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casino bonuses

Make the most of those little extras that you get.

When you want to relax after a busy day spent working or studying, feel free to place bets on a gambling site using multiple online casino bonuses. You can choose between regular, seasonal or one-off promotions to make the process more exciting and profitable. To find comprehensive information about the current offers, visit This article will focus on the most common types of incentives and their peculiarities.

Welcome Bonus

Upon registration, newbies are usually entitled to the welcome incentive. In most cases, it consists of free spins and/or an increase of their first deposit. Bonus spins can be applied to selected games. Sometimes the gambler is not allowed to use all the spins in one go and needs to distribute them over several days. For instance, if the welcome casino bonus contains 100 spins, you are allowed to use 20 of them daily for five consecutive days. This helps the customer to develop a habit of coming back to the site every day.

The deposit increase functions on the subsequent principles:

  • It normally falls within the range of 50% to 200%;
  • It features a maximum limit — for instance, a bonus up to $200;
  • It can refer not strictly to the initial top-up but also to 1-3 following ones;
  • Top-ups made through certain payment systems might not be eligible for it.

You have a limited time to claim this casino bonus and use it (for example, seven and 30 days, respectively). If you fail to do so, the promotion becomes invalid and you will not be able to restore it later.

On most platforms, the customer can create a new account only once. An attempt to violate this rule might lead to a ban of all the created accounts. Often the platform allows clients to register not “once per person,” but once per household or email. If several flatmates or family members are planning to make stakes on the site, they should do it using the same account. Only one of them will be able to resort to the welcome incentive.

Deposit-Related Offer

To encourage players to frequently top up their account, the administration offers them diverse deposit-related incentives. The sum on your balance might increase if you:

  • Top-up the deposit on a certain day;
  • Do it through a particular payment system;
  • Send to your account a sum larger than a certain minimum limit.

This might be either a regular incentive or a one-off. The percentage of the increase might differ depending on the sum that you send to your account. Usually, these are weekly promotions.

VIP programs

To join the loyalty program on most gambling sites, it is enough to create an account in the system. To increase your rank within the program, you should actively place bets with real money. The more stakes you make, the more complimentary points you accumulate — and the more points you gather, the more generous the perks that you receive.

Thanks to the VIP program, you can get access to the subsequent privileges:

  • Invitations to special events and tournaments;
  • Higher cashback ratio;
  • Quicker cashouts;
  • Higher maximum withdrawal limits;
  • Assistance of a personal account manager;
  • Personalized incentives;
  • Valuable prizes, such as gadgets or cars.

Complimentary points can be converted back into cash and spent on stakes.

It is an industry standard to design the loyalty program along gamification principles. Usually, there will be from four to 15 ranks in a loyalty program, each with a peculiar name and avatar: Conqueror, Warrior, Emperor, Gold, Diamond and so on.

Apart from the loyalty program, there might be a referral one. They differ drastically in their terms and rewards. Within the referral program, there are no statuses. You need to invite your peers to the platform using your individual link that you either generate yourself in your user profile or receive from the administration. You may share this link on social networks, private messages or profile forums. After a newbie creates an account on the gambling site with your link, you will receive a reward. Alternatively, you might keep receiving a certain ratio of their spendings on the site during a certain period. The more newbies you invite, the larger your passive income.


This offer was designed to motivate customers who lose more funds than they win. Every week or month, it helps them to retrieve a certain part of their losses. The average cashback ratio falls within the range from 5% to 15%. The higher your status in the loyalty program, the higher the ratio. On some platforms, VIP players retrieve up to 25% of their losses.

Sometimes the cashback is calculated as a percentage of your spendings but not losses. Alternatively, this online casino bonus can be combined with the referral program — in this case, a person invites new clients to register on the platform and receives a ratio of their losses.

Regular Promotions

You have a right to decline those casino bonuses whose conditions do not seem profitable. After you accept one, the received sum should be not withdrawn straight away but spent on stakes. Glance through the rules of the promotions on the corresponding page of the gambling platform right after registration to get familiar with the conditions.

Some promotions require activation. To use them, you need to insert a promo code, push a button or contact the clients’ support. Others are activated automatically.

Most online casino bonuses do not depend on the device. They are equally accessible for those who play from their computers and portable gadgets. However, some projects offer extra incentives to clients who download their mobile apps.

Nearly all promotions have wagers. A wager is a coefficient that shows how much you need to win to be allowed to withdraw the prize. For instance, you received $20 as a gift with an x20 wager. You need to win 20 x 20 = $400 to be able to send the money to your bank card or web wallet. Coefficients below x30 are considered reasonable. Times 35 and more might be too difficult to wager. When wagering a casino bonus, you might be required to place bets only with certain sums — for instance, from $0.5 to $5.

Non-sticky casino bonuses can be cashed out together with the prize. Their sticky counterparts remain on the site — you would be able to withdraw only the winnings obtained with their help.

Games differ in their wagering contribution. When wagering a casino bonus in slots, one normally enjoys a 100% contribution — but in other types of games it can be 2, 5, 10 or 20 times lower. To check the exact contribution ratio, visit the Promotional Terms and Conditions section of the gambling site.

Sometimes players receive gifts for their birthday, the anniversary of their joining the platform or other meaningful events.


Casino bonuses spice up the gameplay and help the gamblers to win more than lose. Some of the promotions are connected with topping up the account while others do not depend on the sum on the deposit. Welcome incentives can be used strictly once while cashback and other types of promotions can be activated an unlimited number of times. Before accepting a casino bonus, make sure you read its conditions attentively and ascertain that its wager, timeframe and limits suit you.

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