Photograph by Justin Rex, Texas Tech University

Texas Tech’s Robbie Meyer Takes the Study Breaks Questionnaire

On this month’s ‘Meet the President,’ the Red Raider talks taking criticism with a grain of salt, except when it comes to his guacamole.

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Photograph by Justin Rex, Texas Tech University

On this month’s ‘Meet the President,’ the Red Raider talks taking criticism with a grain of salt, except when it comes to his guacamole.

Meet the President with Texas Tech University’s Robbie Meyer

1. What is your major? Kinesiology

2. What is your dream job? I would love to become a physical therapist. Eventually, I want to own my own clinic and work with the athlete population.

3. What academic focus most interests you? I am a man of science. I love anatomy, because it directly relates to what I want to do and it is very cool to see how the body moves.

4. What are your intellectual strengths? I am good at taking criticism. This is a strength that I have honed and am proud of. It is easy to be shocked and then proceed to shut down when people criticize you, but I have learned to take the advice and use it to mold myself into a better person.

5. What will you never understand? I will never understand why people want to argue. I am a person that believes in bringing in a team to discuss a topic, not argue over who is right and wrong.

6. What qualities do you most admire in a person? Empathy. Love.

7. What is your most marked characteristic? According to Strengths Quest, positivity is my number one strength, and I think that accurately describes who I am as a person! There is always a silver lining.

8. What angers you? People that are willfully ignorant. It may not be soothing to know all the facts, but if you are privy to the information, then you should reach out and gain that knowledge.

Texas Tech’s Robbie Meyer (Photography by Justin Rex, Texas Tech University)

9. What is currently on your mind? The state of this nation. Sometimes I worry that we have strayed far away from God and we need to get back on the right path. We need a leader in this time.

10. What historical figure do you admire? Martin Luther King, Jr. It takes guts to be the one to speak out against the culture. If we look back now, most people agree that it needed to be done and that those standards should have never been in place at all. Being a change-maker is scary and takes some courage.

11. What are your summer plans? Work. Work. I will be working all summer and preparing for the school year!

12. Who are some of your favorite authors? Stephen King is my favorite author of all time. His imagery is amazing. He can make a scenario seem so real that you actually can’t sleep, because you don’t know what it behind your closet door. It is amazing how he writes.

13. What music are you into at the moment? I am a very big fan of alternative music and rap music. Currently, I have been listening to a lot of DREAMERS, Mac Miller and Calvin Harris.

14. What is your go-to meal? One Guy’s Calzones. If you ever come to Lubbock, you have to try One Guy’s.

15. What’s your biggest struggle as a student? Realizing that I need to go have fun instead of work all the time. Sometimes I get so caught up in my position, that I forget I am a student.

16. What is your favorite Instagram account? I love Chance the Rapper’s Instagram account. He is such an uplifting and spiritual person. Sometimes what he posts truly speaks to me.

17. What is your most treasured possession? I don’t have a lot of treasured possessions. I am more of an experience person. I like going on trips to music festivals or just around the country. If I had to choose one, it would be a picture of me and my mom that is on my desk at work. It says, “Mothers see their sons for who they truly are and believe in what they can become.” I would not be here if it wasn’t for my amazing parents.

18. What is your favorite alcoholic beverage? I’m only twenty years old, so I haven’t tried many outside of having a few with my parents. My dad loves TX Whiskey, so I guess that would be my favorite.

19. What is your typical outfit? Chacos, shorts and a polo. It’s never a bad time to dress like you are going to the beach or out on the lake.

20. What’s the best class you’ve taken in college? HIST 2301 with Dr. Richard Verrone. This man is amazing and can make history come to life. I would not have enjoyed this class if it weren’t for Dr. V being an amazing teacher.

21. What is your favorite place to eat? One Guy’s. I’m telling you, it’s some of the best food in Lubbock. Outside of Lubbock, I really like Pappasito’s.

22. What’s a secret talent of yours? I don’t have a lot of secret talents. I make some really good guacamole though

23. Where do you want to go most in the world? I want to visit every single MLB park. That would be a dream.

24. If you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be? I would change the way I respond to confrontation. Sometimes you have to be the one to put your foot down, and I do not like having to do that. I wish it came more easily to me.

25. What is your definition of failure? Not getting back up after a loss. Everyone will lose, the question is how they respond.

26. Where would you be if not in college? Traveling to every MLB park in the nation. This is, of course, if I won the lottery.

27. What makes you nervous? Ironically, public speaking is one of the things that make me nervous. I can speak in private settings with ease, but sometimes it’s hard to get out on stage and speak in front of a crowd. It never gets easier either.

28. What is your biggest indulgence? Going to music festivals. I love being in that atmosphere, and I love music in general.

29. What living person would you most like to meet? Mac Miller. I have been his biggest fan since Day 1. His lyrics speak to me, and while he has his party music, he also has some really emotional down-to-earth music.

30. What is important to you right now? My family. They always will be the most important thing in my life.

31. What is your greatest achievement? Being elected as student body president. While it is somewhat of a popularity contest, I do think people believe in what my team and I will accomplish this year. Stay tuned. Big things are coming.

32. What is your motto? “If you don’t become an actor, you’ll never be a factor” – Lupe Fiasco.

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