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7 Easiest Healthy Meals to Make in College

College life is a whirlwind of classes, social events, and late-night study sessions, leaving little time for elaborate meal prep.
June 27, 2024
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However, maintaining a healthy diet is crucial for sustaining energy and focus. Here are eight easy, nutritious meals that are perfect for college students:

 overnight oats, ready to enjoy for a nutritious breakfast. If you need any adjustments or another type of visual1. Overnight Oats

Overnight oats are a lifesaver for busy mornings. Simply mix rolled oats with your choice of milk (dairy, almond, soy, etc.), add a bit of honey or maple syrup, and top with your favorite fruits and nuts. Let it sit in the fridge overnight, and you’ll have a ready-to-eat, nutritious breakfast waiting for you.

Ingredients Per Serving:

  • Rolled oats: 1/2 cup (45g)
  • Milk of choice: 1/2 cup (120ml)
  • Honey or maple syrup: 1-2 teaspoons (5-10ml)
  • Fruits (berries, bananas, etc.): 1/4 to 1/2 cup (50-100g)
  • Nuts or seeds: 1-2 tablespoons (15-30g)

Preparation: Mix all ingredients in a jar or container and refrigerate overnight.

Here's the image of the avocado toast, looking fresh and delicious with its various toppings2. Avocado Toast

Avocado toast is a trendy and healthy option that takes minutes to prepare. Mash a ripe avocado onto whole-grain toast, and season with salt, pepper, and a squeeze of lemon juice. Add toppings like cherry tomatoes, a poached egg, or smoked salmon for extra flavor and nutrients.

Ingredients Per Serving:

  • Whole-grain bread: 1 slice
  • Avocado: 1/2 ripe avocado
  • Salt: a pinch
  • Pepper: a pinch
  • Lemon juice: 1/2 teaspoon (2.5ml)
  • Optional toppings:
    • Cherry tomatoes: 2-3, halved
    • Poached egg: 1
    • Smoked salmon: 1-2 slices

Preparation: Toast the bread, mash the avocado, season, and add your preferred toppings.

Here's the image of the chicken and veggie wrap, looking vibrant and fresh with all the colorful ingredients.3. Chicken and Veggie Wrap

Wraps are versatile and easy to pack for on-the-go meals. Use a whole-grain tortilla, and fill it with grilled chicken, leafy greens, shredded carrots, and a drizzle of hummus or Greek yogurt dressing.

Ingredients Per Serving:

  • Whole-grain tortilla: 1 (about 8-10 inches)
  • Grilled chicken: 1/2 cup (75g), sliced or shredded
  • Leafy greens (spinach, lettuce): 1/2 cup (15g)
  • Shredded carrots: 1/4 cup (25g)
  • Hummus or Greek yogurt dressing: 2 tablespoons (30ml)

Preparation: Layer ingredients on the tortilla, roll it up, and enjoy.

Here's the image of the Greek yogurt parfait, showcasing the delicious layers of yogurt, granola, fresh berries, and honey4. Greek Yogurt Parfait

A Greek yogurt parfait is a perfect combination of protein and healthy fats. Layer Greek yogurt with granola, fresh berries, and a drizzle of honey for a sweet and satisfying meal or snack.

Ingredients Per Serving:

  • Greek yogurt: 1 cup (240ml)
  • Granola: 1/4 cup (30g)
  • Fresh berries: 1/2 cup (75g)
  • Honey: 1-2 teaspoons (5-10ml)

Preparation: Layer ingredients in a bowl or jar, starting with yogurt, then granola, berries, and a drizzle of honey.

Here's the image of the quinoa salad, vibrant and fresh with a mix of colorful vegetables and beans.5. Quinoa Salad

Quinoa salads are easy to make in bulk and store in the fridge for several days. Cook quinoa according to package instructions, then mix it with chopped vegetables, beans, and a simple vinaigrette.

Ingredients Per Serving:

  • Quinoa: 1/2 cup (85g) cooked
  • Chopped vegetables:
    • Cucumber: 1/4 cup (30g)
    • Cherry tomatoes: 1/4 cup (50g)
    • Bell peppers: 1/4 cup (30g)
  • Beans:
    • Chickpeas or black beans: 1/4 cup (60g)
  • Vinaigrette:
    • Olive oil: 1 tablespoon (15ml)
    • Vinegar: 1 tablespoon (15ml)

Preparation: Cook quinoa, chop vegetables, mix everything in a bowl, and dress with vinaigrette.

Here's the image of the smoothie bowl, looking vibrant and refreshing with its colorful toppings.6. Smoothie Bowls

Smoothie bowls are refreshing and customizable. Blend your favorite fruits with a bit of milk or juice, then pour into a bowl and top with granola, seeds, and fresh fruit.

Ingredients Per Serving:

  • Frozen fruits:
    • Berries: 1/2 cup (75g)
    • Banana: 1/2 (50g)
    • Mango: 1/2 cup (75g)
  • Milk or juice: 1/2 cup (120ml)
  • Granola: 1/4 cup (30g)
  • Seeds (chia, flax): 1 tablespoon (15g)
  • Fresh fruit: 1/4 cup (50g), for topping

Preparation: Blend fruits with milk or juice, pour into a bowl, and add toppings.

Here's the image of the chickpea pasta with pesto sauce, cherry tomatoes, and spinach.7. Chickpea Pasta with Pesto Sauce

Chickpea pasta is a fantastic alternative to traditional pasta, providing more protein and fiber. Cook chickpea pasta according to package instructions, then toss with a generous amount of pesto sauce. Add cherry tomatoes and spinach for extra nutrients and a burst of color.

Ingredients Per Serving:

  • Chickpea pasta: 2 ounces (56g) dry
  • Pesto sauce: 2 tablespoons (30g)
  • Cherry tomatoes: 1/2 cup (75g), halved
  • Spinach: 1 cup (30g), fresh

Preparation: Cook pasta, mix with pesto sauce, and add halved cherry tomatoes and fresh spinach.


Eating healthy in college doesn’t have to be time-consuming or complicated. These eight easy meals are nutritious, simple to prepare, and perfect for maintaining a balanced diet amidst a busy schedule. With a little planning and creativity, you can enjoy delicious and wholesome meals that support your academic and personal well-being.

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