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From its first viral video, the Cut YouTube channel has added many new topics, ranging from politics to beer pong with a twist. And they're all hilarious. (Image via Pixabay)
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Cut videos
From its first viral video, the Cut YouTube channel has added many new topics, ranging from politics to beer pong with a twist. And they're all hilarious. (Image via Pixabay)

Be prepared to pause while you try and stop laughing.

If you’ve ever seen “100 Years of Beauty,” “Fear Pong” or “Parents Explain,” you’re one of the millions of people who have stumbled across Cut videos on social media. With so many online giants like BuzzFeed always on top of creating entertaining content for the world to see, it can seem difficult to find something new to grab viewers’ attention.

Surprisingly, the widely circulated videos mentioned above were not created by BuzzFeed, but by the YouTube channel Cut. As their slogan says, “Cut is for everyone.” Having watched a handful of Cut videos over the past couple of years, some without even knowing what the channel was at first, I’m sure the producers of Cut have something you would love to watch.

Here are four of the most hilarious Cut videos on YouTube.

1. Grandmas Smoking Weed for the First Time | Strange Buds

After a few first videos that missed the mark, Cut videos took off in 2014 when they uploaded a video of three grandmas smoking weed for the first time — who would have thought?

Because what is more entertaining than watching three old ladies getting high with the munchies, playing Cards Against Humanity, talking about their body pains and the sudden urge to want to iron clothes all day? The innocent grannies have racked up 31 million views, and that is not including their pre-pot interview video or extended-cut video.

This video is part of a series called “Strange Buds,” where the producers gather a small group of volunteers to sit and smoke weed. Pairings range from former police officers, United States vets with PTSD, people with different political backgrounds, a mother and daughter and more odd mixtures of people that most would not think of putting together in the same place.

Grandmas Smoking Weed for the First Time | Strange Buds | Cut

2. Drag Queens Play Fear Pong (Strawberry Shartcake vs. Isabella Extynn) | Fear Pong

Fear pong is basically beer pong, but with an amusing twist. There is a dare under each cup. If a player does the dare, they get to keep the cup. If they refuse the dare, they drink the cup. The winner gets $200 in cash. There is a playlist full of “Fear Pong” videos, but this Cut video has you laughing even before the intro. Viewers beware: This one contains some explicit content!

While a drag queen’s humor or the way they present themselves might not be for everyone, Strawberry and Isabella are ecstatic together because, as said in the video, they have known each other for quite some time.

The first dare of the game was “let your opponent splash their drink in your face.” Dramatically reenacting a made-up scene, Isabella chucks a glass of water into Strawberry’s face, and her reaction is priceless as the camera focuses on her dripping expression.

The next dare is “get blasted in the face with a leaf blower for one minute, drink if your wig flies off.” Taking their stances, Isabella ready to literally blast the wig off Strawberry, the leaf blower is victorious in the battle versus a glued-on wig. As Isabella shoots air up into Strawberry’s face, Strawberry yells and moans, laughing as her wig begins to part from her face.

Other dares include letting the opponent chainsaw the other’s heels in half, talking dirty to your opponent, smacking your opponent with a fish and other outrageously random and funny tasks.

Drag Queens Play Fear Pong (Strawberry Shartcake vs. Isabella Extynn) | Fear Pong | Cut

Their characters for this Cut video are spot-on and will make any viewer laugh. The queens accomplish each task with a bit of drag flare, which adds to the hilarity of the already-idiotic dares.

However, viewers also beware: While this video is beyond amusing, these queens get real pretty quickly as they talk about their lives in drag and what their childhoods were like. Isabella even briefly reflects on her relationship with her father, which does not exist anymore. This is my favorite drag “Fear Pong” video because the pair are so touching, and no matter how many times I watch it, I know it will never fail to make me laugh.

3. Blind Dates Play Truth or Drink (Amalia & Andy) | Truth or Drink

In similar fashion to “Fear Pong,” this Cut video series, titled “Truth or Drink,” also involves dares (or sometimes questions) and drinking. Because this is a blind date, Cut producers get two strangers, Amalia and Andy, and sit them down so they can get to know each other.

The twist? There is a stack of cards in between the possible couple. One person asks the question or dare, and if the other person refuses to answer or fulfill the task, they take a shot of alcohol.

With a bubbly personality, Amalia is clearly getting drunk a lot quicker than Andy, as she, not even halfway through the video, starts to lose track of which cards and questions have been asked, resulting in wild, spontaneous answers. The more drunk she gets, the more random and louder her responses are.

Questions or dares can be to show your date your Tinder, Grindr or Bumble profile, tell them your greatest physical asset, to sit on their lap while staring into their eyes for one minute and many other risqué questions. At the end of the video, the blind dates decide if they will go on another date, and in this instance, the answer is a firm “tacos.”

Potential couples aren’t the only people to be featured on “Truth or Drink.” Other pairings include “My Boss and I,” “My Boyfriend and My Ex” and “Divorced Couples,” among others.

Blind Dates Play Truth or Drink (Amalia & Andy) | Truth or Drink | Cut

4. The Birds and the Bees | Parents Explain

If you had kids, would you explain the world’s biggest social issues to them on a YouTube channel? For the parents in this series, the answer is yes. Ranging from parents explaining things like Santa’s nonexistence to hot and heavy topics like masturbation and consent, the discussions basically run the gamut.

This series of Cut videos soared when parents explained sex to their children. While each parent and child has their own video, each with over a million views, the compilation video currently has over 21 million views.

The compilation video goes through different parents asking their children what they know about how babies are made, asking where they come from, and telling them about intercourse. Some kids’ knowledge is far greater than others, and it is the parents’ reaction that is entertaining.

The Birds and the Bees | Parents Explain | Cut

With other kids, though, the humor lies in their innocence. When asked, “Where do babies come from?” some children innocently answer with things like “Made of water. Humans are made of water” and “From God.” One kid shockingly nails it when he says, “Sperm, egg, collide, blah blah blah.” His father’s face is the best as he deadpans, “What do you mean ‘Sperm, egg, collide?”

Parents ask things like “Where do babies come out of?” and some kids innocently believe that babies come out of the butt. It’s also very interesting to see how each parent decides to tell their child about intercourse, because no matter what they say, it’s always an awkward explanation.

Judging by how popular Cut videos are and have been in the past, it is safe to assume that you have already seen one, and you probably didn’t even realize it. The next time you and your friends aren’t feeling a Netflix show in the background while having dinner, you should watch some Cut videos for quality entertainment, because Cut is for everyone.


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