completely different worlds, fall in love on board the ship.

Due to the immense, wide-reaching success of the film, it is true to say the movie has become more associated with the tragic events of 1912 than the ship itself.

2. Psycho

Even if you have never seen this film, it’s likely that you will have had some experience of its influence on the world. “Psycho,” often viewed as the first horror film of the modern times, awakened the box office to the potential of violence and sex within mainstream films, giving Hitchcock the greatest hit of his career.

The success of the film has been underscored not only by the fan base and box office success, but by the movie being the inspiration for its very own online video slot game, which can be enjoyed at many trusted online casino brands, such as Unibet Casino.

It could be argued that the shower scene, while it only last 45 seconds is one of, if not the most, famous scene to ever hit the cinema, especially in the realm of horror films. The violins that can be heard leading up to and during the shower scene paved the way for films to create and build tension and a sense of impending doom with music.

3. Reservoir Dogs

Quentin Tarantino is seen as the most influential director of his generation. Arguably his most famous work and the one that launched his career, “Reservoir Dogs” is now 25 years old, but a long way from being forgotten. It has become a classic of modern generations.

The movie tells the tale of a diamond heist gone wrong, and many have tried to imitate the story in the past and failed. The cool, shocking, dramatic film really paved the way for independent cinema in the ’90s.

4. Scarface

In the initial days of hip hop and rap, “Scarface” became a language in itself and still serves to inform the genre now. It tells the story of Tony Montana, a struggling Cuban immigrant who quickly finds himself a drug kingpin.

Brian De Palma’s version is actually a remake of the 1932 film of the same name. The film was never meant for the mainstream, mainly down to the unprecedented amount of violence and bad language. It did however find a home within the black community and became referred to within the lyrics of so many artists.

For example Jay-Z had dedicated countless songs to the film and makes a reference to it in pretty much all his albums.

5. The Godfather

The Godfather” trilogy, especially the first one, changed Hollywood in a big way. This is mainly because it was the first film to change the way Italians were viewed on screen, and people stopped seeing them in such a stereotypical way.

It became somewhat of a phenomenon and helped “Italianize” American culture to some extent. Everyone was quoting and discussing Don Corleone, the film’s main character, and you couldn’t go anywhere without someone doing an impression of him when the films were released.

The film, directed by Francis Ford Coppola, is widely regarded as one of, if not the best, film of all time. It follows the story of the Italian-American crime family of Don Vito Corleone, when his son Al Pacino joins the Mafia with some reluctance.

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