Tyler and Ryan Falcoa
The Falcoa brothers connect with their fans through emotionally-fused lyrics (Image via tylerandryan.com)

4 Reasons Why You Need to Listen to Tyler and Ryan Falcoa

Tyler and Ryan Falcoa are a brother duo making waves on the YouTube music scene and are the perfect fit for anyone’s playlist.

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Tyler and Ryan Falcoa

Tyler and Ryan Falcoa are a brother duo making waves on the YouTube music scene and are the perfect fit for anyone’s playlist.

Tyler and Ryan Falcoa, an incredible brother duo, have been shining on their YouTube channel with cover songs since Dec. 2012. But a fan favorite is their original music, which has been making waves on the platform since July 2015.

Their covers blow listeners away, but their original lyrics amaze even the harshest critics, with one person saying, “Their following is rapidly growing, as they move away from solely ‘cover artists’ on YouTube to writing and producing music.” Here are four reasons why you need to listen to Tyler and Ryan Falcoa immediately!

1. Their voices have a beautiful tone and make listeners want to sing along.

The best part about Tyler and Ryan’s original music is the little details about how they write and produce their songs. Their voices are the reason their cover songs stand out on their channel. No matter what songs they cover, their vocal range is phenomenal.

The brothers possess the kind of voices you can close your eyes to and create mental pictures to go along with the lyrics. But their covers aren’t the only ones making listeners sit back while letting the lyrics take them over — their original music does this as well.

Tyler and Ryan’s original tracks and their lyrics make people feel a range of emotions, from crushes to being in love to heartbreak and longing. The emotional aspect makes their music so much more profound, which is more than anyone can ask for, since there is a connection listeners can find within the lyrics.

Their smooth voices make listening much easier while their lyrics carry you off into a world unknown. Fans can find 42 minutes-worth of the duo’s streamable original content on Spotify.

2. Each original song is an open love letter.

Whether you are listening to “Caller ID” or “Let Me Go,” a message can be discovered between the lines. Each song’s lyrics are pieces of a love letter that mirrors real-life situations, such as first-crush jitters, anxiously expecting someone’s call and finding that person is ‘worth the wait.’

They also cover heavier topics involving deep love, jealousy and heartbreak. Listeners can relate to wanting someone back but having to let them go. They also can understand wanting to guard their heart from anymore pain while missing the little things about an ex.

This aspect of their music makes their lyrics even more relatable because crushes, relationships and breakups are a massive whirlwind for listeners as they feel a million different emotions when they listen carefully to each remarkably crafted lyric.

The greatest part about original tracks by a fan’s favorite artist is waiting for new singles to appear at midnight on streaming platforms. The feeling is no different when fans are waiting for Tyler and Ryan to drop new music, especially their highly anticipated hot new track, “Guarded.”

Tyler took to Twitter a week before the release of the new single to share a major detail about the story behind the lyrics: “Ryan and I got a new single called ‘Guarded’ coming out 2.16.18 and it’s a super personal song based on a real-life situation. It’s a different direction for us and we hope you enjoy it.”

Tyler and Ryan’s newest track stems from a personal situation in their lives, which adds a realistic element to their lyrics. Fans love finding themselves in their favorite songs and this one is no different.

Understanding the lyrics adds depth to “Guarded,” since its meaning is personal, relatable, raw and beautiful. The brother duo bring all the emotion to the table, which allows fans to connect with them on a personal level rather than creating distance between themselves and their listeners.

3. Their imaginative YouTube videos create a whole world for their original songs.

Music videos can be disappointing and leave viewers wanting more, but Tyler and Ryan Falcoa’s videos are different in a good way. While they currently have 13 official music videos, one stands out above the rest. Dropping on the channel back in October, “Too Friendly, Too Jealous” starts out differently than any of their other original videos.

Instead of going straight into the track’s intense and emotional lyrics, there is an opening scene featuring Tyler and his female co-star, Kate Mohns, yelling over a minor incident. The girlfriend (Mohns) then storms out as the music steadily starts playing. With an opening sequence like that, viewers can feel the boyfriend’s (Tyler) anger as he deals with his girlfriend hanging out with a sketchy guy.

When a viewer can feel the intensity of the moment happening in front of their eyes, that is when an artist has created the perfect video. “Too Friendly, Too Jealous” has very relatable lyrics already, but the video’s visual world brings it to life in the most powerful way.

4. They’re active on social media and music-streaming services.

Not only do Tyler and Ryan love what they produce, they also share in their fans’ happiness. Tyler explained their passion for their music and the connection with their fans, saying, “Music is about sharing; sharing with family, friends, and fans. Once you have a circle of listeners it’s important to keep them happy while writing what you love and feel as an artist. It is sort of like a relationship.”

Fans can agree wholeheartedly that they feel an intimate connection between themselves and the singers because of how much the brothers care about sharing their music with the people who support them. No matter the reactions to a track, the duo always respond to their fans with the same amount of excitement and love.

Their down-to-earth quality make them an irresistible pair, which the singers radiate as they reveal their hearts in their music and social media posts and by always keeping fans up-to-date with new music releases. Their sincerity makes them stand out from the rest, and no matter the announcement, significant or small, Tyler and Ryan are constantly sharing their enthusiasm with their vast following.

With excitement building for the release of their upcoming single, Ryan posed a question on his Instagram account on the heels of its debut: “5 days till our new single, “Guarded” comes out! Who’s excited?!” Exhilarated fans soon flooded the post with comments as the single approached the big day.

At the beginning of the new year, Tyler took to Instagram to share the promise of new music in 2018: “This year is the year that more original music is coming to you. My partner in crime and I gonna do it big for ya.” He did not disappoint as fans kept streaming the singers’ earlier hit singles on their Spotify artist page.

According to their Spotify artist page, “Let Me Go” takes the top rank in streams with 1,107,397 views as of Feb. 17. A song that makes fans feel like they themselves are experiencing the pain of a person cheating on them is top-rank worthy, thanks to the strong feelings the lyrics elicits from listeners. Coming in second is a track about a guy falling head over heels for his lover, “Beautiful Overload,” with 105,191 views.

Overall, their original songs are a great addition to any college student’s playlist, no matter what genre of music they prefer. Listening to their songs can help music lovers find their new favorite track or artist. Tyler and Ryan’s EP “Basement Diaries” and new tracks are available on streaming platforms such as Spotify and Apple Music worldwide. Also, check out their episode of “Best.Cover.Ever” on YouTube with one of their music inspirations, Charlie Puth.

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