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Who knew even Emma Chamberlain tried her hand at podcasting?

YouTube’s most famous stars have never been stagnate in their aspirations to expand the audience. Whether YouTubers take on money-savvy ventures or make the jump to Hollywood and become acting, singing and dancing triple threats—they just keep the entrepreneurial ball a rollin’.

One of the most popular markets for dethroned YouTube royalty to postmark their brand onto is the podcast multiverse. While it might be easy and breezy for some influencers to take their personalities from on-camera to off-camera, others have stumbled in their pursuits to make it to the top of the charts. With that being said, here is a ranking of four top YouTuber podcasts found on Spotify.  Disclaimer: in order to keep this list consistent, I have listened to three different episodes from each podcast and made judgements based on those episodes.

1.”Ear Biscuits” by Rhett and Link

“Ear Biscuits” is hosted by Rhett McLaughlin and Charles “Link” Neal, known by their popular YouTube channel, “Good Mythical Morning,” and the New York Times bestseller, “Book of Mythicality.” McLaughlin and Neal are forty-something-year-old men who use their humor, close relationship and media awareness to craft quality episodes.

The self-proclaimed “Internetainers” (a mash-up of “internet” and “entertainers”) have shifted their podcast structure through the 190 episode series—at first relying on other YouTube guest stars’ appearances for content to now centering each episode around a bizarre question and going where the conversation takes them.

The high-quality audio and calm yet humorous demeanor of McLaughlin and Neal makes this podcast easily digestible, but at the same time overwhelming enough to keep the interest of their listeners. The age of the hosts certainly influences their style, and at first it may even seem weird that co-hosts are rarely talking over each other and allow each to tell stories from start to finish. But even if “Ear Biscuits” doesn’t always have the hyper energy you might be searching for within the YouTuber podcast community, the veteran hosts do a noble job at retaining attention and cracking jokes along the way.

2.”Views” by David Dobrik and Jason Nash

“Views” is a podcast hosted by YouTube King David Dobrik and his trusty sidekick, Jason Nash. Dobrik and Nash each have their own channels that boast a combined 14 million subscribers. Their podcast is primarily an in-depth extension of David’s channel, as the co-hosts frequently go behind the scenes of their insane video hijinks, like in an Episode 58 where Dobrik and Nash talk about how they decided to flip a coin and put $10,000 on the line in Vegas.

Besides the continuous discussion of vlog activities, “Views” is also a series based around recollected childhood stories and confessions of intimate thoughts. Dobrik and Nash’s friendship is unusual because of the 20-year age gap, but their age discrepancy is what makes for the most interesting content, as both are going through confusing stages in life. Unscripted and conversationalist nature of this fast-paced podcast is what keeps most listeners tuned in.

3.”Impaulsive” by Logan Paul

Even though Logan Paul has diverged permanently from his on-camera YouTube career, his personality is crazier than ever on his podcast. “Impaulsive” is described as, “the world’s greatest, most thought-provoking, mentally stimulating podcast in the history of mankind … hosted by a bunch of idiots,” and from this definition alone it is obvious why this podcast is so popular.

The ex-YouTuber’s podcast is not a one-man job, as his commentary gets bounced between two co-hosts, Mike and Spencer. The dichotomy of their personalities—Paul’s snobbish star power, Mike being a glorified grown-up frat boy and Spencer as the most grounded yet understated part of the show—plus the revolving door of guest stars who appear on the show helps the pacing stay upbeat and lively.

However, the “bro-iness” and obnoxious nature of the conversations is never-ending and a huge turn-off to an otherwise informative podcast with vivacious guest stars like UFC Champion Urijah Faber, Under Armour athlete Cameron Hanes and DJ Chantel Jeffries.

Overall, Paul’s fans will find this podcast revolutionary, and while it is an honest shot of transferring Paul’s personality to the podcast format, it is loud, in-your-face and even somewhat clunky. But, if you’re looking for an overwhelming way to kickstart your morning commute, “Impaulsive” is the way to go.

4.”Stupid Genius” by Emma Chamberlain

Rising YouTube darling, Emma Chamberlain, is the most recent vlogger to jump on the podcast bandwagon. Her audio show a “Stupid Genius” is a drastic change in content from her usual lifestyle vlogs. The YouTuber’s podcast is styled like a game show revolving around weird scientific questions like: Why do ants die after their queen ant dies or why do dogs lick humans?

If you’re still stuck on what the game show style means, here’s how each podcast is laid out: Chamberlain gets asked a question and then gets three attempts to figure it out. In order to hear the ring-a-ding-ding of victory, she recalls past eighth grade biology facts and personal stories to makes sense of the question. If she gets it right, a mysterious voice comes out of nowhere, explaining to the audience the full answer. After all is said and done, Chamberlain goes on for the last couple minutes to talk about her personal life.

Although Emma makes it clear she is no scientific research guru, this podcast makes you wonder who thought this would be the way to go. “Stupid Genius” is able to broadcast her chatty, yet loveable character but the format is restricting, and Emma Chamberlain’s personality screams for a co-host to keep her on track.


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