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In ‘Plant Over Processed,’ Earthy Andy Poses Plant-Based Solutions for Your Health

The Hawaiian influencer released her new cookbook, which promotes eating more fruits and vegetables to alleviate what ails you.
January 27, 2021
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Hawaiian influencers are taking over Instagram with their wavy lives, adorable, tanned children and their daily surfing, hiking and healthy, au naturel diets. There’s one Hawaiian mama in particular, though, that takes the (sugar-free, gluten-free, plant-based) cake — and that’s Earthy Andy, also known as Andrea Hannemann.

It’s no surprise that Oahu-dwelling Earthy Andy has racked up a boatload of followers — 1.3 million on Instagram, to be exact — given her charisma, sunny smile and her adorable, sun-bleached blond-haired boys, Tama, Ira and Nalu.

Her charm isn’t the only thing that she has going for herself, though. Earthy Andy is a plant-based guru, eager to share her healthy, flavorful recipes with the rest of the world, and her new cookbook aims to do just that. “Plant Over Processed,” released on Dec. 29, has already become a bestseller, with five-star ratings on Barnes & Noble and Apple Books.

“Plant Over Processed” is packed with gorgeous photography of the Hawaiian landscape, coupled with 75 decadent smoothies, blissful plant-based bowls and delectable natural sugar desserts. It’s a life-changing healthy cookbook that guides each reader through the flavorful notes of Asian, Hawaiian, Mediterranean, European and Mexican cuisine.

It’s essential to note that Earthy Andy hasn’t always lived the plant-based, health-centered lifestyle. Like everyone else, she had her fair share of the typical American diet, including burgers, French fries, pizza, unnatural sugars, convenience foods and gluten-filled goodness. Perhaps because of this, she suffered from health problems, including irritable bowel syndrome, celiac disease, skin problems and asthma. She realized that she had to make a change.

Her shift to a plant-based diet is what ultimately helped alleviate her health pains, coupled with increased mental clarity, hormonal balance and weight loss. Throughout her plant-based journey, she followed guidance from healthcare professional Dr. Diana Joy Ostroff, a naturopathic physician — making “Plant Over Processed” a medically approved diet.

Health is important to Earthy Andy, and the health of others remains a resolute goal. This is why she invites her readers to join her on a “30-Day Plant Over Processed Challenge” that she highlights in her cookbook, which will detox the bodies of those who participate. As she affirms, after 30 days, readers can choose to follow a long-term plan for going plant-based without fully giving up their favorite dishes.

As Earthy Andy states herself: The goal of this cookbook and this challenge “is to help you develop a sustainable, healthy lifestyle that you can enjoy and benefit from while fitting into society and supporting our planets ‘health’. This is a lifestyle that encourages healthy living choices in all aspects of life, reaching for results of optimal health and well-being.”

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So why is Earthy Andy’s plant-based approach different than your typical keto, vegetarian or vegan diet? The keto diet prioritizes eating low carbohydrates with high levels of protein. Vegetarianism emphasizes avoiding meat products, while veganism takes it one step farther by avoiding animal products altogether (that is, dairy and eggs, in addition to meat products).

Earthy Andy’s curated plant-over-processed diet, however, has a clear mathematical breakdown.

Ultimately, she urges an 80/20 split, where 80% of the foods you eat in a day are entirely plant-based, while the remaining 20% can deviate from the natural path, whether that be your favorite carbohydrate, packaged snack, dairy indulgence, fish or your occasional meat.

Earthy Andy acknowledges that the overarching goal is prioritizing a plant-based diet. As humans, we are prone to cheating; diets seem impossible to follow to a T. Earthy Andy acknowledges this human flaw, encouraging a slow but adamant shift toward prioritizing your health with the most natural diet available — plant-based. This 80 to 20 split makes her diet an achievable one that anyone can obtain.

What do Earthy Andy’s 30 Day Challenge and recipes look like? Her cookbook entails four clear steps. It starts with a morning cleanser, which is a simple, efficient recipe of steamed water, lemon, ginger, cayenne pepper and maple syrup (for an added sweet taste). This morning purifier helps wake your digestive system up; it protects your body from any potential attacking germs and keeps your immunity on guard.

This wake-up detox drink is followed by a breakfast that’s laden with nature’s finest sweet — fruit. You have two clear-cut options for your fruity first meal, including a mono-approach (just one singular fruit to wake up your digestive system) or a blended smoothie bowl (whether green, mango, banana, berry or any other fruit of choice). Choosing to start your day with a fruity breakfast allows for quick digestion, as fruit breaks down swifter than starches and carbohydrates.

A plant-based lunch consists of a salad variation, with raw (uncooked) veggies. Vegetables are next in line in regards to easy digestors. Earthy Andy includes a variety of fresh, delectable salad options with zesty dressings to keep your creative tummy happy.

“Plant Over Processed” is all about warm curry and soups for dinner. These cooked plants are easy on the stomach but more complex to break down — which is why they are saved for last, after your body has had time to wake up and digest throughout the course of the day.

It doesn’t stop there, though. Earthy Andy also has quite the sweet tooth, and she makes sure to include delectable, plant-based desserts to help soothe your sugary cravings. Plant products like dates, coconut sugar and raw cocoa are great alternatives to natural sweeteners.

Earthy Andy’s 75 recipes in “Plant Over Processed” are sure to turn you over to the plant side. Whether you’re on the North Shore of Hawaii or in the chilly Canadian climate, eating a plant-based diet is a feasible alternative that can spice up your life and cure your health ailments. It’s easy to make the switch to plant over-processed, especially with Earthy Andy’s tasteful and delectable recipes. “Plant Over Processed” is a cookbook that will transform your health for good; take the stride and make the switch.

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