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Ted Talk

3 Amazing TED Talks for Aspiring Young Journalists

If there’s one thing I’ve learned, it’s that nothing beats a good TED Talk.
July 19, 2018
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As I approach my last year of college, where I am still trying to complete coursework for my major and two minors, sometimes I just need to pull up a TED Talk to give me inspiration.

Now, I’d like to share some of the best TED Talks relating to journalism, to help inspire other young journalists to continue pursuing their passions.

1. How to separate fact and fiction online – Markham Nolan

If there is one thing that is crucial to being a successful journalist, it’s presenting factual information in a timely manner. Staying ahead of other reporters on information is key, but you lose a lot (if not all credibility) if you’re information is inaccurate.

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Especially in the digital age where it is easier than ever to falsify information or doctor images and video, it can be difficult to ascertain if a digital source is correct.

In this talk, Markham Nolan, managing editor at Storyful, dissects the techniques that he and his team use for information verification. Combining the best of old journalism and modern technology, Nolan paints a vivid picture of how journalists and the general public can make sure that the information they are processing is valid.

2. How the Panama Papers journalists broke the biggest leak in history – Gerard Ryle

The Panama Papers revealed how wealthy individuals, including political leaders, used offshore banking to exploit the tax system.

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As a key figure in leaking the Panama Papers, Gerard Ryle gives a riveting TED Talk about how the efforts of a collaborative team of journalists was crucial in exposing this large-scale financial scandal, as well as the impact that the Panama Papers have had.

Sometimes, a story is so widespread and complicated that it’s important to work together with other reporters to make sure your story gets told effectively. The Panama Papers is a great example of how that was done.

3. How I named, shamed, and jailed – Anas Aremeyaw Anas

In one of the best TED Talks I have ever seen, Ghanaian investigative reporter Anas Aremeyaw Anas talks candidly about the realities he has faced in his efforts to expose government corruption and other human rights abuses in his country.

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One of the most poignant moments in the talk comes when Anas discusses how some people would brew a concoction that would be given to, an ultimately kill, deformed children. Anas built a prosthetic baby and posed as a parent who wanted to kill their deformed child. Due to Anas’ reporting, several men involved in brewing substances used to kill said children were arrested. His reporting also exposed people who dealt in human body trafficking in Tanzania.

Due to the dangers of his undercover work, Anas was unable to show his face during the filming of his TED Talk. Although his brand of journalism has put him at risk, it is inspiring to see the devotion he has for the work he does.

Sometimes, stories will come along that might not be easy to delve into, but it is important for journalists to commit to the truth like Anas does.

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