Anne Ortelee’s ‘Weekly Weather’ Is the Perfect Pod for Crucial Astrological Info

Ortelee breaks down each week's planetary transits so you can get the most out of your horoscope.
August 16, 2018
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If you want to learn more about how the planets will affect the world each week, Anne Ortelee’s weekly podcast, the “Cosmic Weekly Weather” report, is the perfect addition to your Sunday routine.

On multiple occasions, I have delved into various transits because, whether regarding retrogrades or the 12 houses, there are so many components to understanding how the planets affect people. Those topics are important, however, only due to their place in the grand scheme of things — they are all related to planetary motion. Because the planets are constantly moving, transits each week are a major factor in day-to-day astrology. They can help you understand what to expect emotionally, both in terms of your interactions with other people and the Earth’s energy.

To develop a deeper understanding of the planets and conjuncts, I have found that the “Cosmic Weekly Weather” report is the best source for comprehensive, in-depth explanations of how the planets will interact at a given time.

Ortelee is a seasoned astrologist based in New York. She is certified by the three major astrology organizations in the United States: the National Council for Geocosmic Research (NCGR) as a Level 3 Astrologer, the American Federation of Astrologers and the International Society for Astrological Research, along with other professional astrological organizations. She lectures weekly in New York, but also travels often to host workshops and teach classes around the world.

This podcast was originally a column online at The Cosmic Path until 2009. Now, with nearly 500 episodes, “Weekly Weather” serves as a popular source for astrological news.

Weekly Weather
Previously an online column in The Cosmic Path, “Weekly Weather” has branched out to podcasts. (Image via Galactic Connection)

In every episode of “Weekly Weather,” Ortelee goes through each day of the coming week’s transits, meaning which planets will be where on the zodiac and how they relate to current events and people’s personal lives. She intuitively discusses how the planets could affect current events, ranging from President Donald Trump’s tweets to the California wildfires, as well as their impact on the realms of emotion and interpersonal interaction.

Over the roughly half hour-long broadcast, Ortelee tells people which signs the moon will cycle through, eclipse transits and any major planetary motions for that week and how those movements relate to one another through aspects and angles.

Ortelee not only tells you what transits are happening, she also gives context for each motion and relates it back to how it can influence society and the individual. In explaining complex astrological concepts related to transits and their effects, Ortelee breaks it down with metaphors, in-depth lessons and personalization for each transit in relation to what other planetary movements are impacting the subject.

Depending on the transits for a given week, she lets people in on how certain aspects of astrology can be used to an individual’s benefit and why. For example, if eclipses are happening during the week, she goes through that eclipse’s aspects with other planets and explains how it can benefit or hurt a person’s motivations and actions. In the podcast, she has a conversational tone that feels like the whole astrological overview could be over a cup of coffee.

“Weekly Weather” is a great resource for people interested in astrology to learn about the planets and chart interpretations because once you know which transits are happening, you can more easily research how it will impact you, based on your house placements and overall natal chart. Alternately, the transits can serve as a guide for creating your chart for the week. In order to fully understand how your natal chart is impacted by any given mix of planetary motions, you must first understand what is happening in the solar system so that you can calculate how the aspect your natal placements.

Because each planet moves among signs, it is easy to google how that transit will affect someone or something based on their chart. I always check which house will be affected by a given transit by looking for the sign the transit is occurring in and then matching that with which house I have that sign.

I have found that pairing Ortelee’s podcast with my own knowledge of the zodiac helps me mentally prepare for any shifts in energy each week. Knowing where to start with research on how your natal chart will be influenced by the transits for a given week does not have to be limited to people with a lot of knowledge on the subject.

Understanding how transits affect people and their situations is one of the most useful aspects of astrology because it can serve as a predictor for how the week will go. In other words, you have something you can expect from the universe. That being said, the process still calls for critical thinking, however, because if something goes terribly the planets are not to blame, they merely serve as perspectives of understanding in order to foster greater care and consciousness. Ortelee’s “Weekly Weather” is a great tool for manifesting intention and heightening awareness for the universe.

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