stars in article about astrology
What's in your future? (Image via Pixabay)

The Wonderful World of Astrology

Expecting to make some big decisions? Having trouble communicating? Maybe the answers are in the stars.

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stars in article about astrology
What's in your future? (Image via Pixabay)

Expecting to make some big decisions? Having trouble communicating? Maybe the answers are in the stars.

Astrology has been an essential aspect of human life since ancient times. It is the study of the planets’ prediction about a person or the world. In earlier periods, kings would not venture out to war without consulting astrologers. Though scientists proudly claim that science has taken the world by storm, astrology continues to be a crucial part of human life.

Even in the 21st century, astrology has carved its niche. Renowned astrologers claim that there is a relationship between astrology and science. Many ancient astrologers like Nostradamus have left behind scrolls containing their astrological predictions. Archaeologists have unearthed the manuscripts, and linguists have deciphered them. To the surprise of the masses, most of these predictions have come true.

Surprisingly, Nostradamus predicted World War II. Modern astrologers claim that they make astrological predictions based on scientific calculations. This remote branch of science originated in Babylon and had gradually made its way to other parts of the world. The life of man has been guided by astrology since birth. Let us take a look at the birth chart followed by astrologers:

astrology chart from Pixabay

There have been a lot of debates surrounding the accuracy of this subject. You can also read the Quora’s debate on this topic.

Let’s find the importance of astrology in our daily lives.

Importance of Astrology in Daily Lives

Astrology may lead to a better life when used constructively. Decades of research reveal that astrology can guide people with their career and family life.

In the 21st century, people are concerned about their job. Government jobs no longer have a monopoly over people. Also, the rate of dissatisfaction with their current job position is on the rise. So, people consult astrologers to find out whether they will get a job and if it is feasible to change their career. Astrologers point out that a person may get a high profile job if they have a robust planetary position. The Sun plays a vital role for those who are seeking government jobs. On the contrary, the person will get a private job if the placement of the Sun in the natal chart is not secure. 

Astrology also plays an important role related to career change.  Many people are unable to cope up with the pressure of their current job. The tremendous pressure makes them eager for a job change. So, they communicate with an astrologer to know if the job change is feasible. The astrologers say that it is vital to calculate the Mahadasha, Antardasha and favorable transits for a desirable job transit.

What does the planetary position suggest?

The Saturn, Ketu, and Rahu may be advantageous when they transit over the 3rd, 6th and 11th house. Transit of Jupiter in the 2nd, 5th, 7th, 9th, and 11th house is favorable. The result is more evident when the Mahadasha, Antardasha and favorable transits coincide.

Many suspicious incidents occur during the planetary period of Rahu and Ketu. Rahu and Ketu are planets that do not have their own houses. Rahu is an evil planet that causes harm in the house where it is placed. Both Rahu and Ketu provide results according to the lordship of the other worlds they occupy. Thus, astrologers check the conditions of Rahu and Ketu before they offer astrological solutions.

Venus is a beneficial planet that signifies marriage, creativity and romance. In case Venus is malefic, the afflicted person may face trial in love. Such a person will marry late in life.

The 2nd house indicates wealth. The 10th house indicates a job, career and profession. So, there are high chances of getting a break in career during the significant period and sub-period of the 10th house.

The 6th house is the house of competition. The 9th house is called fate and fortune. Thus, during the 6th lord in the birth chart, it is easier to get a job by competing. The 11th house indicates a source of income.

In this era of recession, all hell breaks loose if a person loses his job out of the blue. In such cases too, some people appeal to the astrologer for a way out.

Also, it guides employers to select the correct employees. Last but not least, astrology helps people understand how others can react in different situations.

Many yogas (planetary combinations) have the power to make us affluent. According to Indian astrology, Gajakesari Yoga and Panchmahapurush Yoga are most potent. An online reading session predicts about these yogas.

Most Important Astrological Events of 2020 and How They Can Impact Daily Lives

2020 is a year under scrutiny. So, it has started with the penumbral lunar eclipse in cancer on Jan. 10. Two days later, Saturn and Pluto met in the same degree after 36 years. This time is the best time to increase wealth and strive towards self-improvement.  This lunar eclipse has rattled the base of security, resulting in harsh communication.

The retrograde of Mercury started from Pisces on Feb. 16 and gradually move toward the end. Most of the retrograde will occur in Pisces. So, those who are in business or finance need to be careful because the share market won’t be favorable. So, they should try to complete their task with the help of family and friends, though the retrograde will try to pull them off. People should stay strong and focus on their goals.

Saturn will dip into Aquarius between March 21 and July 1. It is time to realize that all of us are part of humanity. With Saturn in Aquarius, the responsibility of the individual to the group becomes clearer. Human rights become a popular topic. Politics and government become progressive.

Saturn will turn towards Aquarius from March 21 to July 1 and from July 1 to Dec. 17. This astrological transition is going to be one of the longest in 2020. During this time, people may notice a lot of energy shifts in the body. They are going to explore new things, and many new responsibilities will come up. However, people need to accept these new responsibilities cheerfully. It will be the best time to organize the future.

Venus is the planet that spends the least time in retrograde.  Between May 13 and June 25, there is going to be Venus retrograde in Gemini. The retrograde predicts a difficult time in relationships for Aquarius, Sagittarius, Gemini and Taurus. This time will be pretty tough where love is concerned. As a result, people will find themselves more devastated than composed. An ex-lover may give another a chance. Otherwise, two ex-lovers may return simultaneously, leaving the victim in a confused state of mind.

A lunar eclipse in Gemini on Nov. 30 is a major astrological event. The penumbral lunar eclipse in Gemini will allow people to start anew. This fresh start will help them think differently and see the truth from a new perspective. It will also help people let go of the old mind blocks that are creating obstacles in communication.

We are about to witness the only complete lunar eclipse of 2020 on Dec. 14. This solar eclipse will provide an opportunity to open the mind and see things from a different perspective. During this period, people are going to confront the reality within them. This confrontation will change their belief in observing things and provide a new perspective. People need to accept their mistakes during this period and confess when they are wrong.

Jupiter is going to enter Aquarius after 12 years on Dec. 19. It is going to be one of the unique transits of 2020. Jupiter is an energy-filled planet. When it combines with Aquarius, people look forward to embracing an entirely new aspect of humanity and thinking big.

The wild conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn on Dec. 12 is going to be a much-awaited astrological event of 2020. Jupiter and Saturn are opposing planets. So, their meeting is going to be wild conjunction. It will change the lives of people in many ways. Positive energy will revolve around people and affect their family members too. There will be a massive change in fortune and power also. The thoughts of people will affect others.

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