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6 Board Games Perfect for Adults Who Don’t Want to Stay in and Play Board Games

Twenty-one and up only.

Remember when staying up late and playing a card game or board games with your friends were the highlight of your childhood? I do, but I am now apparently an adult, so my games need to age up as well.

I still love a good game of Trouble or Chutes and Ladders, but my friends and I were determined to find more adult games for us to play. So, rather than sitting around on your phones when hanging out with your posy, whip out one of these six board games and enjoy the nostalgic fun. Bring on the competition.

1. Drunk Jenga

Purchase at: Target, Walmart, or any common retailer

Player max: As many as you want

This is the classic game of Jenga all grown up. The game has no specific rules because the owner can make up anything they want. My friend created the version we play, so it might vary in versions that other people choose to play, but this creative liberty is the core of the game.

The idea is to write words or draw images on each of the Jenga blocks that correlate to a specific action.

Whether with or without alcohol, Drunk Jenga will be sure to please. (Image via Sweet Southern Lagniappe)

The most consistent aspect of this game is the three master rules: tower toppler, tactical chunder and failed attempts.

Tower toppler refers to the person who inevitably destroys the structure. This person’s fate now lies in the hands of whoever possesses the “your highness” block (whoever pulls this block is called Highness, Majesty or m’lord/m’lady for the duration of the game).

Tactical chunder is more of any optional rule, but it states that anyone who throws up during the game must drink half a beer. Failed attempts just means that anyone who inadequately performed any of the rules must drink.

You can add things that include singing, prank calling someone, sitting on someone’s lap or drinking a concoction of everyone’s drink mixed together.

One of my favorite rules that my friends and I use is called Dr. Seuss, which means that for the rest of the game, everything you say must rhyme and if it does not then you must drink.

Although it’s called Drunk Jenga, there is no need to include alcohol if you don’t want to, because the game works to reflect your friend group’s dynamic, with or without the use of alcohol.

2. Telestrations After Dark

Purchase at: Target, or GameStop

Player max: Eight

We all remember playing Telephone when we were kids; you tell a secret to one person and see how it alters down the line. Telestrations After Dark is a smash-up between the classic Telephone game and Pictionary.

Each player begins with a small dry-erase booklet, a marker and a two-sided subject card. This version of the board game can feature several distasteful yet hilarious words and phrases.

You start by rolling the die to see what number each player’s secret word will be. The structure of the game changes slightly depending on the number of players.

An odd number of players will write and draw their secret word before passing it along while an even number will just write the word.

The object of the game is to write what you see, draw what you read and see if it matches the original topic. The fun in the game comes at the end when all of the drawings and secret words are revealed.

3. Utter Nonsense: Naughty Edition

Purchase at: Target, Walmart or Barnes and Noble

Player max: 20

This card game is very similar to Cards Against Humanity but with an unusual twist. Utter Nonsense combines hilarious accents and ridiculous phrases to win each round.

The judge draws an accent card then each player chooses a phrase from their hand to speak. The winner of the accent gets the card.

The accent cards don’t necessarily reflect a cultural dialect, but may include things such as crying, Arnold Schwarzenegger or trying to poop. Depending on the judge, how well you recreate the accent is not the only key to winning a round. The phrases are just as silly as the accent cards.

One thing is for sure: It’s a lot of fun to see your male counterparts say phrases as they pretend to give birth.

4. Sunken Sailor

Purchase at: Target

Player max: Eight

Sunken Sailor is a game of deceit and skillful drawing. Everyone is a sailor raving about a wild adventure they just experienced together, but one of the sailors was not a part of it.

Sunken Sailor is one of the best games for those Friday nights with friends. (Image via What’s Eric Playing)

The odd sailor out is referred to the sunken sailor. The object of the game is to figure out who, amongst the sailors, did not partake in the rowdy escapades as each player takes turns drawing bits and pieces of a collaborative picture.

5. Battle of the Sexes

Purchase at: Target or Walmart

Player max: As many as you want

The epic gender battle is now a fun game to play with your friends. This game is not about proving what you know about your own sex, but to prove superiority in understanding the opposite sex.

This is a team-based board game so the men and women will sit on either side of the board. Ladies always go before the gentlemen.

When it is your turn, one player on the other team will draw the team’s opposing sex card and will read the question.

If the questions are answered correctly, then that team is awarded a trophy and moves up on the board, but be wary because trophies can be lost. The first team to capture three trophies is the ultimate sex.

6. Bears Versus Babies

Purchase at: Target, Barnes and Noble or GameStop

Player max: Five

Bears Versus Babies is a card game where you build unusual monsters from your hand to defeat horrible babies. Not only are the infants your enemy, but you are competing against the other players to construct the most effective army.

There are three army builds: sky, land and sea. The monsters you build do not necessarily have to be bears either. Each card consist of body parts that you match to each other.

There are four special bears that can be a part of any army. The only downfall to building your army is that each creature can only fight the monster babies once.

Of course, not all of these games have to be used with the help of alcohol, but for those adults looking to spice up their Friday night get-togethers, these games with me perfect for you.

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