‘Jersey Shore Family Vacation’ Was Everything Viewers Expected It to Be

The meatballs are back, and they’ve hardly changed a bit.
April 17, 2018
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I know I wasn’t the only one who stayed up way past curfew to watch a bunch of meatballs and guidos fight at clubs and scream profane things at each other. So, I know I couldn’t have been the only one who was way too excited to see the return of “Jersey Shore.”

Thankfully, with the return of the crew, my rebellious childhood was brought back after the premiere of “Jersey Shore Family Vacation.” The two-part pilot episode of “Jersey Shore Family Vacation,” had fans reminiscing about the infamous fist bump era.

The premiere was successful and has already secured a second season, due in large part to the wild turn of events that lived up to fans’s expectations.

Five years after the original “Jersey Shore,” the spinoff provided fans a look at both the humble and lavish lifestyles these “guidos” live since their time at the shore. Yet, despite their seemingly mature appearances, these Italians have maintained their rambunctious personalities even after experiencing their fair share of hardships since the show.

Snooki and JWOW had a little plastic surgery done, Deena dealt with the loss of her father and “The Situation” has found himself in an ongoing legal battle for tax evasion (but is anyone really surprised?).

Below are a few of the things that have changed since the original “Jersey Shore” aired and have aided in the successful comeback of the crew. Though things are slightly different this time around, fans will still be captivated with another season in the works in the near future.

Sammie Sweetheart’s absence

Whether you watched the original “Jersey Shore” or not, almost everyone is familiar with the on again, off again romance with Ronnie and Sammie Sweetheart. The claimed “sweetest b***h you’ll ever meet” was the only non-returning member from the show this season and her absence is already causing drama within the house.

Ron, who made his return with frosted tips, a girlfriend and a baby on the way did not hesitate to let his opinions be known on his ex-girlfriend’s absence. After much controversy, Ron might not be as over Sammy as he leads on, and with this in mind, Pauly D tried to fill Sweetheart’s void with an awkwardly realistic doll but only resulted in Deena getting defensive over her best friend. It is said that she decided not to return because she is in “a good place.”

Sammy may not have been on the pilot episode, but with Deena being her inside scoop on the house, viewers can only hope she’ll make an unexpected appearance later on. Who knows, maybe she’ll even bring her boyfriend who just happens to look exactly like Ron too. Coincidence? I think not.

They’re all in Relationships — except Pauly D

Relationships, the thing that seems to complicate almost every situation, came into play this season as well. All of the cast members have had some type of past with each other. Regardless of being friends, enemies or more than friends, most have returned to the show with spouses and children. It’ll be interesting to see if Ron, Vinny and Mike can stay faithful to their girlfriends with temptation at every location in Miami, FL.

Judging by the first episode, Ron’s grudges toward both Sam and Mike has left viewers questioning if he has really matured and showed it will be likely that he will succumb to all the temptations the vacation city provides during his “Dad-chelor” season.

On the other hand, DJ Pauly D is still single and has no plans on settling down any time soon with his adventurous lifestyle. The girls returned to the show all married and with kids except Deena, who plans on a child in the near future.

Their responsibilities at home may carry a slight burden on them throughout the season, but it is improbable their responsibilities will stop any of their plans of getting crazy and loud, just as the show’s theme song suggests.

Mike — aka “The Situation” — turns over a new leaf

Since the first season, Mike has always been the one to instigate drama within the house and get himself into frequent trouble. During his early thirties, a time where co-stars say he was at his worst, Mike found himself committing fraud that would lead to a lengthy battle for his freedom for being accused of tax evasion.

After pleading guilty to the accusations of tax evasion, the pilot episode gives fans an inside look at Mike throughout the intimidating trial that he somehow manages to escape jail time until further notice. Prior to joining the reunion in Miami, Mike struggled with years of drug and alcohol addiction, consequently making him the most controversial cast member.

However, a new season means a new Mike; he decided to debut his reinvented self this season after being sober for 28 months. According to the rest of the members of the shore house, the improved Situation is much more enjoyable to be around than before and they all seem to wish him the best.

They haven’t forgotten how to party

Based on their first night at the club, it’s clear the crew are no strangers to the club. Fist bumps were still thrown into the air and Vinny did not hesitate to show off his questionable dance moves.

Snooki, who is also known as the OG meatball, stole the spotlight after having a bit too much to drink, passing out in the street and later used the pool as a toilet. But let’s be real, you can take Snooki out of the shore, but you can’t take the shore out of Snooki.

Chugging wine and tequila in vodka’s place, the crew have become accustomed to a more domesticated lifestyle. However, with The Situation being sworn to sobriety, hopefully, he can still participate in all of the house’s activities without feeling too overwhelmed.

The shore crew is no stranger to a good time and with such a large gap in time since the cast has been together, this season of “Jersey Shore Family Vacation” will be no different. Hopefully, all of these adults can put aside their differences and help each other through the obstacles they will encounter along the way.

Don’t miss another GTL moment of “Jersey Shore Family Vacation” Thursdays on MTV.

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